22 Year Old Male, Third Rhinoplasty (Revision) - London, UK

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To make a long story short: I had my primary...

To make a long story short: I had my primary rhinoplasty back in August 25th, 2014. It was a complex one. I also had a revision rhinoplasty in March, 2015.

Bottom line: I should never have had surgery. My nose looked just fine on my face, it was a complex of mine and a foolish mistake. Now my nose looks terrible. I am now suffering the consequences of being foolhardy and desperate.

The two photos I have posted are of my nose before (the crooked, downturned one) and after (the ski-slope one/upwards pointing). I very much like the shape of the morph Lucian Ion did for me, but I would like for the tip to be a bit lower, in order for it to get a more round shape (like my original nose), rather than pointy.

If I end up having surgery, it will be in August/September of 2016. A long wait. Hoping it will be well-worth it.

Please tell me what you think about the pictures, and do feel free to ask me anything.

Another morph

Mr. Ion did another morph for me. This time the nose is a wee bit smaller. Liking the shape and all, but not sure if it is right for my face. My bridge used to be lower and straighter, with a slight depression on the tip.

Before I had any surgery

This is what my nose looks like by nature. It looked perfectly normal on my face.

New morph

I requested of Mr. Ion to make me another morph.
He de-projected my nose tip a little and made the tip and the bridge slightly lower.
This is by far the best morph he has done of my nose, in my opinion.

Soon I will be given the date of surgery.
I will keep you updated.

What do you guys think?

I made a slight change to Mr. Ion's morph

I only made the upper part of the bridge, between the eyes, slightly lower.

My own morph

My own morph, based on Lucian Ions morph.
The other morph I made based off of Lucian Ions morph doesn't look quite right.
Mr. Ion told me that if I lowered the part of the bridge between the eyes more it would be an "aesthetic error", and I can sorta see what he meant now. So just forget about the first morph I made based off of Mr. Ions morph. In this one I just made the tip a little more upturned. Nothing else.

Pre-op consultation and surgery date

Pre-op consultation: 19th. of September Date of surgery: 20th. of September


I have been booked for revision rhinoplasty with rib graft procedures at Weymouth Street Hospital on the 20th September 2016. The total cost (surgery, hospital- and anaesthetic fee) is 8457 GBP.

The pressure in my nose is getting worse with every month. Can't wait to finally have this done and be able to close this chapter, hopefully for good.

My nose is hurting

My nose is feeling sore, pulsating and tight.
Not even two months, and I won't have to deal with this shit ever again, hopefully. :/

2 weeks

Only two more weeks to go. I can't wait. Feeling nervous and anxious, but thinking about it overmuch only makes things worse. I will be leaving on the 18th.

Consultation: 19th.
Surgery: 20th.

Pre-op consultation

I arrived in London yesterday and checked in to my hotel. Today, at 15:00, I will be having my last consultation with Mr. Ion. I have written all of my questions down. Feeling nervous and anxious for the big day, but I feel I'm in good hands. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.


In the hospital right now, in my fabulous gown and slippers. :P sheeeesh, there people have No fashion sende. Oh, well. Operation in 30 minutes or so. Not feeling scared really. Just can't wait to wake up.

Surgery over

They said everything Wentzel well. Feeling like shit. My nose hurtig, but not so much the rib harvesting site. Need sleep. See ya...

The healing has begun

Feeling a bit better now. The pain has subsided a wee bit. My throath is very dry, so I have to drink water regularly. Checking out of the hotel at 10 in the morning.



Finding it hard to sleep. Quite painful to move around. A real pain in the ***, this recocery phase. My teeth are really itchy and my nose sore and painful. Yeah...

Splint Removal

Had my splints removed yesterday. Not a pleasant experience.

Overall I am feeling better. My nose tip is (understandably) at the moment quite swollen. Feeling better about my nose already, although I know it is way, way too early to draw any sort of conclusion yet.

My next (and presumably final) meeting with Mr. Ion is next Tuesday. I will be leaving on Thursday.


Overall I am feeling much better. Even with the cast still on I can already see a positive improvement, in terms of symmetry (nostrils) and shape and height of bridge. It looks like it is starting to take on the shape of the morph that I and Mr. Ion agreed on, somewhat. But still way too early to tell, because of the cast and the swelling.

Haven't felt this optimistic in a while.

My hotel room... Need some grub!

I forgot...

I forgot to say that the nurses and staff at Weymouth hospital were very helpful and amicable. Mr. Ion, I think, has a room (maybe more) assigned for his patients to use when there. The room was very nice and professional lokking, with a large bathroom and an electronically adjustable bed.

Time for an update

I had my last appointment with Mr. ion today. It went well. I am happy with it. I felt he answered all my questions to my satisfaction. We took some photographies of my nose as well. I was givende an extended course of antibiotics, nasal spray and some nasal rinse. Mr. Ion told me my entire nose is still swollen, obviously, but I had to ask still. I asked him about smoking, and he advised me to wait another two months time, because of the nicotine and the carbonmonoxide in it. It blows, but I am not going to risk it interferring with my healing. But he allowed me drinking alcohol. I have taken two photos of my current side profile. I like it. An improvement, to say the least. The only thing I don't like very much is the size of the tip, but that I think is due to swelling. I will just have to be patient. Pre-surgery I used to worry a hell of a lot about how my nose looked out in public, something which made me stand out to other people, because I was trying to hide my nose in one way or another. Today I went out for a walk and I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time. I might have a follow-up appointment in 6 weeks time with Mr. Ion. My nose looks more symmetrical. It looks better from the front and the sides.


Feeling a bit uneasy about the result.
The shape is much, much better, my nostrils look much more even, my nose looks more natural from the front and the sides, but I feel the height of the tip and upper part of the bridge is still a bit too tall.

I will update with pictures on the 3 month post-op mark.
London Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Ion struck me as a nice person, as well as a responsible and knowledgeable surgeon. I felt he was honest and realistic about my situation. I will be leaving for my country tomorrow. Over the next following four months, or so, I will be communicating with Mr. Ion by phone/Skype/e-mail. Hope my review is of some help to some of you out there.

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