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Im posting my journey on here too as I feel this...

Im posting my journey on here too as I feel this site has helped me choose (hopefully) the right surgeon for me. And I hope this will help others too in making one of the most important decisions of there life the right one.

I'm booking my consultation in a few days and I have chosen Dr Lucian ion as after years of researching and debating on if I should go to LA to get this surgery I feel all his reviews and before and after pics look amazing so will be booking a consultation to see what he says he can achieve in terms of results.
If anyone is thinking of going to LA Dr Grigoryants before and after pics look amazing too and his reviews are always good.

Basically I've always hated my nose since I was a teenager and ended up breaking it when I was 18, I then suffered with sinus problems so the NHS were willing to try and sort my breathing problem and the Dr said that he would file down the hump also.
After the swelling went down my nose practically looked the same as before and my sinus issues were still a problem. Over the next few years my septum then became deviated, the NHS then offered to straighten my nose and try again to relieve me of my sinus problems however as soon as I came around after the surgery I could see in the bathroom mirror that my bone looked lumpy and bumpy is the only way I can discribe it, the surgeon assured me that I would be happy with the results but after the swelling went down again my nose looked pretty much the same as before, it's been 3 years since I had that surgery and my nose now deviates even worse than after my first surgery and the side profile now dips more than it used and as my skin is thin on my nose you can see every lump and bump. I should of just gone to a plastic surgeon in the first place as although the NHS were saying they would cosmetically make it look better that's not there primary goal.

I've put off paying for the surgery thinking it was selfish as I've always had responsibilities even before having kids, as to others this is not essential surgery.
I'm finally just going for it as there's never a right time to do this and I'm 34 and don't want to spend another 10 years thinking about my nose!
I've downloaded an app called plastic surgery lite to try morphing my nose to see what outcome suits me best but I'm just getting the hang of it so will be posting pics of my front and side profile soon.

Before pics side profiles

Morph pic

Consultation finally booked for beginning of Feb!!!! Excited! Nervous!

Called this morning and booked consultation with Dr Ion for Feb spoke with Niki who was lovely.

Consultation yesterday with Lucian Ion!!

Just thought I'd give an update on my journey to date. Had my consultation yesterday with Lucian Ion and I'm going to go ahead and book my surgery. Lucian was very professional and educated me about the type of surgery what he was going todo to my nose, recovery and risks. He took pictures and uploaded them on the computer and we looked at how we could improve the current look of my nose. Lucian created more of straight looking nose and I asked if we could see it with more of a curve also. I would like opinions on which one you would go for please!!
His PA advised that the next available appointment was September!! So I asked if I could have it sooner so she checked his diary again and said that there was one date available in March and one in June so I'm going to go for June! Any questions feel free to ask me. Excuse my terrible before pics????

Pre-op appointment

So I had my pre-op on Thursday and all went well I've decided on the curved option. Only 9 days till surgery arghhhh!!!

Surgery day is over!

Hey! So just wanted to update everyone as I've had a few inbox messages to see how it all went.
So me and my husband travelled up to London Sunday night and we checked into the Montcalm hotel Marble Arch. It did say it was only a 15 minute walk to the Weymouth hospital but I think it felt a bit further when we got a taxi there in the morning which cost £7.
We checked into the Weymouth at 7:15am and got taken to my room for the day by one of the nurses that was assigned to me for the day. It wasn't long before Dr Eon came round to go over what we wanted to achieve, he had the morph pics blown up on paper and I just asked if he could take more off the tip in surgery then I'd be even happier.

I was then taken down to be put under and before you know it I was waking up in recovery feeling like I'd been hit by a bus!
I really wasn't expecting it to be that painful! I've had two c sections but this felt worse than that!
It was 11:20am as there was a clock in front of me, they gave me more morphine and I remember Dr Eon at my side saying it went well and he was able to straighten my nose and take a small bit off tip too, tbh I was totally out of it at this point!! and after about 30 minutes they took me back to my room and called my husband to let him know I was ok.
I asked the nurse if Dr Eon could call me as I couldn't understand why I COULD breath through my nose! Lol like why wasn't they packing or something blocking it and also from looking into my phone camera I couldn't tell if I had been cut for open surgery it was that neat! The nurse reassured me I had as she could see the stitches it was only when I went to the bathroom mirror that I believed it! I had visions of dr Eon looking my nose and saying there's no way I'm touching that it's too risky or something! Haha
Anyone who is worried about being cut open please don't be I'm a perfectionist and for me not to notice is crazy! He is clearly a perfectionist too.

I left the hospital at 5pm but could of left earlier I guess it's up to you and how you feel.

Dr Eon called me at the hotel around 6:30pm he asked if I was ok and said there was one complication he came across and that was the amount we'd agreed to take the Bridge down, when he took it down to that measurement he said that it didn't suit me and my eyes didn't look right so he did build it back up slightly. I asked if I still had the slight curve look I wanted and he said yes, he also said that he was able to take a tiny bit more off the tip like I wanted and was able to get my nose straight from front view. He did say only time will tell now if it stays that way, he reassured me that I did have splints up my nose and that they would probably block up over the next day or two.
I felt somewhat relieved that the decision was out of my hands about how much from the bridge needed to be taken down as most people I have shown the morph pics too actually preferred the less of a curved bridge I think I was just going for the ultra curve as it was taking the most off my nose like even tho I thought it suited me less I was prepared to go with that option at any cost just to have a smaller nose! so I'm kind of relieved that he's such an expert and braved the decision on the day himself. I just do hope that I do have some curve! He did say my new nose made me look younger!! So I'm happy with that!

That night I felt surprisingly not too bad however by the next morning I felt terrible!!

My husband drove us home and I couldn't wait to get in my bed. Unfortunately I took my medication on an empty stomach the next morning ad ended up throwing up. Then that night I took my meds and had a bowl of cornflakes and ended up throwing up again but this time the pain was excruciating I hadn't read that it said not to take with milk! So I've ended up with gastroenteritis I called the surgery and they called Dr Eon who prescribed me some tablets.
The last two days I've resembled a Hamster but today a lot of the swelling around my face has come down, I've not had black eyes which I'm surprised by.
Last night was lot better than the two previous nights so I'm hoping I'm on the mend! Cast off is Monday I'm nervous and excited what a journey so far I just hope it's worth it Xx

Cast off pics!!!

Here's my new nose!!

5 week update

So it will be 5 weeks Monday since my op and thought I'd give an update!

I returned back to work after 2 weeks and weirdly no one that didn't know I was having the op has Said look different in any way! I don't know what I was expecting! But would of been nice for a few people to say something like ooo you look different! but apparently I've been told that people feel like there not meant to know! I do hope that people can see the difference! It's cost a lot of money this! Lol

At present I feel content with my nose I think a lot of the swelling has come down and overall I can see a difference from my old nose but I do get days where I start picking faults again like I wish it was a bit smaller and the slope to be bit more curved but then I just look at my before pics and that instantly makes me feel better.
Little things now I'm more confident with like when driving and your stopped at the lights I no longer feel conscious or feel like putting my head down to hide, I actually wore my hair up in work yesterday which is a first! Whoop!
Also I never really realised but even walking past people in the streets or walking past groups of people I'd kind of try and turn my body on an angle or look the other way or look down and now I feel myself more straight and I don't feel the need to look any other way then where I'm going and for that I'm really happy as you can't put a price on that feeling.

I did call the office this week as I've noticed as the swelling is coming down and my nose refining the one side which previously used to be my bulbous side looks more slimline and the other side just above the nostril feels hard and looks like a lump me when and when I push it it hurts it can't be an infection as it's been like it since I had the op really as it always felt more tender but I thought it would just go down.
Lucians nurse wants me to take a photo and send it, she mentioned scar tissue? Even though it's not that noticeable I hope that there is something that can be done about it long term. I only did taping a few times as I was scarred that I would do more damage especially as I had a deviated septum and I haven't really been massaging as again I'm scarred I'll do more bad than good!

It's a crazy roller coaster wanting and having this type of surgery as one day I can like my nose then the next I'm not so sure, I can take pics one hour of the day and think that it looks good then the next hour im not happy plus the different angles you take pics at one are nice some are not so flattering its frustrating at times but I do bring myself back to reality with my preop pics. I just think it's the lack of "o my god I love your new nose" that's making me question the fact I have a better nose than I did. I read before that people probably won't even notice and I thought whatever how can they not it's right in the middle of your face!!!
I think as my nose still looks very natural not fake I'm hoping that people can't quite tell what's different I know it's a good thing for it to look natural so I shouldn't complain. I really don't want to sound ungrateful in any way as I know how some people myself included pre op really hate there nose and the struggles they go through but I want my review to be as honest and real as possible xx

More pics

Front view

2 months pot op

Slight bump on the bridge????

2 months front view

9 weeks Post op side comparison pics

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