3 Syringes of Juvederm - Ontario, ON

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Over the past 4 years, since experiencing a...

Over the past 4 years, since experiencing a significant amount of weight loss ( 30lbs). I really felt like I aged a lot. I have always had a very expressive face, which contributes to my premature wrinkles. But these lines around my mouth really made me feel 10 years older than I am. Money isn't something I like to waste. So I did a lot of research before I followed through with this, and I always wait for my doctor to be having a promotion on. This time I received 40 units of Botox (which I regularly get only in my forehead) and 3 syringes of juvaderm for $1500=tax+$1695 (damn taxes) I am so happy with my results so far the bruising and swelling was very minimal. I couldn't cover it with make up though you could see two small bruises on either side of my mouth for 5 days. No one has noticed I had anything done but I have. I am happy every time I look at it in the mirror no to fill the hollows under my eyes. Little projects I have planned over the next few years. I won't be able to keep fillers up forever they are much too expensive.
I am doing a tca 12% peel this week to hopefully get rid of some age spots I have seen pop up over the last couple years. I plan on getting a lower face lift between age 40-45 $10,000. ouch and the downtime is so long.
That being said this isn't my first experience with fillers. About 2 years ago I had 2 syringes .8ml Radiesse injected into my cheeks per side to add volume and although it did give me a lift there was also a lot of swelling and I found the bulk of that filler was gone in under 5 months. I hope the results of this filler are longer lasting. I will certainly keep updating to let everyone know how long the filler lasts.

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I am certainly happy with the results. I wish this stuff wasn't so expensive or at least longer lasting. They told me it will last up to a year but the last time I got fillers I metabolized them in about 4-5 months (it was radiesse which is a calicium based filler) this time it was juvaderm volift ( a newer one in Canada, hyaluronic acid filler) I hope I can get up to 9 months out of it. I will certainly keep you all posted.
Does anyone know of something that causes longer lasting results ??
Dr. Maria Tetelbaum

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