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After my double jaw surgery I've decided to...

After my double jaw surgery I've decided to correct my nose. My septum is deviated and the tip is quite long and round plus a bit upturned. I've spent the last 3 years (from when my jaw-journey started) researching good surgeons and in the end I decided Dr Ion was by far the best. He seem to have an eye for symmetry and aesthetic and I feel quite comfortable having this op with him.

5 days post op

So...the big day came. Despite knowing this surgery wasn't as "big" as my two previous jaw operations, I was still scared. I guess you never get used to a stranger cutting your face up? The hospital (Weymouth Street Hospital) was excellent. I was lucky to have Cynthia as my nurse and she was absolutely super! She made me laugh and made such a big fuss about me that I wouldn't have minded staying longer. I was weighed and we went through my previous medical history before the anaesthetic nurse came in. I have previously tried to wake during surgery and same with my dad so they need to keep an eye on me whenever I'm in for an operation. DR Ions Office had told me the anaesthetic fee was £450 which I had brought with me...but it turned out it was £550. The nurse got a bit funny with me and I felt really bad. I managed to find the original email which clearly said £450 and he said he would sort it with Ion's office later. I was so upset that I almost cried and said I'd get my husband to bring up the money (we live almost 4 hr drive from London), I felt like he thought I'd tried to cheat but he seemed to be OK after having seen the email and said not to worry. I walked into the theatre and the needle was placed. I remember them asking about my job and then the next thing was someone telling me to stop rubbing my eyes. When I woke I was given a menu card and Cynthia "ordered" me to get at least 3 (!) Icecreams. DR Ion came and saw to me and explained that there had been some complications and that he'd had to break the bone and also move cartilage to support my tip. Obviously this would make healing take longer but he seemed happy with the result. My husband took me back to the hotel around 19:00 where I'd checked in the day before and the rest of that evening is a blur. Next day I was feeling fine until halfway through our journey home when I started feeling rubbish. When we got home I went to bed slept until the next day. Second day my swelling was the worst, only around my eyes and inside my nose. My nose kept running which felt a bit like waterboarding as the inside tubes were blocked. The blood that had been running down my throat was gone but that was about the only good thing that day. Since then the swelling has gone down, today I only had 1 painkiller and although my nose keeps running I actually feel back to normal again. I'm struggling with the injections I have to give myself...I have no problems with needles but I find them to be rather painful. On Tuesday I will see ion or a nurse and have the splint, tubes and stitches removed. I am SO curious/nervous to see what my nose will look like!!!!!

The snot!!

I've always thought that dying on the toilet would be a pretty embarrassing way to end your life...now I'm thinking drowning in your own running nose would be worse. No great tales end that way. My nose is like a running tap! Right nostril is the worst. I'm not sure it's brilliant for the healing where the incision was made? Every 8 hour I put polyfax oitment on it but I can feel a tingling kind of pain there...whether it's because I'm almost off painkillers or because an infection is starting I don't know. It's probably nothing but being bored I've started thinking about it and now I've got myself a bit worried. Can't wait to get these bloody tubes out! Got a text, seems Dr Ion isn't there tomorrow and it will be Dr angelica kavouni seeing me instead. I haven't met her before...just hope she isn't squeamish about runny noses ;-)

Close up of the incision

So...here's the incision (sorry, not very appetising)...as you can see its a bit red on the septum...not sure if that's healing or anything to worry about. Guess I'll find out tomorrow. All in all i think the scarring looks quite good, I was concerned I was gonna have a pirate style scar under my nose

It's a...nose!

So...big day came and splint and stitches were removed. To anyone who said that it was painless...LIES...evil lies! ( ;-) )It literally felt like giving birth through my nose. Either my brain is tiny and my head therefore more spacious or those plastic thingeys are magic! How the bloody hell do they fit into the nose?!? Doctor pulled, wriggled, pulled AND pulled...then we took a break...More pulling and she left the room whilst the thing was (still only) halfway out my left nostril...I turned to see my husband staring with panic in his eyes "it's like watching a magician, it just keeps coming out". I'm sure this will be an image he will have popping up in his mind in future intimate situations. When the thing was finally out the gushing sound of snot was unfortunately not just something I imagined. Gross. The relief however was beyond words! Next came the stitches and that was horrific. Dr said I'd healed so well that my skin had grown over the stitches so every single one had to be scraped out before she could cut it. It took forever (we were 30 min late for our car and we'd bought 1 hour). She left 3 times to find smaller tweezers as she couldn't get to the thread and the poor stress ball I was holding barely made it. This is from someone who's given birth 4 times and had two double jaw surgeries. It was effing painful!! I was a bit worried about the outcome as my computer image was based on a small rhino tip op and I'd had both tip support and bones broken during the surgery...but I'm SO happy with the outcome. I'm still swollen and sore on both sides of the bridge but I can definitely see an improvement. It was so worth it!
I'm still feeling a bit groggy and my nose is still a fountain of running snot but I'm feeling very positive.


I have to say I was very pleased with the little bruising I've had. After my jaw surgeries I looked like someone had thrown a freight train at me...but this time I've only had a little darkness around my eyes. I use dermatix on the scars and they've already faded to the point where I don't need makeup to cover them. I still have a stitch inside my left nostril but there's a clump of dried blood over it so I'm hoping it will get flushed out with the sinus rinse, which by the way is a guantanamo kind of torture! I can feel I'm still a bit swollen but nothing noticeable. All in all its been surprisingly easy

With makeup

Didn't upload...

My profile

So...here's my face seen from the side. A lot has happened to my face, the biggest change was having my jaws moved (upper jaw was shortened and rotated, lower jaw extended and chin was narrowed, shortened and rotated) and my nose now has a narrower bridge, smaller and more defined tip, shorter nostrils and isn't as protruding in the profile. I guess I should have thought ahead and robbed a bank before my ops as they probably couldn't recognise me now ;-)
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