20 Years Old Labiaplasty. London, GB

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Hi Everyone I am 20 from the UK and wanted to...

Hi Everyone I am 20 from the UK and wanted to share my labiaplasty experience with everyone. I have had large labia since as young as I can remember, before puberty. I have never discussed it with any one at all, it has taken over my life for the past several years causing me discomfort with wearing tight clothes leggings/skinny jeans etc. I had to give up horse riding and cycling and jogging is also a pain. I had to be very careful about the underwear I wear also as they can cause swelling and pinching all of the time. I was also bullied at school for it as a close 'friend' caught a glimpse through my underwear and decided to spread it round to absolutely everyone and I felt ashamed I wanted to cut them off my self. A few years on a boyfriend taunted me for it after we split up and after years of researching and saving I knew labiaplasty was what I wanted to do. I felt it would change my life and which may be wrong to say but I felt it would make me feel more womanly I was so depressed about the way it looked down there I felt people could see it through my leggings as I often noticed people staring down there when I was walking, could be me being paranoid but it was still awful. How could I ever have a proper relationship whilst feeling as though I had to hide things and not be able to explore my sexuality or how could I wear a bikini on holiday or get back into horse riding. Even putting in a tampon caused me pain.

So finally after years of research I found the perfect surgeon and I could finally look forward to my surgery date. I asked my surgeon for some before and after photo's of his work, it is important to make sure you have the right surgeon. As I was travelling to London for my Surgery I had my consultation via e-mail and sent some pictures and filled out all of the medical forms etc, my surgeon was lovely he phoned and e-mailed up until the surgery and answered every question I had in detail.

So I actually had my surgery yesterday so I will be updating you all day by day with full details. So I drove 3 hours to where I was having my surgery done and booked a hotel close by. I bought some thick sanitary towels loose clothing, (jogging bottoms), painkillers (ibuprofen and paracetamol), ice packs and granny knickers !! I was not nervous at all until I actually got in to the operating room. It was really laid back back and a nice environment, I was having the surgery under local anaesthetic which meant I would be awake. My surgeon went through everything again and explained what would happen and the technique he would use (wedge technique and reducing the clitoral hood).

I got undressed and lay on the operating bed, there was a chaperone present who was so lovely she gave me a quick squeeze before hand and reassured me that everything would be okay. The worst part of the whole operation was actually getting the local anaesthetic, it was a few sharp scratches as you can imagine a needle in the labia isn't the nicest feeling in the world, but the chaperone held my hand the whole time. So within a few seconds I was numb, I had conversation throughout the surgery and watched Made in Chelsea on my phone while my surgery was cutting away ha! It took longer than expected 2 hours as I decided I wanted a bit more cut off when I looked in the mirror my surgeon was very happy with the result and so was i when I looked in the mirror I wanted to cry I was so happy with the result and in no pain at all.

I decided not to stay in the hotel an drive home, as the local anaesthetic would still keep me numb for a few hours, my surgeon said that would be a better idea. I took my boyfriend with me who is very supportive.

I was one of the unlucky ones as the anaesthetic wore off after an hour :'-( !! I was in absolute agony driving home, I was in excruciating pain to the point I was screaming crying. I had to pull into services several times and paracetamol and ibuprofen were not making any difference at all. I bought some co-codamol (the strongest over the counter painkillers) which seemed to work for 2 hours and also wore off and the dosage was every four hours. When I got home I could not sleep for the whole night I was crying all night I had never felt pain like it - however I have a very low pain threshold and I am rubbish with pain. I was bleeding just as much as an average period - which is normal. My surgeon phoned to give me some advice on pain relief and advised me to stay in bed and the first two days are the worst it has been around 30 hours since the surgery now and the pain is not as bad as last night or early hours of this morning but it is still very sore. Just tried to rub in the ointment my surgeon gave me and it was so sensitive.

Going to the toilet has been relatively okay, I used a spray bottle filled with water to keep the area clean after going to the toilet.

Down there is very swollen and doesn't look great at the moment as expected, but I am taking a photo each day and can't wait to see the finished result. The pain for a few days is worth the big life change for me. Everyone heals differently and I'm sure I am one of the unlucky ones who is affected by pain a lot more than others. I think pain is very mind over matter I have been taking deep breaths and keeping comfy in bed and watching Netflix to take my mind off things. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away, I know being in the research stage of Labiaplasty is very important and I would love to help anyone who is interested.


Before pics

Here is some before pics !!

Afte surgery pictures

So here are a few pictures of immediately after surgery. I know they are very gory but it's basically very swollen and bruised which is normal! I have been in the shower for about half an hour hoping that would wash some of the hard blood away but I don't want to touch it in case! In heaps of pain been in bed on my own for days! Wish I could tell my mum!

Day 4

So today my pain is no where near as bad as it was! And the swelling has gone down quite a bit it was very swollen and sore yesterday and Saturday evening. Today I am managing to cope a little better, I have managed to have a relaxing shower, spoke to my surgeon he is very happy with my healing so far! It is starting to get a little itchy every now and again showers are helping and blow drying it with a hair dryer. Still lying in bed absolutely gutted because the weather is amazing! But praying for a speedy recovery!!


Someone help me ????

I am having one of the worst nights I've had I am in so much pain feel like my labia are about to worse I've tried a shower, strong pain killers, and ice pack and nothing is helping !!! Come to my mums house so she can look after me although I've had to tell her I have tonsillitis and have pulled all my leg muscles in the gym because she doesn't know about the surgery.. Feel so alone at the moment no one to talk to just want the next few days to hurry up !! Please go quick xx

Day 5

Just been woke up by excruciating pain in the left of my labia oh my god I have never felt anything like it. I have been taking cocodamol for 3 days already so I shouldn't have been taking them today as advised by my doctor to come off them. Well I'm afraid if I wasn't to have something to get rid of my pain I was likely to have a heart attack. Changed my mind completely at the moment and wish I had never let anyone near my poor vagina with a knife a life time of vagina happiness is seriously NOT WORTH THIS EXCRUCIATING PAIN! I am screaming out loud in pain the neighbours must think I am being murdered.. Is my pain threshold low or is this seriously killing me this much? I have got literally no chance at closing my legs NO chance at all, I had to slide and pull my self out of bed without closing my legs or putting to put pressure on my lower body so pulling my self side wards and upwards are the only options it is like I'm dead from the waist down. There is no way i can tell my mum what I have done she is seriously seriously against every single type of plastic surgery and she is not open minded at all. I feel that bad I might try and be admitted into hospital, I live on my own I am supposed to be in uni tomorrow and back in work Thursday I actually feel like overdoing on pain killers I feel that depressed bout the pain I'm in. Cnt do this any more :-'(

Day 6

Finally! I wake up with less pain then ever!! Well I awoke at 5 in the morning as usual nothing a wee in the shower and a protein shake couldn't solve. I have bought some vitamin c tablets and protein shakes from asda just in case I am not eating enough fruit and meat as I know they are good for heeling. I haven't really been eating as I have been in that much pain I have felt sick so i have been mostly eating fruit salad and chicken and fish. Haven't took any pain killers today. Does anyone know where I can get arnica from? I have arnica cream, does it come in tablet form? Thank you everyone for your comments and messages you are really helping me through!

Just over a week post op!

So I've finally past the week mark! Can't believe how much swelling has come down, I'm amazed! It's still got a long way to go, but the pain has completely gone now! I am able to work, walk and drive as normal. I'm still being careful getting out the car etc because of the stitches and I'm still showering twice a day and gentle running water after toilet. My surgeon said 10-14 days before I can bathe. I think I'm going to leave it the full 14 days as I've started bleeding really badly the past two days so much so I woke up this morning and my bed sheet was covered in blood. In work yesterday I bled that much my chair turned red which was so embarrassing :-( ! Luckily I had pads with me as I have been bleeding a little since surgery but nothing as bad as this!!! I'm literally dripping in blood it's everywhere it's so hard to work out where it's comin from as it feels like it's a period but it's not it's coming from somewhere towards the top of my vagina. Hope it stops as I'm starting to feel really light headed and I keep losing my balance. I'm low iron anyway so this is making me feel really ill!

5 weeks post op

Hi girls sorry it's been a while! I have been busy with work.. I am in no pain at all now back to exercise etc.. I know as of next week I will see the final result but I don't see how one week will make much difference to how it looks now.. I think all of my stitches are out. However I do not like how it looks.. Standing up with my legs closed there is no labia to be seen at all which I am happy about however with legs open it does not look nice I feel as if it is uneven and I am unsure as to how the scaring will progress.. Can anyone compare how they were at 5 weeks? Xx

8 weeks post op

Here is a picture 8 weeks post op!

Revision surgery

Hi girls it's been nearly a year since I had my surgery it's flew! I went back on Friday for my revision surgery just to get rid of a few of the polyps and tidy it up a bit. This procedure was a lot less painful (the worst part was the local anaesthetic!) it was a really quick procedure and I thought i would add some photos to compare the recovery period for this procedure. ( I went back to the same surgeon). I am in nowhere near as much pain as last time. I managed to drive 3 an a half hours home in no pain what so ever and I have carried on with painkillers since I have been home. However I haven't needed any today (2 days post surgery). I have ordered some arnica tablets again and vitamin C tablets these helped last time. I have some time off so I will just be taking it easy. Any questions feel free to message.

Monday after revision surgery (3 days later)

No pain today. Still using running water to clean and stood in the shower yesterday for a while ensuring no soap etc got the wound (didn't wash my hair or use shower gel in case). Swelling still here trying to remember when my swelling started to go down after my last surgery think it was around the week mark. Still taking it easy staying in bed to ensure I don't disturb stitches etc.

My surgeon was absolutely amazing he was so helpful before the surgery and during the procedure. He has been texting, phoning and e-mailing me to check up on me and offer advice. I am so glad I chose the surgeon I did.

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