Harley Medical group, Rhinoplasty and Alar Base Reduction For a Bulbous Tip - Not happy with results so far!

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Just a quick review about my experience. I had...

Just a quick review about my experience.

I had rhinoplasty and alar base reduction on 23rd Nov 2015 at Highgate hospital. My main concern with my nose was the bolbous tip.
My admission time was at 12 noon so I had my toast and orange juice at 6am as instructed. I was taken to the theater room at 6pm (I don't see why they instruct you to have breakfast 6 hours before your op and yet again they make you wait 6 hours in the hospital room). Anyway, as I was quite anxious I did't bother questioning this.

When we arrived at the highgate hospital with my wife we checked in and then we were taken to my room. I was a little surprised with the room as it looked quite out dated and dull. We then figured out that the radiator in the room wasn't working so it was getting cold. We've reported the issue to a few nurses who kept on saying they will call in an engineer to take a look but nothing was done. I got a bit worried (as I had to breath through my mouth all night) and asked for either a portable radiator or my room to be changed. I was told by the nurse that they didn't have a portable radiator or a spare room
(What a joke!). Anyway at around 5 pm Dr Solomos walked in and the first thing we mentioned was the temperature in the room. Thanks to Dr Solomos who mentioned this to the nurses and as if by magic suddenly another room was available for us. Dr Solomos took some photos and drew some lines over my nose and told me that my op will be in an hour. We were then taken to our new room which was quite modern and more importantly the heating was working!

I hardly had any bruising, swelling or pain. My biggest challenge was not being able to breath through my nose (especially when sleeping) as both my nostrils were fully blocked by dried blood.

I had my cast removed and my nostrils cleaned out by one of the nurses at Harley Medical Group a week after my op. Being able to breath through my nose was priceless! After my cast was removed I was quite happy with left side of my nose however there was a dent on right side (I never had a dent before). I didn't question this at the time as I though this is somehow caused by the pressure from the cast. Unfortunately this got worse and I ended up calling Harley Medical Group to see if they know what could cause this. I was told to attend their clinic at Harley Street where they can take some photos and send these through to Dr Solomos who can review and let us know his thoughts. I attended the clinic and got a few photos taken along with securing an appointment with Dr Solomos in 2 days time.

I wen't to see Dr Solomos as Harley street and he told me that the reason for this is the fact that the shape of cartilages on both sides of my nose were different whereby the one on the left side is indented. He mentioned that he tried to fix this as much as possible during op but both sides of my nose would never be the same. I was advised to massage the dented area and this will improve the dent. He also mentioned that the dent isn't quite bad and that he wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't told him. Strange as everyone else around me have noticed this dent.

This certainly isn't the outcome I was hoping for and if massaging this area doesn't help then this is definitely a failure and not worth the stress and money it cost me. I'm also gutted not being told about massaging the area the day after my surgery as I'm sure massaging this area as soon possible would have been better.

I've been massaging the area for about 30 mins each day and not that I can see any improvements so far here's hoping massaging the area will somehow reduce the dent. I forgot to mentioned that when I massage the area I can feel the skin/cartilage is indented so I'm having to push this outwards (Again I never had this before) however in a few hours time it goes back to it's original shape (dented) I'm hoping this won't cause me breathing problems going forward. I can't tell this yet as I still have fair amount of congestion.

I'll be seeing Dr Solomos again for my post op in 4 weeks time so I'll see what he says.

I'd like to hear from anyone else who may have encountered these sort of dents after their op and solution to these sort of issues.

Some Pics

Here are some photos of the dent. I've also noticed that the tip of my nose is also shifting right


Just thought I'll share an update...

Dent on the right side seems to be getting worse each day which makes my nose look pinched.

More importantly I'm having breathing difficulty through my right nostril and I've noticed that it's somehow caused by the dented area as when I push the dented area upwards with a q-tip I can breath much better.

I've also noticed that my right sidewall moves in and out when I try and breath.

Im absolutely gutted with the issues I've been experiencing so far (never had any of these issues before op). I'm really looking forward to my post op appointment next week so that Dr Solomos or Harley Medical group can explain how this has happened and how to resolve these issues.
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