Finally Getting my Nose Done Scared but Excited! - London, UK

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Hey guys :) I have been reading lots of these...

Hey guys :) I have been reading lots of these reviews here to help get me prepared so thought I would start writing one myself. I'm 22 and have wanted this for as long as I could remember but was always too scared for a number of reasons. I was scared of what people would say, scared my voice would change (as I sing!) and also a bit petrified of the pain to be honest. But I finally decided to do it for myself and was assured that I could train my voice back to normal; I decided if I want a nice nose AND to keep my singing voice, I will just have to train really hard and put up with the week-ish of hell!

So I now have my surgery in one week. I do not have a major breathing problem or anything but my surgeon is removing a small amount of the septum to achieve the best results. I am a bit scared of the scar as I am half Indian and have dark skin but there is not too much my surgeon can do with my slightly hanging columella (as i have thick skin!) so I guess it will be quite hidden anyway. The worst part so far has been telling people! My friends have generally been really supportive as they know I have always hated my profile/found my nose very masculine, and my family have come round to the idea now - BUT initially I felt like I had let them all down so much. It was like they saw me as a different person now they realised I would actually be vain enough to go through all that pain for a nice shnoz. But they respect my decision now... as much as they can!

I had a bit of a nightmare getting the filler removed from my nose as I had some juvederm injected about a year ago to straighten the top out (I thought this might be all my nose needed but actually just made it look bigger... haha) and for some reason it just stayed in really well! So my surgeon was very firm that I had to get it removed first and no one wanted to get rid of it. Luckily it faded just in time after finding basically NO BODY to remove it!

I will update everyone after surgery! Wish me luck xxx

Night before surgery

I go to the hospital at 1pm tomorrow. I am nervous but excited for it to all be over. I am most scared for waking up from the anaesthetic but excited for the deep sleep! haha I want to post pictures but I quite like remaining anonymous ..apologies for making these posts so boring by doing that. Good luck to everyone else with surgery around now :)

Day 6! - have not been good with these updates

Recovery has been easy as pie. I don't know if I have a really good pain threshold or if my doctor just has some really clever technique. The surgery went well, I was a bit confused and mental when I came out of the anaesthetic as I haven't had an operation before. About 20 minutes of nausea. Then smooth sailing from there. I can see the end of my nose and have the plaster and stitches out tomorrow. So far I am over the moon with the results. My surgeon managed to move my nose up a little which he said was very unlikely due to the thickness of skin, very common for Indian people, if any of you have had this issue. But he took the risk and in this case it's been worth it so far, just very swollen! My voice was not affected too much, it sounded a bit nasal for a while, but already I am singing again. I am so excited to get this plaster off tomorrow! The bruises are not too bad either, I just have a bit of yellow and purpleness left half way down my face. My lip has been soooo swollen and I had some kind of paedophillic smile for a while, it's still a little bit droopy but improving. The one thing I am really panicking about is that there are two large lumps of like skin in my nostrils, the right side's lump being considerably bigger than the left. I think its just scar tissue from the inside of my nose? I've tried to look it up and it basically said it should go down but if not, you can get injections after a few months. So hopefully nothing to worry about but they are freaking me out a bit. If anybody has questions about anything, I'd be happy to help and personal message you about my doctor etc. I just don't know whether they like me putting the review too publicly. I will get before and after pictures up eventually too :) Happy healing!

6 days post ps!

PS the blocked nose for a few days was the worst part! Like the worst cold ever so awful sleeps. But that really was as bad as it got. PPS Cocodamol made me feel sick so I switched to just Flucloxacillin and paracetamol!

6 months post op and pics!

Hi guys, sorry for the awful updates.

When my bandage came off, I was so shocked at the difference. At the time, I remember thinking my surgeon had managed to do so much more than I had hoped - I was over the moon. He told me he would try to lift my nose at the end as it was quite droopy around the columella area, but that it would be unlikely because of thick skin... And I could see he had managed to do it. I was so happy.


I now see the problem with the thick skin issue. Only one side of my nose has healed! The tip is still basically as swollen as it was at the start and one side of my nose is much more swollen that the other. I saw this at the start of my healing process but just thought it was normal. But I realise now that there has been no change in terms of even-ness. I know my nose does not look perfect by any means, but I am a lot happier with it; my previous nose, especially with that silly filler I had put in, made my nose start so far up my face. It was a very stupid and risky decision by me and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone as it was impossible to find anyone to get it out. So yes, my nose is better and softer but at this point, I am facing that this lack of even ness will require a revision when I hit the year point plus. I wanted to ask a few questions:

Is it worth trying these injections? Kenalog etc.?

Will the revision to just slightly bring in one side of the nose be a relatively small operation?

All of this aside, I would like to add that despite the fact I am considering a revision operation, I can appreciate that this is now a decision that will hopefully improve my nose slightly - sure - but not one that will change my life. I can't believe how desperate I became for my first nose job. Looking back at it now, I was in a an AWFUL head space. SO desperate. And even if I do go ahead with the revision it will be for much more rational, laid-back, not-matter-of-life-or-death reasons. I am just going to be cheesy for a second and say I am glad I have become more secure in myself with age, which sounds silly now I am considering a revision, but I know that revision is not vital. I wondered if anyone else came out feeling like this.

posting photos again as I forgot to put captions!!

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