Consultation with Lucian Ion Today - London, GB

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I had my consultation for a revision rhinoplasty...

I had my consultation for a revision rhinoplasty with Lucion Ion yesterday. He had a lovely calming, quiet manner and clearly knew what he was talking about. He took his time and gave best and worst case scenarios. Surgery was a little more than I expected in terms of cost (price quoted is in U.K. Pounds btw) in best case scenario, if a rib graft is needed, its £500 more, overnight stay in hospital is not included.

I have lived with my monstrosity of a botched nose for almost 15 years and I wanted an expert opinion after previously seeing two other surgeons, whom I was not convinced by. The morphs were a useful tool but I was shocked to not be 'wowed' by my 'newly morphed nose'. Is this normal? I'm not sure if it's because my expression is rather miserable. I'm keen to get opinions. Obviously the morphed picture looks more 'normal' but the dynamics of my profile just feel a little underwhelming in terms of balance/aesthetics etc. Perhaps I'm am just too used to my existing nose. I really don't know how I feel.

Surgery booked!

I have booked my surgery with an overnight stay for Tuesday 7th February. I have been told I need a rib graft, so am expecting that.

I'm hoping that I can lay my previous traumatic experiences to bed once and for all and start the rest of my life as I mean to go on. Any advice on things to do/take in to hospital/after care would be most welcome x

Looking at some alternative morphs

Some kind people on this forum contacted me via PM, offering advice and some alternative morphs. I have since been playing around with some of my own. Compared to my initial morph, I definitely feel that my face suits a slightly curved bridge, opposed to a straight one.

I have emailed Mr Ion and attached my morphs, stating I feel a curved bridge suits me better and can he get close to any of the morphs I've sent. Im yet to get a response but I'm keen to get unbiased feedback from anyone willing to give it...tia x

It's getting real now, 32 days until surgery. Paid the surgical fee today.

My surgery is scheduled for 7th February. I am hopeful that it will go smoothly and I'll end up with a normal looking nose that I'm proud to show off. I've been busy collecting supplies for my stay in hospital and also my recovery and have been super organised booking train tickets for the surgery and follow up appointments, before train fairs increase. I'm feeling good and mostly positive, I'm sure surgery day will come around very quickly!

So tomorrow is the big day!

I can't believe how calm and nonchalant I feel. The big day is tomorrow and I've waited years to have my awful nose fixed by someone who actually knows what they're doing! I feel strangely at peace and like I'm in safe hands. I'm sure that the moment I leave for London, the nerves will kick in. Here's hoping that Lucian Ion works one of his miracles on me and I get my 'happily ever after'.

The day has arrived.

It's around 15 minutes until my surgery is scheduled. I'm feeling mostly calm still but just a little apprehensive. I'll hopefully post an update later this eve after surgery x

So it's done!

So trust me to be a difficult case, Mr Ion ended up using both rib and ear graft. My surgery overrun and I had issues coming round. My poor sister was really worried. Lack of communication was a big issue at The Weymouth Hospital and we had 'issues' from the get go, with promises of 10 minutes' turning in to 30 mins, an hour and then not offering my sister who was patiently waiting for over three hours, refreshment or updates.

That being said, I'm currently being looked after by 'an angel in disguise' older nurse called Susanna, her manner is second to none and she genuinely cares. I've just had my dressing changed, pain meds and a pot of ice cream.

I'm not really in pain, my rib graft area feels like I have a 'stitch' like when you run, my nose feels 'bunged up', I've got a forehead headache and my ear is not painful at all. My throat is hardly sore at all and I'm able to get up and use the toilet, drink etc. I even polished off the light dinner as I had no anaesthetic nausea at all I can't see much of my nose, but know it's not as 'pulled up' and 'pig like'. I'll update as regularly as I can x

Forgot to include a picture

Picture shows when I felt rubbish after recover and then a ' more human' one x

Day after

I feel very hot and sore but not in pain. I've got a throbbing headache in my forehead and temples and my rib graft site is a little sore when I get up from sitting or laying but nothing major. I thought I'd post a quick split screen of a before and now, I took a sneaky picture when changing my drip pad. I think tip and nostril improvements can already be seen quite notably. I'm sure things will only continue to improve.

Day two & the swelling & bruising have come out!

I had a fairly good nights sleep, propped up with several pillows. My eyes ached and my mouth was dry, I've awoken to a massively swollen face, especially around my eyes and jaw/cheek area. I feel 'delicate' today and won't be doing much beyond resting in front of the TV.

I had a dry throat and coughed when I was brushing my teeth. I produced a small dried blood clot from the backfield my throat, around the size of my little finger.

Swelling day 2

Forgot to include a picture

Little update

I'm feeling poorly today, very tired and achey, like I have the flu. My throat keeps clogging with mucus and blood and when it builds up, I feel like I'm going to choke. My cheeks are very swollen and hard, I have yellow bruising in the soft tissue under my eyes, but the swelling is starting to subside on my eyelids. My teeth and upper jaw are still painful and I can't wear my partial denture (I'm half way through dental implant treatment). Rib isn't too sore at all really, ear only hurts if I catch it and I'm got slight pain in both nostrils and pins and needles in the tip of my nose. Roll on Tuesday when I have my splint removed! I've ordered sinus rinse from eBay in preparation for a month of nasal irrigation. I bought a neti pot a while ago for this purpose too. I'll let you know how I get on using it!

Graft site pics

Ear graft picture was taken on eve of surgery, rib graft picture was taken today.

Over the worst now

Other than an annoying snorting nose, things are good. My bruising as almost totally faded and just a little swelling remains in my cheeks and forehead. My nose is still packed so can't really tell how swollen that is. I'm feeling fine and am pain free unless I make a wrong move, I haven't taken pain killers in a few days. I cannot wait to get my packing removed tomorrow and also my partner is returning from a weeks snowboarding trip. I'm really optimistic and hopeful and might even record my 'unveiling' and when my boyfriend sees me for the first time since I left for surgery!

That moment when the unveil doesn't live up to your expectations...

So today I had my cast, stitches and splints off/out. I looked in the mirror at my fat ugly nose and wanted to cry. I don't look like me, my nose is huge and swollen and I don't get my 'wow' moment. My nose was covered in yellow spots and is extremely swollen. I just hope it calms down and 'becomes' the nose I longed for for so long.

Two week post surgery update

Ok, so the swelling has gone down to a level I don't think that people are staring at me. I know it's still hugely swollen around the tip and sides, but I can face the world with some clever contouring using make-up. My rib graft area isn't too sore but the scar is red and raised. My ear is clean, neat and healing nicely.

I notice that one side of my nose seems rounder at the alar and my nostril walls are definitely still thick and swollen. I'm hoping more symmetry will occur once the swelling has gone and the tip drops slightly. Amazingly, my breathing, despite some congestion, is so much better and I'm told I no longer snore!

I've posted some 'now' pictures, yes I do have on some makeup and I have tried to contour my nose a little, but it gives you an idea of progress.

For the people asking for profile pictures

Sorry they're not great. Uploaded for the people who have asked for profile views.

4 week post op check up today

Well my nose is less wide but still wider than I'm comfortable with. It is still swollen inside and out but I guess I'm the only one who really knows this. My rib, which I thought had developed a keloid scar has miraculously settled in to a neat scar that will be barely noticeable and my ear, which has caused no problems at all, continues to do just that.

Lucian was running nearly an hour late for my appointment but was his usual smiling, charming and gentlemanly self upon seeing him. He told me that my nose had been difficult, especially the tip and nostrils and I told him I still didn't like my front on view as it was too wide and undefined. He said that swelling is worse on revision noses as it is often thicken and offered me steroid injections, which I duly accepted.

The needle was small and the 4 injections on the bridge/tip were slightly uncomfortable rather than painful. The skin was tight and sensitive and it made my eyes water. I have been prescribed a fourth lot of antibiotics (I've forgotten why, but think he mentioned my post op chest infection - not to do with surgery - and my rib graft). I've got another appointment in 3 months time and was told to contact him if I had any concerns. I just need to be patient!

5 weeks post surgery, 6 days post steroid injections

Im quite happy with side profiles but front profile Im still not sure about as I feel it looks asymmetrical, uneven and I feel points in a slightly off direction. I'm hoping it's just the swelling. My internal stitches are driving me mad as it makes cleaning sore. I also have 2 small spikes threads producing out of the incision point in my columella. I think that the swelling has definitely gone down a little since my steroid injections.

102 Days Post Op

I thought I'd do a little update as it's been a while. I'm used to my nose now but can still see the swelling around the tip, I think my thick oily skin has impeded the definition and that it will be a long time for the final shape to be evident, but I'm hopeful.

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