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Like lots of reviews on here, I've always hated my...

Like lots of reviews on here, I've always hated my nose. In profile it's extremely large, bumpy and masculine. Front on it's actually not too bad (it wouldn't get any prizes though) just lacking in definition. I've dealt with this my whole life by just avoiding ever looking at myself in profile. If I did accidentally see myself it would really depress me for a couple of days. Over the last couple of weeks it's actually been a real shock seeing just how bad it is, especially in my consult photos. There is a particularly horrifying photo taken which shows how the tip droops down when I smile- I actually look like a scary carnival mask :( I honestly do not know how I've had such hot boyfriends.

Back in April time I booked a consult with Lucian Ion. I chose him because of the volume of good reviews he has, compared to other surgeons I was considering I couldn't find anything negative about him. If you do want to see more than one surgeon (which is definitely the sensible thing to do) remember to book them at the same time if they're popular. Luckily after seeing Lucian Ion I was happy to go ahead with surgery, considering my time scale I wouldn't have been able to get a second opinon from Julian Rowe-Jones or Julian De Silva.

In my first consult Mr Ion spent a good hour with me, as well as identifying the cosmetic issues with nose he also explained I have some functional problems that could be corrected in surgery (deviated septum, enlarged turbinates). I felt he understood the issues with my nose and I felt reassured he knew what I wanted the changes to be despite my very vague, mumbled description. He created some 2D morphs which I really like. I feel like I wasn't clear enough about what I wanted from the front and tip, so I am going back to see him to clarify this. I also have a medical condition which I need to take medication for, he was very reassuring in explaining how he would adjust the post-op meds etc to try and minimise any exacerbation of my symptoms.

My surgery is booked for September time, as I will be starting my final year of university (a Master's in Classics if anyone is interested :D) in October so I really hope I'm giving myself enough time to heal.

Photos to follow!


So here are my 3D morph before and after. Don't know why my skin has ended up such a weird colour! I'm going back to discuss this sigh my surgeon, I feel like it still looks a little big, especially the nostrils? I also have thick oily olive tone skin (Italian heritage!) so a bit worried about not getting a defined tip!

Final consult before surgery

Tomorrow I have my final consult- are there any important last minute questions to ask?

Still a bit confused about whether I want to change my morphs- any opinions would be welcome!

Final consult and front morph l

I saw Mr Ion again to discuss front view and tip. He explained that due to my skin and current shape it would be hard to get a really refined tip- and that it would very unnatural on my face if it was too sharp looking. I'm a little disappointed but really appreciate his honesty! I don't want to look fake or be expecting something that is impossible. It is still a huge improvement on what my nose currently looks like. Here is my front morph- I know it's hard to comment when I've blanked so much out!

Really impressed with Mr Ion so far- will update once I've had surgery.

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