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I'm gonna start off the same as every other review...

I'm gonna start off the same as every other review by saying that I've disliked my nose since I can remember. I always knew I would eventually get a rhinoplasty but never really knew when as I didn't have the money for it and found the idea of finally going through with surgery quite overwhelming and intimidating. It's only since I found this website and read everyone else's reviews that I decided that now is the time to put the wheels into motion and start saving up and planning this out properly.

I realised as I got older that another thing which bothers me about my appearance (perhaps even more that my nose) is my pointy chin. In order to keep a good facial harmony I believe my chin is something which needs to be addressed (reduced) so I'm hoping I can kill two birds with one stone and get both procedures done at the same time.

I have been looking into doctors and have decided to book my first consult with Lucion Ion in London, because, from what I can see, he is a nose expert. I emailed his office regarding the genioplasty and they told me that he does do reduction genioplasty a but if a large reduction of the bone is needed then I may need to see a maxillofacial surgeon who deals specifically with the bones of the face. We shall see!

I live in Dubai so I'll need to fly in for the consultation but I'm a British expat and my mum lives not too far from London so it shouldn't be too difficult.

I realise that as this is just the beginning of my journey to a happier face that I haven't posted anything very helpful yet. But I'll be sure to keep you all updated as I go.

My current nose and a few photoshop morphs I was playing with.

I realise that I don't have THE WORST nose in the world. It's not huge or horribly misshapen, and from certain angles it actually doesn't look that bad. Im hoping that this will make the surgery easier because it's just a few tweaks here and there and not a completely new nose. I guess I will find this out in my consultation. Anyway, here are a list of the things which bother me about my nose which will I can hopefully improve:

Small dorsal bump
Crooked bridge
Round shaped bulbous tip
Large asymmetric nostrils
Dent in the bottom left hand side of my bridge.

I have attached some pictures which can hopefully illustrate my points. It was hard to find consistent photos due to the fact that in different lighting and camera angles I literally look like I have a completely different nose.

Consultation booked with Lucian Ion in February

Almost 4 months away but feeling excited and nervous! Here are some more photos

Consultation with Dr Ion

So I had my first consult 2 days ago with Dr Ion in London, the office was really busy and I had to wait forever to see him because I was almost and hour early and he was almost an hour late running behind but I'm ok with that.
First thing he told me about my "chin problem" was that it was a problem caused by the muscle on my chin contracting and that it wasn't something that can be fixed with surgery. (Like not at all) although he did say that Botox should help and would be relatively simple to do. The downside being that you have to get it topped up every few months. He referred me to a doctor who, according to him, is quite trustworthy in this field, and I think I'm gonna give it a try. He didn't actually look at or touch my chin before he said all this so if the Botox thing doesn't work I would probably look at getting a second opinion from someone who specialises in genioplasty. We all know Dr Ion is very much a nose guy and he spent most of the consultation talking about the rhinoplasty after dismissing the chin thing pretty much immediately.

First thing he did was look inside my nose. Then he sat me down to take some pictures from all different angles. He then showed me the pictures on his computer and we discussed them. He said that although my nose is deviated to the right on the outside, my septum on the inside is actually deviated to the left. So it's more of a slight twist or an S Shape. He said that doesn't necessarily make the surgery more complicated, it's just a different starting point. I had brought some pictures with me of noses that I liked and he glanced at them but nothing more.
Here's the part that I found quite interesting, he showed me my side profile photo and the area which I had described as a bump on my bridge is actually not a bump but rather a slight indentation at the top and bottom of the bridge making it look like a bump. Apparently the bridge of my nose is quite flat and in order to straighten it he would rather ADD cartilage than shave it down any further. He said it would only need a very small change of 1mm here and there and then he showed me on the morph and even though the change is absolutely tiny it makes such a difference to the overall appearance of my profile. I will make a new post and upload my morphs after this so you can see. He recommended reducing the tip by 1.5mm and adding to the bridge by 1mm in two separate places using cartilage harvested from elsewhere in the nose.

Now onto the front angle, he would narrow the bridge and "break" the nose bones and bring them inwards. And he would reduce the size of the tip to make it less boxy looking. The morph he did took him about 5 seconds of playing with the picture (it did feel a bit rushed) and although I think my nose does look better than before, when I looked at it again at home myself and my mum both agreed that it was pointy and too different from my original nose. I would prefer to have a cute button nose and I think it will suit my face better. I already have a pointy chin so I would prefer a softer nose. That's just my personal preference so I will have to discuss this with him in my second consult which is going to be over Skype. That's about all we talked about he was very straight to the point and factual, if a little rushed. I had a 3pm appointment and I noticed two empty cans of red bull on his desk so it looked like it had been a long day for him. (A lot of the things he was saying about the expected recovery time etc I already knew from reading other reviews on here actually but it was good to hear them first hand) anyway I hope this was helpful for you, morphs will follow shortly please tell me what you think.

photos and morphs from first consult

side morphs will have to be in a separate post as im struggling to attach them here

side profile morphs

surgery booked!!

FINALLY surgery with Dr Ion booked at the end of Jan. I've managed to get 20 days off work and have also booked my flights. I'm gonna be landing into London the day before the surgery and flying back to Dubai 2 weeks later where I will have a further 5 days to recooperate before I'm back at work again. (I hope its enough)
Its actually happening!! These next 5 months can't pass by quick enough!
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