Consultation review - Mr Ion Cancelled Surgery After 4th Consultation. London, GB

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After 2 years of consultations with nearly 10...

After 2 years of consultations with nearly 10 different surgeons, i finally thought that i had found a surgeon that i could trust to perform surgery on me. I had a mindset that appreciated that my results would never be perfect but i would never-the-less do enough to ensure the surgeon had the best idea what my aims were. I had 4 consultations with Mr Ion, ranging in duration from 25-45 minutes long, and at the end of my 3rd consultation i had decided to go ahead and book surgery with a deposit, i then had one more consultation to discuss the methodology for the day of the surgery, unfortunately during that consultation we were unable to confirm the projections that would be taken into theater on the day of the surgeon (due to another potential patient in the waiting room who did not want to miss her train).
Not wanting to leave anything till the last day, i called-in requesting a final consultation just to confirm the projections to take into theater, unfortunately this did not ride well with his Secretary/Assistant who then spoke to Mr Ion, and later that day he called me and said he would cancel the surgery.

I believe my primary Rhinoplasty failed mainly for 2 reasons, the first being that the surgeon (Not Mr Ion) had 6 other surgeons the day of mine so i suspect he had little time and the second being that i only had 2 consultations which must have left for the surgeon my fully understanding my aims.
With the above in mind, it left my naturally paranoid in doing with getting it right the next time and have my nose over and done with once in for all.

Though Mr Ion refunded my deposit and consultation fee, im disappointed that i had invested all that time and got myself mentally prepared for surgery after 2 years of trying to find the right surgeon, only then at the very last moment, having already booked surgery, a hotel room in London, made ALL other arrangements, to then be cancelled.
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