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First off, a big thank you to all of the...

First off, a big thank you to all of the contributors to this site. I've been looking at lots of reviews on this site for a while and I've found lots of helpful and informative posts.

I started off going to MYA and I found the service very very pushy on the finance and the appointment system totally chaotic. I kept being told that the surgeon that I wanted was the most popular and so very busy. This is a huge deal for me and I don't want to entrust my life to someone in a huge rush!

I also considered traveling abroad for surgery but decided that I wanted the person treating me to be based in the same city as me. Just in case of any complications.

I've decided on Dr Cavale, who I found via this site, at Weymouth street hospital. I chose Dr Cavale because I like his work, that I've seen, and the lack of a forced sale with the nurses.

My surgery is booked for the 18th Nov. I agreed 350 and 450 cc textured round implants half under half over. But I have a second consultation booked to be sure I'm not being greedy on sizes.
Any feedback that anyone has on sizes would be greatly appreciated :)

Wish pics for my BA and Lipo

Added the wish pics I took to my initial consultation

Size decided

I've had a second consultation and decided on the bigger size. I've added some pics with the padded bra that I usually wear and then with the sizers in.

I think I'll be happy with the larger size.

Today's the day

My op date is finally here. I arrived at the Weymouth Street hospital a short while ago. My room is nice and comfortable. The shower looks lovely - shame I'm not allowed to shower for 3 days. I'm not great at taking photos but as you can see it's a more than decent room.

Wish me luck :)

First day feeling tender but pleased

Hi ladies

Well I had my surgery yesterday. I haven't slept much during the night so forgive the typos and rambling... I've tried to be detailed in my description. But please ask if I can answer anything else :)

I was told to be here by 07:00. when I arrived I was asked to check my contact details were all OK. then I came up to my room. The nurse came in and checked my allergies, height, weight and I was asked to get changed into my gown. I had to be totally naked for the operation so they gave me some disposable knickers to wear. I also wasn't allowed to have any metal on me. So I took of the minimal bits of jewellery I was wearing. I also wasn't allowed to have any metal in my hair but luckily I had a scrunchie without metal in. I knew I wouldn't be able to do my hair every day so I had it braided last week and washed it the night before coming to the hospital.

Getting ready for theatre
My surgeon came into see me a re-confirm the details of the procedure and draw all of his guidelines. He also took some pictures of me with the mark ups. Next my anesthetist. She introduced herself and asked me about drug allergies. Both of them put me at ease right before the surgery.

Going down to theatre - this was around 08:40
Once they left I went to the loo one more time. Then my nurse came with my post op garments and walked me down to the operation theatre. I was surprised about how many people were in the room with me. I can't remember exactly but I had my nurse, surgeon, anesthetist plus 3 others. Everyone had a job to do and busily got on with it. I felt completely at ease. I was told to lie down in the operating table. They had added some sort of hot water bottle to the bottom of my bed so my feet were lovely and warm. They also kept a heater on me the whole time to keep me warm. I was given my anesthetist it felt like icy water travelling up my arm. The last thing I remember is talking to the anesthetist and her assistant.

Waking up in recovery
I woke up in the recovery room. My nurse was right there with me. In fact she had stayed with me the whole time. I felt absolutely fine right upon waking. Someone had put me into my compression garments before I woke up. No pain nothing :) I came back up to my room shortly afterwards.

Back to my room - this was just before 12:00
My nurse came back to my room with me. I had to have some oxygen for my first hour awake but it felt cold in my nose so I had them remove it as soon as I could. I moved from the trolley back into the bed in my room. And the nurse helped to get me comfortable. I had a little water and then fell right to sleep.

The first day post op
I wasn't in pain during the day. I actually struggled to stay awake. I threw up everything I ate during the day. I was offered an anti-emitic after the first bout of vomitting but I said I felt fine. This was right after lunch. I couldn't manage very much of the food on offer and it took me about three hours to eat a small bowl of fruit salad and half a sandwich. I threw up right after dinner as well and they gave me the medicine to stop the vomitting. I should say that I didn't and haven't felt nauseous at any point.
The only pain I felt during the day was right where my under breast incisions were made. I had tremadol and paracetamol on and off throughout the day. My surgeon came to check on me in the early evening. He was happy with how everything went. He explained that it had been difficult to get the fat out from the liposuction. He managed to remove 1.5 Litres. I was hoping for much more. My stomach and flanks don't feel or look any different. But I know I need to wait for the swelling to go down before we can have a proper conversation about it. He told me I couldn't shower for three days :( but otherwise he's happy with how things went. I love the way my boobs look so far. The size was right for me and they don't feel too hard.

The first night
I decided to stay at the hospital over night and I glad I did. I would've been so worried about the vomitting and I wouldn't have been able to get anything to help with it. The nurses here have been so good to me.checking on me constantly and explaining why I feel the way I do. I didn't sleep so much during the night. I think this is mainly because I slept so much during the day. I also struggled to sleep practically sitting upright. Because I'm used to sleeping on my side or my front. But I'll have to get used to sleeping upright for the next few weeks. And on my back for the rest of my life. I am pleased that I am able to move around without too much discomfort. My lower back aches more than my breasts and those are the only places I feel pain. It's more of a dull ache than pain.

The morning after
I managed to sleep a little in the early hours of the morning. I've had my last dose of intravenous antibiotics so my canula has come out of my hand. Just waiting for my breakfast to come now.

I'll be going home in a couple of hours with a carer. Not sure when I'll do my next update. I had my friend take some pictures which I've added here.

Feeling uncomfortable

The pain and swelling kicked big time this morning. I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 12. I took my antibiotics and some pain pills then went back to sleep until 4am.

My boobs were really tight and feeling very full this morning. I tried to sleep upright to stop the swelling collecting in my bust. But it's quite uncomfortable.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I had a nap early this morning and some more pain meds. I've also been in touch with the hospital to confirm that I can use ice to help the swelling. So I'm currently sat in bed with a bag of frozen peas on my chest. I hope this helps...

I also have bad trapped gas. Sorry if it's TMI but the good, the bad and the ugly needs to be shared for others to get a clear understanding of what happens. I haven't had a bowel movement since before my op on Weds. I've been drinking mint tea and ginger tea to try and release some of the gas. It is helping :) Anyone got any other suggestions?

Just over a week has passed

Hi ladies

Just over a week has passed since my BA and Lipo. I had my first week check up. The nurse who saw me was really pleased with how I am healing.

All of my Lipo dressings have come off now. My underbust incisions are also healing well. I have replaced the dressings with sterile tape which the nurse told me to do after showering for another week.

Return to work
I went back to work just over a week after my surgery. Thankfully I only had to work the Thursday and Friday. I was so exhausted by Friday night that I spent the entire weekend in bed. But today is Monday and, despite getting up at 04:30 for a flight, I don't feel too bad.

Everything feels good at the moment. I'm still wearing my compression garments. I tried to put the bra band on a couple of times but I found it really painful. the nurse at my check up said that the band is there to help speed up the drop. She said that if I'm happy to wait I don't need to wear the bra band.

No one at work seems to have noticed and if they did notice they haven't said anything. I used to wear a really padded bra so there isn't much noticeable difference in my clothes. But underwear is a different story ;) I finally have the size and fullness in my bust that I wanted. I've added a before and after pic in a bikini top to show the difference from before my BA.

My only niggle
The only downside I can see so far is the asymmetrical swelling. My left breast has swollen up much more that the right. You can only see this without clothes. I've emailed my PS about it and sent some pics. He said it was totally notmal and to expect it to settle down over the next few weeks.

Uneven breasts

Hello ladies

I've had an interesting few weeks since my last update. I wrote that one of my breasts had swollen up, well that breast is still swollen. The other one has 'dropped and fluffed' it looks and feels great. I just hope that the other will do the same. Right now one nipple is two inches higher than the other. I don't have a session with my PS until the middle of Jan because of the christmas break. I can't wait to talk to him and get some answers as to what is going on.

I don't have any pain at all except for 'morning boob'. But I still take Paracetamol (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen I hope that it will help with the swelling in my breasts. I was taking Arnica for the first few weeks after my surgery. I've started taking it again today to hopefully help with the swelling in my breast too. I was given a breast band but I hadn't worn it because it was too painful at first. Well last night I got it on and I slept in it. I really don't like the way that they look at the moment. The swollen breast is also swollen at the side so each time I move my arm I brush past my boob. I'm trying to reassure myself that I haven't made a huge mistake.

On a more positive note, My liposuction has healed well. I'm still a little sore around my middle at the back. I can't see any difference in my shape comparing the before and after of the survey. I know it takes time (months) so I am trying to be patient. I can't wait to start to see some results...

Uneven breasts continue

Hi ladies

Not much has changed since my last update. I've seen my PS twice since the beginning of the year. My left breast is dropping very slowly but it's still higher and harder than the other.

My stomach is still huge. I know I wasn't going to get six pack abs. But my results don't look anywhere near as good as those I've seen on people who had the high def. I had traditional lipo.

I now have to wait until my six month check up before my PS will decide what to do with my breast.

Revision booked

Hi ladies

So it's been almost a year since my op. But my left breast never did 'drop and fluff'. The right one feels great and moves in my hands. But the left (which has the bigger implant) is still quite hard at times. There is extra fullness at the top and I can feel the implant underneath my crease.

I'm now booked in for a revision of my left breast and liposuction of abs and flanks. The first Lipo didn't seem to work at all.

Next date is booked for 18th Dec.
Wish me luck!
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