I Looked Like the Human Pinnocchio! Much Needed Nose Job, I Hope It Was Worth It - London, UK

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My main reasons for wanting rhinoplasty are pretty...

My main reasons for wanting rhinoplasty are pretty obvious, It's crooked, big, hooked at the tip, bulbous, long and generally doesn't suit my face in any way, shape or form, So far i'm in day 3 of my recovery, the splint is still on and i'm still fairly bruised and swollen so the review is yet to be confirmed :)

Bad hair day to the extreme

Day 4 and it's feeling much better, I haven't taken any painkillers throughout just because i don't feel it hurts enough for them infact it doesn't hurt at all, just a little uncomfortable, On the second day I did have a little bump on the bridge when I was bending down to pick something up then hitting my nose quite hard on the table in front of me, no pain was caused but being the hypochondriac I am, I over worried, all is fine though it appears :)

The worst part throughout the recovery period i have to admit is not being able to wash my hair, I wear a wig (pictured on the 3rd day) in the mean time if I am going out to the shops or meeting friends but it just feels dirty, so if the worst part for me is the hair situation the recovery from rhinoplasty really isn't as bad as you think it will be haha :)

I haven't yet had a call from Harley medical regarding the splint removal which is something i am starting to worry about, especially as it's said to be the worst part but I will keep you updated :) Ciao for now

The splints coming off!

So tomorrows the day the stitches and the splint comes off, I was just getting used to the little buddy as well, to be honest I am scared but it's going to be so worth it in the long time, wish me luck! I will keep updates and pictures coming, thanks you for the comments guys :)

Todays the day of the splint removal!

Over the night the swelling of my nose had actually reduced a hell of a lot and the cast felt really lose so I think i'm glad it's going now haha, I've managed to smile and laugh without any strange feeling in my nose, so that's always good, I'm so excited to see the results


My nose is free!

So the splint and stitches were taken out yesterday, which to be honest was not half as bad as I thought it would be, it didn't hurt one bit, it just felt a wee bit uncomfortable. Emma, my consultant (who is such a lovely lady btw, she's so helpful and I highly recommend her if you go to Northampton clinic) then shown me to the mirror, omg I am so happy with the results, I know the nose is still extremely swollen, especially the tip but the shape of the nose is looking amazing so far! I almost cried I was that happy, I could not stop smiling all day, I still haven't stopped :D finally I looks that little bit less like an ugly monster! haha so happy!

The swollen results

Before and after so far!

I'm a little hesitant to post up the before side profile of my nose but it won't be a good review if i don't put up the reason as to why I went for the procedure in the first place. The before side profile was the reason that i didn't go out anymore, I was so down about how awful and prominent the crooked-ness of the nose had had appeared and I thought that the nose refined me (for example, if someone was to refer to me to someone who didn't know my name I would be described as 'the ugly girl with the messed up huge, witch-looking nose') and it looks like this after an event that happened to me when i was 15 and got attacked on the way home on my own from a house party oh and also the large-ness of the nose is from my genes haha... so now you know


it's still really swollen, especially the tip but i wanted to give the surgeon who did such an amazing job some justice haha

First day at work blues

So, yesterday was my first day back at work (I work in a busy coffee shop in a big furnishing franchise store where we're really low staffed!) and gosh, I know i've only been off for 9 days but i think the operation took the energy out of me! haha, I know that you're not supposed to be bending over and laughing/smiling big but when you work in a retail environment there's no choice, besides i'm a big smiley person anyways but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! My nose is still really sore to the touch and very swollen but it's a working progress :)
I hadn't told anyone outside the coffee shop that I was going for the procedure but somehow they all seemed to find out, though I think they're too scared to mention it so I haven't had many comments on the nose so far haha but the girls in the coffee shop mention how much of a big improvement it was :D yay! I will post more pictures once the swelling had diminished by the way

P.s I don't know whether it's just sleep deprivation because i'm trying to sleep in a position i'm not used to or worrying too much about what i'm doing that might affect my nose but I seem a bit 'out of it' it's like i'm trying so hard to listen but the words are going in one ear and out the other and i'm becoming really forgetful, hmm..

Sorry :(

Sorry i haven't been updating much since the operation, i have been working my socks off almost everyday, my nose still has some slight swelling and for the past week i can smell a strange smell in my nose, m guess would just be mucous but i'll find out at Northampton later this month, i too a quick photo of the results so far on webcam so i apologise for the bad angle, bad picture quality and all round rubbish picture to show the results, but when i've finished work tonight i'll take some on my real camera and do profile shots of each side including under and top shots :) so sorry guys, however i am absolutely amazed and pleased with the results i couldn't be happier, it's still the best choice i have ever made! haha

It's healed!!!!! :O

I am so so so so happy about the rhinolasty and how it turned out, I've become a lot more confident with the way i look, even my friends have noticed how much happier i am since th op, I've actually become confident enough to start dating again as well haha, here's some pics, they're not the best of quality but I have a poorly camera at the moment so webcam it is! :)

6 month update


Still gobsmacked at the results!

Looking at the pre-op and post-op photos together amaze me, only 6 months in and my surgeon said the full results on't come through til around about 12 months, gobsmacked!

8 months on

Its 8 months on from when I went in for the surgery, and I think its completely healed other than the septum, which is only still a little tingly to touch
London Plastic Surgeon

Mr solomos was a lovely surgeon he was very thorough on what was needed to improve the look of my nose, he even pointed out something of which I hadn't noticed in it's appearance before, he was very vigilant after the operation, he came to check up on me and how I was feeling twice in the hospital and i'm so far very confident with his work

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