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Hi, I know there are already lots of reviews about...

I know there are already lots of reviews about lip implants. But before I have it done I actually wish I could read more about the procedure done in London and from my same doctor (dr Roy NG).
I had the surgery today and overall it was a good experience. Dr Roy was amazing, very professional and clear. He explained me about everything giving me answers to question I didn't do yet! He told me about all the risks, and still let me know I can change my mind in any moment.
My lips were always been very thin, so I was doing hyaluronic filler injections from 4 years, (2times X year) and I can see lots of lumps here and there on my lips, so I was looking for something permanent. I don't want anything huge or ducky or vulgar. full lips proportioned on my face ( I don't want to spend money and feel lots of pain for something not visible as well!).

So... he first put some anaesthetic gel on my lips to numb a little bit for the injections. Then he did 4 anaesthetic injection per lip, the same used by dentists. Some of them were ok but the central ones were horrible! He and his assistant Belinda were lovely, delicate, careful and explained me everything they where going to do. But the procedure was awful. I can't feel any pain, only pushing or pulling, but I can hear the scissors cutting the edge of my lips and it was so impressive! I tried to watch some video on youtube before, but they were horrible and I really can't, but I was thinking about them all the time knowing I was there having this terrible procedure!! My sister was with me and she told me it was not so bad...liar!
Anyway, everything was very fast, less than 20 min, then they gave me some ice to put on my lips, and 2 killerpain tablet already (and I would say thanks for that). When the anaesthetics was gone I started feeling an annoying feeling. The stronger was a twinge on my nose base connected to a twinge on my palate. But I have to be honest: I was ready for something absolutely worst. I can take killerpain any 4 hours, not less time, and every 3 1/2 hours I feel some pain coming but with some ice it's better. The bruising is coming now all around the lips and the swelling is not so much, but I think arnica and auriderm xo gel will help a lot. The most annoying thing for me is Carmex, I hate this menthol and the feeling that give on my lips, tomorrow I'll send my boyfriend to buy another lip balm, horrible!
So that's it for today! Hope to be helpful for somebody! I'll keep updated.

Day 1

First day almost gone. I was actually ready for the worst, but luckily i'm ok! Sleeping tonight was awful: I use to sleep with my face down the pillow, so sleeping on my back was almost impossible. I still taking co-codamol every 4hours since today morning, and I don't know if i'm luckily strong with pain or if the timing taking the pills has been the best, but I can't feel big pain, only tight sensation and annoing movements.
I don't remember I never read about brushing the teeth... which was impossible yesterday. I had to do rinses with Peroxyl (suggested by the doctor). I both a kid tooth brusher and I was happily able to use it today. By the way, Arnica and Auriderm xo gel are very very helpful.

I can't wait to see the final result!!

Day 3 3 post op it's now on. I think my recovery it's going so well! The pain has been not so much, eating it's difficult but not impossible (i'm very scared to broke my stitches, but i'm trying to eat soft things as pasta, bagels, chicken slices), and they already deflated a lot. I'm actually nervous about that because it's only day 3 and the swelling has gone so much, I don't want my lip to go back at their normal shape! So much money, pain and bother for what?? I really hope they stop deflating...!
Brushing my teeth it's even better now, I still using a kids tooth brush, I can't wait to use again my normal, electric one!
I'm also impressed I can move my lips in many movements that I thought were impossible the firsts weeks. Of course they are stiff, especially the upper one (that's weird because 4 years of fillers have gone mainly there. I started fill the lower one only the last 2 times). I can feel like an electric sensation when I move or touch them, but I think it's absolutely normal if you think how "rough" the procedure is.
Here some new pictures.

Day 5..first time out

Today I went out the first time. My lips still bruising so I had to wear on a coloured lipstick which I'm not really a lover (I definitely prefer natural coloured lips). From yesterday I feel like itch all around and I don't know why, could be too much lip balm which is working in the opposite way maybe. They still stiff and I can't really wait the stitches to be removed!

Amost normal

Today I went out for the first time without the need of lipstick! My lips finally look nice and almost all the bruising is gone. I had an allergy due to the lip balm I used (which I had before as well). I would like to suggest everyone to check all the ingredients!!! Absolutely avoid everything containing petrolatum!! It's very dangerous and comes directly from petroleum to your lips!! Anyway.. allergy gone, i'm very happy! I still very scary they can still deflate, (I will consider to go for the bigger size, considering money as well), but I can now brush my teeth properly, use all kind of straws (before I can use only the small sizes),and kiss :)
The upper one still stiff but should be normal. Let's see!


Today I had my follow up visit. My stiches have been removed finally!! Everything it's fine, the doctor told me that now there are not anymore risks (such as implants that can move outside the pockets or infections). He also told me that the main quantity of filler should be gone by leaking when he created the pockets (hopefully). The upper one still a little bit stiff but in 3 months it will be 100% normal, but he also told me that it still a little bit swollen too. That's so sad for me.. the solution obviously will be the larger size of the implant. But anyway.. only time can say. That's a little update.


I have finally found some pictures of my lips before any treatment and omg!! I didn't remember they were so so so thin and small!! Now I'm even more happy!!

2 months

So, after 2 months I think the job is now done. From 2 weeks approx I'm able to move my lips completely! From one day to another I've been able to move the top one enough to spread the lipstick and that's very reassuring! I can still feel the implants inside and I can also move them a little bit from one side to the other if I push them. And still.. sometimes, especially when I have make up on, I'm very happy. But when I look my mouth make up free I really regret I didn't get the bigger size. I don't and didn't want anything huge and the bigger size wouldn't give that feeling but can definitely make the difference. In particular I would probably like to give them some more width.(I love Julia Roberts lips!). Here some new pictures!
London Plastic Surgeon

He was amazing, clear, honest and professional. All the best. Can't review follow up because I haven't done yet.

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