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I had my consultation for a revision rhinoplasty...

I had my consultation for a revision rhinoplasty with Lucion Ion yesterday. He had a lovely calming, quiet manner and clearly knew what he was talking about. He took his time and gave best and worst case scenarios. Surgery was a little more than I expected in terms of cost (price quoted is in U.K. Pounds btw) in best case scenario, if a rib graft is needed, its £500 more, overnight stay in hospital is not included.

I have lived with my monstrosity of a botched nose for almost 15 years and I wanted an expert opinion after previously seeing two other surgeons, whom I was not convinced by. The morphs were a useful tool but I was shocked to not be 'wowed' by my 'newly morphed nose'. Is this normal? I'm not sure if it's because my expression is rather miserable. I'm keen to get opinions. Obviously the morphed picture looks more 'normal' but the dynamics of my profile just feel a little underwhelming in terms of balance/aesthetics etc. Perhaps I'm am just too used to my existing nose. I really don't know how I feel.

Surgery booked!

I have booked my surgery with an overnight stay for Tuesday 7th February. I have been told I need a rib graft, so am expecting that.

I'm hoping that I can lay my previous traumatic experiences to bed once and for all and start the rest of my life as I mean to go on. Any advice on things to do/take in to hospital/after care would be most welcome x

Looking at some alternative morphs

Some kind people on this forum contacted me via PM, offering advice and some alternative morphs. I have since been playing around with some of my own. Compared to my initial morph, I definitely feel that my face suits a slightly curved bridge, opposed to a straight one.

I have emailed Mr Ion and attached my morphs, stating I feel a curved bridge suits me better and can he get close to any of the morphs I've sent. Im yet to get a response but I'm keen to get unbiased feedback from anyone willing to give it...tia x

It's getting real now, 32 days until surgery. Paid the surgical fee today.

My surgery is scheduled for 7th February. I am hopeful that it will go smoothly and I'll end up with a normal looking nose that I'm proud to show off. I've been busy collecting supplies for my stay in hospital and also my recovery and have been super organised booking train tickets for the surgery and follow up appointments, before train fairs increase. I'm feeling good and mostly positive, I'm sure surgery day will come around very quickly!
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