Well I Only Went and Got Vaser Lipo TODAY! London, GB

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Well if you look at my other posts I have...

Well if you look at my other posts I have obviously been considering this and I even went ahead and had consultations ... but I didn't know if I really believed I would do it until I was lying on the bed. Although I have tried Laser Lipo, Cryo Lipo, Vanquish and still have an outstanding Groupon Voucher for Exilis so I suppose it was due.

So I tried 4 other clinics, 1 for Micro Cannula and 3 for Vaser. I was actually fairly comfortable to go with either although I only met the coordinator for a certain well known clinic. But my spirit took to the consultant, who was the last I met and he had availability 4 days later so I went ahead. Yep... 4 days later!!! Today and I am now home and getting ready for bed. Basically I did front and back and it is now starting to hurt, even though I am expecting it to hurt far worse in the days to come.

So... quick overview. Turned up slightly late at Harley Street theatre. Lots of waiting around before and my op was 1 and a half hours later than I was told. I beleive this is a theatre that is booked when needed, but everyone was pleasant and very professional. And then I woke up. Was given a coffee, biscuits, and a Sandwich (not good and Ham instead of the Salmon I ordered) and then given my meds and instructions and waited for my lift.

Will update with more info and any other pertinent info I think of tomorrow.

Unexpected Aches and Pains

Well thanks to many of you wonderful people, I thought I knew of the aches and pains to expect... and so far it is not as bad as I was expecting. I hardly oozed, at all, even though I was prepared with Sani's and nappies and waterproof sheets, towels, newspaper etc... Lol! I wasn't too bad and easily able to move around and go to the toilet but I had been prepared with a breakfast bar and water by my bed, so I could eat the bar and take my pain meds before even having to get up.

I haven't left the house and have managed to keep my garment on. As I haven't got any foams and was told they weren't necessary, where the garment creases it hurts a bit so I'm trying my hardest to straighten it out as much as possible. It also hurts when I stand or try and straighten up. But the pain is easily bearable at this stage. Expecting it to get worse but that is ok. I slept pretty well, woke to go to the loo several times, but was glad that whatever liquids were in me were coming out as I had hardly drank anything all day.

I have not been nauseaous, and my compression garment although not comfortable is not killing me. I feel like I am starting to swell now but it's just over 24 hours so thats expected too. However... nobody mentioned having a really bad sore throat, the sore tongue or the sore hand that looks like it belongs to the nutty professor. I'm wondering how rough the theatre staff were with me, as the last time I was in hospital with a an IV line and a Tube I didn't have any issues.

My PS's assistant called to check in today so I asked her to find out 1) How much fat was taken as I was never told and forgot to ask at the time and 2) Was I given a General anesthetic or Local with Deep Sedation, as I am pretty sure the anesthetist told me she gave me a light GA which also explains the offending tube. I would never want a GA for a cosmetic procedure that really adds to the risk. But... I suppose I am awake and I didn't feel any pain, so should I really be concerned about the treatment I had.

So... a few days of pain then hopefully just the swelling and watching myself fade away before my own eyes. I want to take the garment off so I can see myself, but I'm giving it 2 days....really looking forward to my shower tomorrow morning though.

All marked up....

Just before...

1st after pic. 6 days in.

Well... I think I've been pretty fortunate. Nothing major to report.... Bearable pain and swelling, discomfort from compression garment but my skin seems to be contracting and I think the end result will be good.

Finding it a little difficult walking too much as it hurts to straighten up, but drove and did a mini supermarket shop today.

I've just noticed that due to the public holiday my first check up has gone from 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. I'm not happy with that as most people seem to see their PS a lot sooner and more often. Seems far too nonchalant, and actually quite lacking in aftercare. Fortunately I'm healing well so far.... In my untrained, unqualified, unexperienced, and blissfully ignorant opinion.

The inevitable unhappy stage... hope it passes soon

Well... I think I am going through the unhappy is it worth it stage. Partly caused by the fact that I have finally got the anwser to the question... How much fat was taken? and the answer is 2.5 Litres. That doesn't seem very much to me, for my whole torso, front and back. And the expense, discomfort, bloody compression garment hell etc. Whereas the PS who did the ultrasound said that she would be taking 4.5 Litres as per the ultrasound calculation. And of course the swelling doesn't help as when naked, I don't think I look any different. Go away swelling, I want to see that it's worth it, and I hate being miserable! yes I know I am being impatient at 10 days in, but...

Will the swelling ever stop????

Ok...I'm sure the swelling will go down eventually but wish it were sooner. And after a day commuting or with a lot of activity... I end up huge and sore.

I have had my consultation and apparently all is fine. Even though I look bigger than I originally did. I have some lumps and some hardened scar tissue so I have now started MLD massage. I'm enjoying it. although not sure about it, but got to give it a try. Have booked 6 sessions so far and had 2. Apparently the results are progressive.

I have also got the ok to resume gentle training, but sadly my job has a different idea. And I only have to wear my compression garment for 12 hours. Today I wore standard slim wear which I don't really like either but not ready to go free yet.

Onwards and Inwards! ;)

Lumpy and bumpy, but definitely shrinking

4 weeks have passed, have started back at the gym, but have lost the gym bug. Still wear my compression garments although sometimes just wear general swimwear. Have had 5 of my 6 MLD. To be honest I'm not doing too badly, but looking forward to being better and less lumpy.

I'm hoping the symmetrical giveaway scars fade really quickly. Anyone who scars should consider that when planning there recovery.... For some reason I was expecting thin slits, but my scars are a little more obvious.

6 weeks and a little disappointed

I thought I was a quick healer, so was expecting to be better off at this point. Hoping I still have a way to go with the swelling and my flanks will improve... because at the moment this isn't worth the money ans discomfort.

Its also not helped by the scars. I've had keyhole surgery before and the scars are nearly invisible..... this is much worse. And totally unexpected. I wasn't expecting to even have stitches but these have left horrible scars all over my torso. I'm using fade gel.

Gone down to 1 MLD per week. Not totally convinced that they work, but enjoyable and willing to give anything a go. Which reminds me... does anyone know of a good hand held massager?

Felling negative today as I was expecting more by this point. And instead of flaunting I'm hiding.

Those figure hugging clothes are still a dream...

Just had another check up... not sure what number that was as it is very hard to actually get an appointment partly due to me and partly my PS. He is only at a Harley Street location 1 or 2 times a week and during that time he is also operating and seeing other patients.

So I had a check up and nothing much has changed... I'm stilll a little swollen. Under my navel actually looks almost ok, but I have a strange lumpy section that goes above and across which protudes and then has some indents. And where the swelling seems to have gone down ie upper abs, sadly it is not leaving my new svelte abs, but looks pretty flabby. I was told that it is skin and I should wait for my year to really see the difference... but I can honestly say, I'm hopeful but not feeling confident. I didn't expect to go through this and still have muffin tops and bra roll. I know I didn't have high or even mid-def, but at the moment the changes are so minimal and I think I look worse than I started. I actually think that my procedure may have been rushed and not enough was taken.... I wasn't huge but should start seeing benefits.... maybe actually go in at the waist. Not sure what to do next and the idea of going through this again is not appealing... and I got off easy, pain and discomfort wise.

On a positive note, I'm 100% back at the gym and working out regularly... did my first proper abs session and ached, but felt good. Also have been seeing what life is like without my compression garment, and all seems fine. Think I may try and invest in a better waist trainer, that can be worn invisibly under clothes... I've never got on well with Spanx type under garments, hence the procedure. And maybe some deep tissue massage as the MLD isn't doing much.

Thanks for being here for me to vent .... it seems really self indulgent moaning to the few people that know.

I wish I was exaggerating....but here is the proof.

Here are some pics.... It's really not pretty.

Before pics

Just a couple of before pics for comparison. You never know what you've got until it's gone.

Need revision procedure

Well I haven't updated in a while, party because I hate being so negative... and haven't really had much good to say.
But fortunately my surgeon agrees I should have a revision.

Apparently my procedure was difficult as my fat is fibrous and so the amount of time the machine can be used ran out. So the result is unsightly lumps and bumps... still no bikini or figure hugging clothes. And most people haven't noticed any difference at all.

I am really not looking forward to the procedure, but I have spent a lot of money, effort, energy and discomfort and need to be happier and believe it was worthwhile. Hopefully after round 2 i will look like a smaller waisted and slightly slimmer version of my old self. My surgeon wants to wait until all the changes should have settled, so planning to do it in January... Roll on round 2!!!

Need Revision on Back Fat too

Trying to schedule a date for my revision. Can't wait but at the same time dreading having to go through it again. However... Looking in the mirror and at these awful pics is a reminder of why.... Spending all of that money and going through all of that pain and inconvenience, to look like this... NOT AN OPTION.

Just need to persuade my PS to do the back again too.... Because it's so horrible. High waisted bottoms can hide the front... The back is harder to disguise.

This horrendous episode drags on

I was supposed to have my revision on Monday, but had a few discrepancies that needed explain in so had another appointment with the PS.

1) Why did this happen to me? I was originally told it was because I had had Vanquish on my abs... But that didn't explain my back.

2) Why he wasn't going to correct my bra rolls and back. Originally I was told that my bra rolls was extra skin and would need to be cut out... However I researched this is not a common procedure. Also there is obviously fat to be removed in that area and I have seen results even where the original situation was greater than mine.

3) What is he going to do differently to ensure a better result. The prospect of having to go through it all again and getting the same outcome is unbearable.

Well it would seem that me questioning the PS unsettled him, as he asked me to get another opinion, either by Dr Grant Hamlet or by a Professor, who is rarely in England. And until I get the 2nd opinion he has cancelled my revision. I was supposed to get a letter stating that, but 2 weeks later and no letter.

So now.... I'm 'disfigured' and facing the prospect of another summer covering up. To be honest, I don't think I want him doing the revision anymore. His story has changed and I'm sensing a change in his attitude too. He is acting as if the revision is doing me a favour, but I was given an ASC insurance document where my situation is covered and if he had did if properly in the first place, I would not be questioning him. But if I go with someone else I want a refund. I'm so regretting ever messing with myself now. Will see what Grant Hamlet says.... Although what can he say??? I know there are never guarantees, but why am I so unfortunate. All I know is that I really NEED A REVISION!!!

Revision tomorrow,

So my PS has helped to organise a revision with Dr Grant Hamlet, who operates out of the same location. This time it will need to be mid-def to correct the valleys. It will also need to be far more severe as there will be a lot of scar tissue from to work through, so I will need to have a General anesthetic, drains and an overnight stay. Recovery will also be far harder.

I'm petrified... But feel like since I started this a year ago, I need to get a good outcome is time.... But what if I just make it worse. Trying to think positively but it's very hard and haven't got anyone to talk to about my fears.

Anyway... This is the end of this review ... And the beginning of another.

If I could turn back the clock...

Anyone who has had the procedure knows how anxious you are.... not just on the day, but on the run up. You have to plan what you're going to do around work, what you tell who, do your preparation, buy "healing" foods, juices, creams etc, don't take any meds or drink alcohol in the lead up, cook, clean, get ready in case of leakage... And then on the day... its nil by mouth or a glass of water 4 hours before. By the time of the procedure your stomach and imagination are both churning with anxious anticipation. All you want to do is get to the end of the procedure... so you can start on the next mountain which is the difficult road to recovery.

My appointment was originally at 12:00 so I had a drink at 8:00 I got a call telling me there had been delays so not to arrive till 1:30 ... after arriving at 1: 30 to the clinic, being weighed and changing into the gown, then I waited for the doctor, who I was told was running behind. 4 hours or so later, the doctor came and marked me up. He was still very personable and his markup was very thorough, I asked and he told me he wasn't tired and this was nothing for him, so I felt Ok. He explained that he would have to go deep, due to the previous deep dents and divots from the first round and went through all the possible problems etc. He then left me... and said he would send the anaesthetist (Dr Mahir Khalil who I had paid independently) to have a quick chat. But when Dr Khalil came in at approx 6:00 he said he had to leave. They tried to find another and eventually found one that said that she could probably make it there for around 6:45 ... but then the Surgeon said it was too late, and therefore the procedure was cancelled and I went home with my same deformed torso just scribbled.

I'm totally devastated... today I'm still kind of in shock. I am the queen of the brave face and smiley/jokey exterior... but this has really knocked me. I really had hope that soon I wouldn't be horrified at what I have done to myself and I could have confidence in my body again, I wouldn't want to hide myself or be strategic in what I wear, and be comfortable with my boyfriend seeing me. I was really ready to be better.

And I still don't understand what happened... I played my part I paid when I was supposed to.... What do I do now??? Do I even attempt to try and have the procedure before I go away in June? How did Dr Hamlet get timings so wrong? As I was booked in to stay overnight, why couldn't we continue? What was so important that Dr Khalil could abandon his patient? I do not get paid holiday/sick ... should I try for any form of compensation for my loss of time and earnings? My chaperone booked the time off so he also lost time and earnings?

Anyone thinking of plastic surgery... think long and HARD!!!

Was impressed by the Mark up!

Got to say...Dr Hamlet does detailed Markings
London General Surgeon

Very pleasant, honest and comforting. However, post procedure he was extremely busy with patients before and after, so didn't spend as much time as I would have liked. 2016 Update: Sadly my initial impression has changed. I do not think he is a bad man, and maybe he is more experienced with breast reconstruction. The hope that I had that he would correct his mistakes are quickly diminishing. Also neither he nor his PA Amanda, seem to have empathy with my situation, I had a procedure performed by you and it has made me worse. I still believe that the reason is because he rushed my first procedure, but even if that were not the case, I do not think he should have left me with a totally uneven and misshapen torso.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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