37yrs Gb Primary Septo/rhino Inc Cartilage Graft, Nose Has Grown More Wonky over Time! - London, GB

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After many years of holding out doing something...

After many years of holding out doing something about my nose and hating myself in every single photo ever, I have finally decided its now or never just do it!! I hope it will make me feel more confident, more femine and younger if I am lucky. But that's just it! Reading all these really helpful reviews has made me realize you just don't know what will happen with the recovery and final result. I am convinced however that I have chosen a well qualified surgeon in Dr fallahdar and I am really hopeful I will get a natural result. A nose that actually suits my face, is smaller and doesn't spread across my face when I smile. If any of you have had a Rhino with Dr Fallahdar or have a similar nose to mine I would love to hear from you.

Surgery booked!!!!!

So I have done it and booked my surgery for the 10th May, I have booked a second consultation with Dr Fallahdar next week just want to make sure we are on the same page!!!! Just though I would post this picture to show the problems I now have, effecting my breathing!

Second consult and per op yesterday!!

Yesterday I had my second and consultation and per op assessment with Mr Fallahdar and nurse Alice. I asked Mr F to talk me through the procedure and I think now I am really clear on what will happen...so, he is going to break my noise using two tiny incisions either side of my bridge, he is then going to shave down the hump and the bones either side to make my nose narrower. He will then fix the two bones bones that make the column if my noise back together. He explained that during this process he will correct my deviation however due to the other muscles and asymmetry already in my face it will not be a perfectly symmetrical result. He told me that this part of the operation however will be the easy part! The difficult part will be trying to find enough good quality cartilage to add to the sides and the tip shape and stop it collapsing when I breath in. He said he won't know until he goes in but thanks there will be an 80% chance I will be gappy with the result, leaving 20% chance. Will ask for a revision.

I really appreciated his honesty and frankness and I now feel prepared for what is to come. My main concern now is my healing. I have withdrawn from nicitune supplements now as I know this restricts oxygen levels and my heart rate and Bp were good at my previous op assessment with nurse Alice. Mr F did point out a couple if yellow bruises n my forearm and asked me about it. I told him tat I bruise easily and this is one of my main concerns about having such extensive work done on my face.

He gave me some really helpful advice to cut out the following 2 weeks before which should help
Red wine especially, but no alcohol
No anti inflammatories at all, iburophen etc.

He also said there is no point taking Arnica tablets or using the gel before surgery, though I have read from other people that they thought this helped! I will be getting a memory foam neck support though as I have seen people swear they are a life saver!!!!

I am booked in for the 10th and will be staying overnight due to the packing and the complexity of the op. I am not scared about having the operation itself, just worried that my own ability to heal well may scupper my results........fingers crossed!!

I have added some more before pics, hope you find them helpful!

1 week today!!

Hi real selfers, well its finally 1 week until I get my new nose and I can tell you I am finding it quite difficult to contain my excitement. I have not had a normal looking nose since I broke it 22 years ago so this is going to be a real life changer for me as with so many of you...it is a big deal. I have decided not to start the Arnica before my surgery as it may have an effect on bleeding during the surgery and this is a worry for me. I plan to neck a load straight after however as soon as I wake up.

I have posted some more before pics, I just hope that the outcome will be a happy one! X

Its tomorrow, my head is spinning!!

Well, its finally here, I will be under in about 12 hours and I very nearly had a panic attack today traveling through London. It was OK as I was with my sister which helped but, my god, I am having such a wide range of thoughts and emotions going from dread to unbridled thrill to feeling of I can't do it, what if, what if what if and totally over analyzing everything. I think this will probably go on until I am put to sleep.

I have suffered on and off with anxiety in the past so its not a new thing to me, I suppose I have got to try and turn the fear into excitement and enjoy what I have wanted to do for a very long time. It doesn't help that I am away from my partner, children and my sweet little dog, all the things that are normal and can keep me relaxed.

It also didn't help that I didn't get confirmation of my admission time tomorrow until 2pm today and that is only because I called up twice today to find out! I was told by the patient coordinator that the nurse would call 2 to 3 days before to confirm this and go through some additional pre op things with me but that call never came which knocked my confidence about the whole thing and played to my most negative feelings about this whole process.

On the plus side I am feeling a bit better now and have held off taking the diazepam my sister gave me for emergencies, so that's good. My admission time is 8am which on balance I am very pleased about as I am just gonna get up have a shower and walk out the door, across London and to the hospital with little time to stew further or get myself unnecessarily worked up lol.

Aahhh, feel better for this. Will update tomorrow when I can.

All done!!

All done feeling ok, tampon things coming ut tomorrow so i should be able to breathe through my nose, really looking forward to that! I will post more tomorrow when I get home, took 3 hours in the end, bruising really coming out now. Here's a pic!

Major bruising day after surgery

So I could hardly sleep at all last night, really sore throat which woke me up every half hour, but on the plus side got a good kip on the way home. Still very stuffy although the packing came out this morning. The bruising though! I knew it would be bad but my surgeon Mr fallahdar said I bled really easily in surgery so he had to go slowly hence the whole op taking around three hours. I have low platelets which nearly meant I couldn't go ahead but luckily Dr f said it was OK. Will post more when I am feeling via bit more energized but have added some pics to show you my shiners!!!!

Day 2 or 3

Hi guys, so it is 2 days since my surgery day and I am recovering at home. I have a lot of pressure from the swelling today and soreness around the tip and nostrils. Mr f advised me that there are a lot of disolvable stitches up my nose and on the wound under my nose with some glue so with the swelling this feels tight. As you can see from the photos I have a Lt if brsung and swelling around my eyes and my top lip. Mr f did advise to add some pressure to my nose with my finger tips which I have been doing but I have to tell you I feel pretty stuffed up and uncomfortable today.

I do hope this is the worst day and the swelling starts to subside from my eyes by tomorrow, the purple is changing through to yellow now so I hope that is a good sign.

Just taking it easy, eating soft fruit, lots of pineapple, rice pudding and yoghyrt, taking arnica, lots of and my other meds including creaming my nostrils as they showed me at the hospital.

Dr fallahdar has been really lovely, he came to talk to me very calmly before the surgery and stood me in front if my bathroom mirror and asked me to show him again what I did not like about my
nose, he explained very carefully to me again what he could do and what he hoped would be possible with the cartilage graft. He said he could do more structuring but I told him it was really important to me that I have a natural looking result. He told me that he understood this and reassured me it would be OK. I felt confident going in that we understood each other. The staff were very kind at the London Wellbeck hospital and I dont even remember actually going to sleep.

When I came round in recovery it was about 5 hours later and I remember having a really sore dry throat, after an hour or so I was feeling a bit more with it.

Mr f came to see later that evening and told me that all had gone well and i was reassured. In the morning he came to see me again and was very kind and reassuring.

Anyway getting tired now will update tomorrow x

So excited for tomorrow!!

I am so excited for tomorrow when I finally get my cast off!! It has been kinda frustrating watching others who had their surgery after me get their results sooner however what I have come to realize with Rhinoplasty is that patience is the key, practicing it on the ither hand...more difficult! So I will have had my cast on for 10 days tomoorow and there have been some ups and downs along the way.

I promised myself that I would be completely honest on here about my experience so here goes. My recovery so far was pretty difficult from day 2 to day 5 the codrdramol made me constipated which didn't help but the pressure on my face, in my eyes and on my nose from the swelling got pretty intense and I slightly lost the plot on a few occaisions during thus time. I suffer with anxiety at times and have had claustrophobia from childhood and the feeling if the pressure and not being able to get away from it became pretty intense at times and I found the need to constantly distract myself from it. So I have watched series 1 thru 5 of game if thrones again which gas helped and since about day 5 I have been feeling fine and getting better with each day. Getting back to my normal routine, off work that is, walking the dog, cooking and housework, looking after the kids but it has been hard sleeping in the spoare room by myself away from my partner. This is a damage limitation strategy.

I went back to see the nurse on Tuesday and she took the nostril tape off which was great as it was so itchy and disgusting I couldnt bear it any longer. So I now have view from the bottom of my nose which I had not seen before however I feel like my nose has dropped since and this worries me in case it drops anymore. It is very swollen at the tip still and there is no definition as yet. I do however have the addition of some new sexy tape which in case anyone is unsure helps to make it immedeately obvious to anyone that I have had a nose job!

The bruising around my eyes is gradually fading away but I don't think this will be all gone when I go back to work on Monday eek, I have ordered some cover anything concealer so I am hoping this will work to hide my secret we will have to see.

I will update, probably Saturday with some pics, very nervous about liking the result and trying to remind myself that whatever I see will not be the final result. I hope I lie it and I hope the tip gets smaller soon :-) x

More pics

This is what I mean about it having dropped at the tip eek.

Cast off!

Hi guys well, its off!! Yay. Like a number of you have said I really wasn't convinced when I took a look in the mirror for the first time. Spots and cast marks all over my new nose which I thought was very big! Literally within a couple of hours it had changed again looking more refined and then this morning swollen again, well I did have a few beverages to celebrate so that will be why. Had real trouble covering the remaining under eye bruises and feel like the skin on my nice is starting to peel which is probably normal and a good thing. Anyway I am feeling a lot better about it now and feel that I have succeeded in having a natural nose job and still look like me!! I feel like so far Mr F has given me what I asked for which was a better version of my own nose, unique to me.......can't wait for more if the swelling to go down now x

Some early comparisons

Before and after PO 11 days

2 week update!

Hey guys , well its been 2 weeks since my surgery and on the whole I am happy with the results from what I can realistically tell at this early stage. I still have numbness on on the middle part if my nose which is also the sorest part and lots of numbness in my tip and under my nose. I think someone also referred to their creepy smile, yep mine is also creepy which makes me a bit self conscious when I am around people. Tbh I have not met anyone I know yet who doesn't know about my nose surgery and that will be the test as to whether I have 'got away with it'. I have noticed that my nose is shrinking gradually which is a good thing. I did read some of the doctors Q&A about swelling and I think the general consensus is that if you have swelling at 2weeks and your nose looksamazing then the chances are it will look too small or too pinched when all is healed. I know from the contours I can see up my nose that there is more definition of my tip to come, just can't see it yet through the swelling. Apparently if you have an open procedure with cartilage grafts and extensive work in the tip the swelling is a lot worse and can persist a lot longer. I had all of these, so I suppose I am in for the long haul! That's OK tho, I think I can live with it.:-) I still have lots of disolvable stitches up my nose which do not appear dissolved yet, has anyone else experienced his? How long do they take to dissolve. They can get a little stiff and a little tight up there! I am eating and drinking everything now however I am trying to avoid salty processed foods, foods with chilli and alcohol, all of which have a fairly dramatic effect on the amount of swelling and subsequent 'throbbing' that comes with it. I have also noticed particularly when my nose is very swollen that the 2 marks left by the tool used to break my nose, either side of my bridge become more apparent and stand out like dimples, I am hoping this will gradually go . Also I have dark rings around my eye sockets and under eyes which has been left from the bruising, I have covered it up in these pics as I can't bear to see it along with my swollen nose make up free, I just hate it. Still taking arnica in the hope this will hope thus will help, any tips gratefully received?? :-) My nose is still very sore but feels stable andstrong I just want to see some more definition in the tip but I suppose unlike some others of you ....I will have to wait:-) xx

More pics before and after

Messed up the photos, sorry!

So, I couldn't work out why the pics look so different to what I see when I look in the mirror!! Decided to hold my tablet at arms length which doesn't distort the images! You can tell I am not used to taking selfies!!!

My smile is back!

So today I can smile properly for the first time without looking creepy and without the deep stitches inside my nose pulling like they might break. . I had got used to holding my cheeks down to stop it from hurting if I managed to get caught out by something funny, but today that is a thing of the past. Also when I brush my back teeth now there is no pulling on the deep structures inside my nose which is a relief. Its really hard to explain what it feels like, maybe some if you have also experienced this ? X

I month PO update

Tomorrow is 1 month PO and the swelling is so up and down. $ometimes my nose looks like a potato and sometimes it looks refined. I have developed 2 dimples however where the osteotomy was done either side if my nose which show up when I smile or frown. I have included a pic but it is actually really hard to photograph. I rang the private clinic and the nurse said she would email Mr f the photos and get back to me but he was in holiday at the moment. 2 days later she phoned back and said he wanted to see me next week which will be this Thursday. I really hope he can do something about it cos it is really obvious. Will update on Friday and let you know how I got on.
Also struggling to sleep on my back propped up, I am a stomach sleeper and have a bad back so its not easy and I wake up several times in discomfort.

I month PO pics

visit with my surgeon yesterday

So I had my appointment with Mr F yesterday and he was really great and actually very sweet, he was clearly very pleased with how my nose is looking and told me that over hundreds of rhinoplasty's he has done he had never had the same thing happen with any of his other patients but wasn't worried abut it. He has told me to massage the skin either side of my nose to stretch the scar tissue and if the dimples are not gone in 6 weeks he will give me steps injections which will fix the problem. He said the best thing however will be if they go away through massage alone as there can be side effects with the steroid injections so he wouldn't want to do it if he didn't have to. He did tell me that if I am concerned at anytime to make an appointment to see him which reassured me. I asked him a bit more about what he did in the surgery and about the stitches which are still not dissolved, he said the thick stitches on my septum inside my nise i can feel are holding everything in place and will dissolve over the next few weeks, he said there are a lot in there to keep it strong whileuit heals and it definitely does feel strong. I asked him about the swelling and he told me I still have about 5% swelling to go and that I will see some more refinement as time goes on, he seemed to be very pleased with my healing so far and I came away feeling happy and reassured. He really is a genuinely lovely person.

still up and down

Hey there, thought I would give a quick update been having real problems uploading my pics, it now doesn't like the files, argghh. I am still so u and down with the swelling at the moment my tip seems very swollen, I hope I am not developing a Polly beak, I ave to say I liked my nose better a few weeks ago. It might be the pollen count but my nose gets stuffed up quite easily, will try and add some photos showing what I mean, I'd appreciate your thoughts, thanks guys :-)

what a difference a day makes!

So after getting massively stressed out yesterday I decided to tape my nose last night before bed to see if I could bring the swelling down, if that's what it is , I taped across my nose underneath lifting the tip up and all the way up the bridge of my nose. When I woke up this morning and took the tape off I was totally amazed at what a difference it had made. :-) I have found it really hard to sleep on my back as I have a long standing back problem and feel most comfortable sleeping on my stomach. I know I am not supposed to do it and try to sleep in my side as much as possible but I often wake up on my front which I know is not good for my nose. Normally in the morning my nose looks like a swollen blob but this morning, yay!! I had never taped my nose before but I don't see the harm in it? I think subconsciously it also reminded me that I have to be careful with my nose....its still only been 6 weeks. Xxxx

2 months PO update!

Hi guys, its now just over 2 months since I had my surgery and I am generaaky very happy with the results. I still have numbness on the tip of my nose and my combella and think there is probly more refinement going to happen there. I can still feel a stitch up my nose but it is very small and I am sureit will just dissolve with time.
One thing iI think could be improved is my right nostril which looks a bit flared. I know my surgeon said I might want a nostril reduction but I suppose my concern is that I kind of like the way my nostrils move and I am worried that if they were reduced it might change my appearance from the front. I have less of a problem with my left nostril which shows less. I also wonder if reducing my nostril size will improve my profile when I smile , stop the tip from looking like it is pointing down a bit.
I know I should be grateful because all has gone well so far and these are just minor issues and I am overall happy with the result.

Has anyone had this procedure done post op and what were the results like?

I am seeing my surgeon in a couple of weeks so I suppose I will be able to discuss it with him then.

10 month update

So its been 10 months more or less since my surgery and I can tell you that I am really happy with the results. I have posted one pic, but for some reason there is an error on the site so I can only attach 1 with this review. My nose is the natural result I wanted and over the past few months the tip has refined more which I think you can see in this picture. I would definitely recommend Mr F particularly if you have a complicated surgery like mine was. Thank you to all of you who have sent me lovely messages, I hope your journey will be as good as mine was x
I will try and post some more pics separately of the profile.

Totally thrilled!!

Hello, so I wanted to update on my Rhinoplasty. Its now been 10 months since my surgery and I had a follow up appointment yesterday with Dr Fallahdar, who was as always very attentive, kind and honest!! He told me that due to my thick skin I still have more draping and refinement to go on the bottom of my bridge towards the tip which I didn't know and this so really pleased. He said it will take up to another year for the final result which I had read about with thick skinned patients. I am sorry I have only been able to upload 1 pic, something wrong with my tablet. I also wanted to discuss having a full tummy tuck with him which he was happy to discuss and assess me. All in all I think I was in with him about 40mins, I was never rushed and he was happy to answer all my questions. He is so informative and his vast knowledge and experience shines through. I wouldn't go to anyone else. I trust him totally!! We discussed various options and advised that research the procedures we discussed and then come back to see him whenever I like. I certainly wouldn't go to another surgeon and highly recommend him!!!

1yr update!!!!

1 year update, nose still feels strong and looks natural, I think??! No problems breathing, My surgeon says there is still more draping, refinement to take place due a to my oily skin type, so final result might take up to 2 yrs. I am ok with that! happy days !!xx

Dr Fallahdar is an amazing surgeon! He is extremely professional but equally as personable with a kind and considerate manner, exactly what you need! Dr Fallahdar told me exactly what to expect from my results and how he would achieve what I wanted. He was honest and open. I would definitely recommend him and trust him totally. I am currently planning another surgery and would not trust my body to anyone else, good luck!

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