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I'd never been happy with my nose, too many...

I'd never been happy with my nose, too many childhood injuries from being a klutz and having a sibling who is a wannabe wrestler!
My hubs is very much anti-PS but he seems oblivious to my changing face over the years (he has no clue about the fillers, botox, PRP, lasers etc and just thinks at 40-something I age well naturally) and my want to a new nose overrode anything so each time I visited my sister in London I'd also go and see various surgeons for consultations and after a number of years narrowed it down to Lucian Ion or Julian DeSilva (who was great, made it clear my nose wasn't going to be easy to work on and hesitated a fraction too long in some replies for me to be 100% comfortable but I would consider him in a heart beat for blephs).
I selected Lucian Ion because he came very highly recommended for revisions and I had a difficult "virgin" nose so wanted rhino done once, but well. The 3D photo imaging really helped to give an idea of what could be achieved and he exactly digitally sculpted the profile I wanted before I said what I was after.
Niki, Rosie and his staff are great and very personable.
I was a little hesitant about having open rhino, but Lucian's stitch work is so fine that it was virtually impossible to see even a few month post recovery.

My operation date was carefully planned for while hubs was away on business (sneaky, I know!) and my dear sister was looking after me while I recovered (although I reminded her it was her fault I had such an awkward nose!).
I'll find my photos of how it all progressed, but I looked like a panda for 2-3 weeks if I went without makeup but that was to be expected as I bruise really easily.
I took shed loads of vitamins (I'll try and find the list of what I had when) and healed faster and better than expected and I tried to keep a realistic grip on what to expect at each stage. I'm actually still seeing changes but expect to at 18 months on or longer. My tip is still hard but beginning to soften so I can move it from side to side but not really up and down more than a few millimeters and the feeling is about 90% back.

What I would say if you are thinking about rhinoplasty is to consider very carefully what you want and what will look best with your features. Also keep in mind that you will unlikely get 100% of what you want just because of the practicalities of healing, aesthetic and functional restrictions etc. so ask yourself would you be happy with an 60% improvement, an 80% improvement etc? Do research your Dr and also find out what plans are in place if things go wrong. A cheap nose job could end up costing you dearly in revision work. I probably could have gone cheaper, but I didn't want to take the risk. Oh, and don't be surprised if no one notices! You'll get compliments on your hair, asked if you've done something to your eyebrows but nobody nose what you've had done (ya see what I did there? ;) !

If you are considering Rhino then do go and see Lucian. to quote the receptionist at the Hospital when she saw which surgeon I was booked in woth said "He is very much a nose man".

Before & after

I have zero pictures I can find on my original nose, mainly because I either deleted or photshopped them (shocking confession I know)!

Here is a side 3/4 profile. I'm haveing a slightly puffy nose day thanks to the start of hayfever season (yay)!

Found my old profile!

I suddenly thought if I looked back through all our old wedding pics that some b'stard would have got a picture of my profile I'd not been able to get my hands on an edit! It is funny to see it, I'm slightly nostalgic for the old hump (anyone else ever get that too?) but I do prefer seeing my new profile in the mirror.

I found a (my) right side profile

I found a right side profile of the old conkster!

My Really Useful List (post Rhino)

Really useful list

Straws. Makes drinking so much easier.
Lip balm. Your lips will crack within a few hours.
Antiseptic Sore throat spray. You'll need it.
Spoons in the freezer. Takes the puffiness from under eyes.
Clothes you can get on and off without having to put over your head.
Slipper socks to provide grip to the stocking foot bottoms.
Blender for Home made soups.
No hot food, drinks or spice. Luke warm or your nose will run/gush.
No excess salt or sugar. It will slow healing.
Natural live yoghurt.
Travel pillow for keeping your head in place as you sleep.
Audio books. You may not be able to read for a few days if you rely on glasses.
Gauze and micropore tape to change your drip pad.
Q-tips & Hydrogen peroxide to gently clean your scars.
Netti pot for sinus irrigation.
NeilMed NasoGel Spray.
Keeping a good sense of humour, you will heal!
Playing "the recovery game"

From the front

Finding before photos front on was near impossible because it is not me best angle and most are deleted right away. Does ANYONE look good front on?
I found a close to front on and then a few afters for you.

For those who asked about bruising... could say I had a little!

Nasal hair waxing

I hope this isnt a case of Too Much Information, but one thing that I find necessary post rhino is a regular nasal hair waxing.
Does anyone else find that the hairs grow to their old length and tickle like crazy?

The puff of the nose!

If you are impatient you may find the waiting for the final result of surgery disheartening.
You may have seen other people mention 'nose days'.
Here in the 'before' I am 2 years & 5 months post rhinoplasty, but it is a hot day and my nose is a bit puffy.
The 'after' is taken 4 months later on a cold day.
Note the difference.

"What about the scars?"...

...this is one question I have been asked privately.
Well, here goes. Have a look at this!
What about them?

"How good is Lucian Ion at rhinoplasty?"...

... is another question I get asked privately.

Here is my reply to the last person.
"I've just come from my other surgeon on Harley St.
He used to do rhinoplasties but now specialises in another field.
He always admires the quality of Lucian's workmanship on my nose (think is the way a guy with a BMW lusts after a Ferrari) and says how Lucian really is an amazing craftsman with noses.
I've had other unrelated medical professions amazed at the sheer quality of his execution and results.
Does that make you feel any better?"

I've said it before, I'll say it again, and especially in the surgeons' circles, he is very much known as a nose man.

The most nerve-racking part the reveal.

I thought I'd cover this for people.
The reveal was odd, I knew that I was looking at a half-baked nose, swollen .
My body had about 18 months more work to do on it, so I looked and went "OK".

That was literally all I said!

Here are my directly after my cast was off photos, another a week on and some now for comparison.

Bunny lines

I never knew what bunny lines were until I got rhinoplasty.
Here is an extreme (forced) photo so that you can see what they are.
I think that basically I didn't have them before because the hump of my nose filled them out!
When if comes to hump vs bunny I know which one I'm happier with!

!!!SUPER important regarding eating before surgery!!!

On another topic I follow I have seen people talking about eating the morning of their op (when they shouldn't be). Let me share this with you. I'm going to post it on all of my surgical threads because I think it is SUPER important.
If they say "Nil by mouth" from a certain time before your surgery then OBEY!
If you don't follow the rules you run the risk of vomiting/regurgitation under anaesthesia or pulmonary aspiration (where you breathe in your own vomit) which can lead to MASSIVE problems like, well, oh, I don't know, bradycardia leading to cardiac arrest, brain damage and death!
The risk is twice as common among elective surgical cases as we aren't ill, can be blasé about our instructions and eat or drink when have been told not to!

Don't make your surgical experience any more difficult than it need be.

Ha! I found an old profile nose pic!

In my search of pictures for another of my threads (where I had to prove I'm not fat, I just had a fat face!) I found this photo.
I worked with my photographer friend and they directed me to move my head so that the full splendour of my nose wasn't showing in profile, but you can still see that it is humped, not sloped.

16 months Vs 2 years post.

They say that it takes 2 years to see your final results with rhinoplasty.
Don't believe me?
Well here is 16 months post Vs 2 years post.

I'll see how my nose continues to change (if at all) as I have more post facelift photos taken through this year.

Lucian Ion (Ion pronounced as in eon) is your man for noses. He is very focused on getting the right aesthetics for you.

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