Much Needed Boob Job for Slim Female from London, No Kids, AA/A Cup to B/C Cup - London, GB

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Hi all, So here's my story. I've always been...

Hi all, So here's my story. I've always been happy with my A cup boobs (as I'm very slim) but recently my body changed and the boobies just became out of proportion with my body. I Initially wanted fat transfer but was refused due to low body fat so I decided to get implants. And after a lot of consultations (I'll review the ones worth reviewing below). I decided to go with NU cosmetics in Harley street and my surgeon is dr. Syed Mashadi So my stats..... I'm 5'9 Size 6/8 I weight 59kg ... Quite heavy for my size Pre - op ... 32 A/AA Hoping for full B or small C ..,my surgeon has agreed on 210cc allergen implants. Please ladies, gave any of you had this size?? And what was your result?? MYA - I initially fell in love with MYA as they are widely known and seemed really professional. But I was put off as my first consultation was a little too pushy and I didn't get to see the surgeon -it also seemed like the cater to the TOWIE look (American readers: please google this) which I was trying to avoid. Harley medical group - again a little bit pushy and salesy - if you know what I mean. Although, the patient coordinator/sales person I saw was super nice and well informed. Transform - the patient coordinator i saw tried to convince me to bigger and I was put of immediately. Phoenix - I actually got to see the surgeon first hand - Mr navene cavale who was well informed and understood the look I was going for. At this stage they where are the top of my list and the after care sounded very appealing. NU cosmetics - the initial consultation was a disaster as I waited for almost two hours but I had researched the surgeon - mr syed Mashadi who's credentials where very impressive - so I saw past that. Another catch was the it would all cost me £3,100 (due to a January offer) and they where offering a similar service/after care to the others. I also got to see the surgeon and nurse first hand so it was impressive. So I'm booked with NU cosmetic for 4th of February and I sam really nervous and scared and excited all at once. I haven't told any one except my mom and brother who have been supportive. The plan is no one else will really notice as all I have to do is stop wearing my "2 sizes bigger padded bra" which I have worn religiously for as long as I can remember. Please girls - feel free to get in touch with support, tips to achieve the natural look, questions etc anything. One question- would 210 cc increase my A/AA cup to B/C cup??

Post op in a padded bra

First I'd like to say thank you to all realself ladies for all your support!

Just thought I'd give you guys an idea of how I look with a padded bra. I've been wearing this religiously since I wAs 16 and I actually don't mind how they look- So I'm hoping to start wearing non-padded bras after my BA and no one will notice -

My op is in 2 days - and I'm like a little child jumping in a trampoline for the first time - scared, nervous and exited

???? Scared - what if it goes wrong??

???? Nervous - like why am I doing this? Will it really improve my moral?

???? Excited - I will be able to wear a cami, bikini, backless dress etc!! Also the awkward moment of people finding out that your 'boobs' is really just a fabulous padded bra will be banished forever!! My body will finally be in proportion!! I might be more confident

I really hope I don't regret this!

Wish me luck girls and see you on the other side x

I mad it it and my experience was amazing

So guys I made it!

I'll do a detaile rreview later my experience was superb. I endedu ggoing with 210 cc mod plus naturalle and I am pleased with everything for now let's just hope it's positive all round onwards.

Quick update

Recovery is no joke. But I now have boobies.

On day one I had minimal pain and minuscule swelling so I got big headed and thought somehow the pain and swelling had escaped me but day two was brutal. I had pain, swelling on my right breast, stiffness that was worse on the right...and to top it all, I was overly emotional too. My body seems to process emotions in a very physical way - that I get this very wierd feeling from my stomach, chest, shoulders through to my fingers. It's not s bad feeling but I don't like it.

But thankfully, I am better now.

In terms of the experience - I can't fault it. This was my first ever surgery or anestesia. The hospital was warm and clean, right in the middle of harley street, and modern. My recovery nurse was funny and super helpful. The surgical team (six of them)! We're funny and very helpful. So far it looks like dr. Mashadi did a good job as they don't seem to be sitting high up in my neck. I can't believe I got the service I got for the money I paid!

I can't believe how huge they look. I don't know how I feel about the size yet. I'm glad that I'm not worried about loosing volume after the swelling has gone down but I wouldn't be sad if I lost volume after swelling becuase this was bigger than I was expecting. I can't believe 210cc looks this big. I'm sure I've seen people with 300cc that looks smaller than mine. I'm glad I did this - I still can't believe it's done. when I wake up at night the phrase - I HAVE BOOBIES - pops into my head

I'm not one to give advice but all I can say to anyone looking to this - make sure you have someone to take care of you, someone that you are not scared to see you at yourworse. My mom and brother have literally done everything for me - from brushng my teeth to putting on my socks and even feeding me. I haven't done anything since surgey - they just won't let me.

My only worry now is the hardness - they are very hard and tight so I get out of breath if I stand or talk for too long - is this normal - anyone who's done this how long did the hardness and tightness last?

I'm scared to take of my sports bra or even touch them becuase of how hard they are? I can't believe my own body could make me squimish.

Also, I'm hoping to go back to Uni for lectures by this Wednesday and I don't know if I will make it - was anyone able to go back to uni/work one week after surgery??

One last thing - watching anything funny is not funny at all as it hurts to luagh (just thought I'd share that with you all) xx

6 days post op

So I finally decided to take a look at the boobies today

And unfortunately it confirmed my fear that one boob is healing better than the other. I mentioned in my last post that the right had some swelling, was tight and that the muscles were stiff. Welheal you can see it seems right boob in taking her time To heal and has not really changed shape since surgery. The left seems to be rounding out, taking shape and appears bigger. I really hope this is not permanent.

In terms of recovery, I have been extremely exhausted and short of breath but apparently this is a side effect of the antibiotics (the last day of the antibiotics is tomorrow so hopefully this feeling will go away.

I love my boobies

Try again with text

Just thought I'd do a quick update.

Well not much has changed. They are getting softer by the day and it looks like the right is slowly catching up with the left. If I push on the outer edge of the right, I can still feel some pain but it's improving.

I HAVE TO SAY THAT I really love the size.I would hahave regretted anything bigger. I am still to go bra shopping and the thought is exciting!

My only worry now is about how my scar would look - as i am dark skin - we don't always heal well. I love my skin tone and all the benefit it brings like very little sunburn and very little wrinkles etc but when it comes to scars - well what can I say.

But on the plus side, I love my result and I have zero book greed!!

I actually have a cleavage.... wow!!

So yesterday was my 3 week boob anniversary :) and things are looking up.

My scar isn't looking bad at all. I always get dark scars but they clear within 3 - 9 months so I hope this one does the same. The scar are not raised but if I touch it, I can feel something the skin - llike there's a stuffed line under the scar/skin. Is this normal girls?

Also the right boob is still higher but I think it's got better. Some days it looks worse or maybe this is just in my head. I also had a mini panic attack last night....from no where... The thought of bottoming out popped into my head and convinced myself that my left was going to bottom out. I don't know why but I hope not :/

I have also refused to sleep on my side even though I can because I will end up on my stomach.... I'm the kind of girl that plays karate in my sleep... I will kick Henry Cavill out my bed when I'm sleep.e. So for now I'll sleep on my front.

I'm still convinced that I made the right decision... I can't believe I have a cleavage and I am still pleased with the size and shape xx

Boob update: good news and bad news

Hi RS Ladies, hope you are all doing well?

I've had a break from this website because life got in the the way. After living a relatively allergy and illness free life, my body decided to attack me for the last weeks but I won't bore you all with all that.

There's good news and bad news. I'll start with the bad news.

They are still quite uneven and to be honest I'm not that worried about that as you can't tell when I have a bra/clothes on. Out of all the things that could go wrong after surgery, I think I am quite lucky that this is my only problem.

Now for the good news....

Well where do I start??

Everything is good. My scars are healing quite well, they are soft, I'm pleased with the size, shape, feel of my boobs... EVERYTHING! This is the best decision I ever made. As cliche as it sounds, my only regret is not doing this sooner.

I am currently a 32c which I'm so so pleased with. I can squeeze into a 32b but why would I do that? I've also been getting compliments about how my cleavage is looking perky but no one have asked if they are fake or real yet so that's great. I can wear a low cut top and show my boobs and I can also wear a baggy top and look sporty. I guess I've achieved my goal which to get a natural looking b/c cup.

I really can't wait for summer now, I've gone through years of hiding in baggy t shirts, wearing a t shirt over my bikini because I didn't want anyone to see my boobs etc but this summer will be different. I'll probably be the vainest person this summer but I'm sure I'm a allowed. I've endured years of insecurities and hiding in baggy dress and crew neck tops so I'm sure I deserve one summer of been vain :) only one.

Girls, if you are thinking of doing this and you've done your research and found a good PS go for it...its a scary decision to make and the recovery is not easy but it will be worth it.

If you have any questions...get in touch. The ladies on this website have been really helpful to me and I'll be happy to do the same.

Almost three months and still love it

I am almost three months post op and not much has changed

The right is still higher than the left and I am starting to accept that they might never be even.

I am supper happy with the size. I also didn't think they could get any softer but they are supper soft!! It's feels like real boobs!! The only downside is that I have not been able to enjoy my new addition as I have had an outbreak of rash on my chest and face so showing off the boobies is not even an option. I'm just hoping there is not a link between my breast implants and rash because I've heard of horror stories of people developing horrid rash after surgeries. I hope not :/

Either way I still love how they look in clothes and will continue to enjoy them like that.

I'm still a 32c in most shops but can fit into a 32b in some some shops. I'm pleased with that.

Just thought I'll share this with you all - I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about plastic surgery and I told him that my boobs are fake and he just laughed and said "yeah joker". He did not believe it at all so I decided to live it at that. No one apart from a very few people still know about my boobs and I plan to leave it like that.

Until my next review, I wish you all happy surgery and happy recovery.

Possible allergic reaction to my implant (hopefully not)

I am currently just under five months post op and I am still in love with my boobs. I can't say they are new anymore becuase it feels like I've had them all my life. the only thing that never gets old is buying bras, I now have 10 million bras and I don't think I'm not done yet.

At my three months post op my surgeon scared the shyyyt out of me by mentioning that the rash that I had earlier may have been an allergy to silicone and my stomach literally fell to the floor but then he said that since the rashes stopped on their own then it would mean that I have developed an immunity to the silicone. I really hope that is the case.

I've gone down from a 32 to a 30 in bra size so I am currently wearing a 30c.
They are still not even and I still prefer the left becuase it is more natural looking. the right however has a more rounded shape which I don't really like.
London Plastic Surgeon

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