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I had my first rhinoplasty in November 2013 with...

I had my first rhinoplasty in November 2013 with Mr Gonschior who left my nose with several deformities as well as over operated on and over reduced. I feel he didn't listen to my request for a subtle change and instead totally changed my nose to one that didn't fit with the rest of my face, he left me with a bulbous tip, gaps in my bridge, over reduced, collapsed nostrils and a alar base reduction which I never asked for.
I have been researching my revision surgeon for nearly 2 years and also suffered depression with the way my nose looks and functions as now I can't breath through my nose very well.
I have been following Lucian Ion for some time now and feel this is the surgeon who hopefully can correct my nose to what I origionally asked for which is a nose similar to my natural nose but with the lower half bridge narrower and difined tip.
Although this should have been a short simple operation the first time, My revision will be very complex and will need to use my rib for graft to re-build my nose.
I'm booked in for the operation in November and am seeing Mr Ion next month for my second consultation to confirm what he will be changing.
I have been given my morphs and I love my side morph but feel my front needs a little more work as my previous surgeon has left me with dark shadows down sides of nostrils which look very unattractive and I can still see these on my morphs. Maybe the computer imaging can not remove the shadows but I would still like to discuss this.
If anyone has had rib graft with Mr Ion please could you let me know how you got on, I'm extremely nervous ????????

Operation over

Hi all, well I have had my operation and feeling good. Obviously worried about whatnot will look like once cast is off.
Not in much pain, kept onto of pain killers.
He used soft rib tissue to build my bridge and tip.
I remember its the 2nd and third day meant to be the worst so I wont lie I'm not looking forward to the swelling.
But sure if he broke me nose, I forgot to ask him as he phoned me when I was in hospital bed instead of coming to see me. Also
I can feel air bubbles in my chest at right side, is this normal?

Day 2

I'm really surprised how good I feel, I was expecting not to be able to open my eyes with swelling today. But just a bit on one eye.
I was sick this morning after having some Manuka honey which is suppose to have healing properties and fight against infection and heal wounds.
At £17 a pot I think I habe wasted my money. My stomach just can't take it.
My stitches look clean and dry so I haven't needed my drip pad since last night.
My skin feels oily and lips dry but that's normal.
My rib hurt when I was sick but nothing came to my nose thank god.

Day 2

Day 6

Today I still feel good, although I have got a stinging sensation on the inside of my right nostril it's about a cm back on the columella. I'm outting savlon on it and keeping my incisions clean as advised by Mr Ion.
I'm also on double antibiotics so I really hope it's not an infection but just part of healing, it feels like it's not hearing as well this side though. Might call in the morning if it's no better for some advice.
Here's some updated photos, only 2 days until cast removal ????????

Cast off

Delay in update been super busy catching up on everything after resting for a week.
Gotmy cast off Monday and what can I say I am amazingly happy I absolutely love it already it's exactly what I wanted.
I feel like it's too good to be true and I'm overwhelmed by the whole procedure. It's all gone so good so far, feel like I'm waiting for the bad to happen now but also praying it doesn't. I have had a nightmare 2 years trying to live with my first botched surgery. I just want to relax but still thinking it's not over yet... Scar tissue, infection, twisting blah blah blah.. All going through my head constantly.
So anyway here are some pics straight after cast removed and a couple taken today ????

Sorry I haven't replied

I have been so busy with moving house, having a young baby to look after and of course Christmas
I just haven't got time to reply to everyone individually sorry.
Also been getting private messages too and I just can't keep up. So I'll try answer as many questions in updates.
My nose doesn't feel any different with the rib graft than it did my primary surgery. It's no stiffer atm and no rigid parts nor can I even tell where the rib has been used.
My incision where the graft was taken is totally pain free now and a week after my operation I forgot I had the rib graft and nearly walked out without getting the nurse to remove the stitches, it was Mr Ion who reminded me when asking how my rib was, I'm surprised how well I have healed.
I'd say it hurt to sneeze a bit but not much it was more of a shock as you kind of forget about it.
This surgery was a less painful recovery than my primary which was only meant to be minor changes.
My breathing has been better since the operation too. Some days I feel like it could be swollen inside as airways not as clear as other days, but that's to be expected.

Someone asked me about the soft cartlidge tissue he used and im sorry but I don't know about the difference if there is any, my guess it's from the same place but he chose a softer piece so my nose would feel more natural.

I actually went to see Mr Ion today for my 5 week check up. Everything seems to be fine,
I did get a steroid injection above my tip where there is a bit of stubborn swelling which is only noticeable to me really as I loved my supra tip break which is now masked by this swelling so hoping I get that back like it was when cast came off.
Cost of surgery wasn't the cheapest but you pay for what you get. I don't really want to put the price on here because it's not going to be the same for everyone. I think mine was more because of the graft. But I believe Mr Ions fees are the same for primary and revision as long as graft isn't needed. It's the hospital fees etc that increase the longer he needs to operate on you.
I hope i have covered most questions. I'll update some photos ?xx

6 weeks post op

6 weeks PO

15 weeks PO

Quick update 15 week PO
Still loving my nose although I have seen a minor indent which im seeing Mr Ion about next month.
I personally think its from steriod injection from research which could subside on its own or may need a little filler. But will see what Mr Ion recommends when I see him next, I'm not too worried because I trust him and I'm sure he will rectify the problem for me.
Photo update

New nose ????

14 months PO

So I have realised I haven't replied back to a lot of people now so I'll just write a quick update and take some now photos.
I'm still happy with my nose.
I do have swollen days still where my nose might look shapeless but if it's bothering me I'll just tape it over night and I usually get my definition back. Sometimes it works others not as good but I still feel my nose can change from day to day even at 14 months PO.
I still swear by taping at night to get the best definition and find if I don't it can look rounded at the tip. However throughout the day the swelling will subside but it will never look as defined as it would when I tape it.
So in all I'm happy still.
I'll update after my next appointment in May xx
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