Mentor 300cc from 34B - 25 Yrs Old

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Hello! I have found this website so useful whilst...

Hello! I have found this website so useful whilst doing my research and then finally making the decision to go with implants. I wanted to give a little something back to help anyone else going through the same thing. I have had my pre op, and seen the consultant. I go in to the hospital on Thursday Dec 22nd, so my operation. I am going from a 34B, to 300cc mentor implants, half under half over the muscle. I am hoping to achieve a natural look.

Will upload some pictures and let you know how things go!! Wish me luck :)

Before photos

First post op pics - 2 days

First pics I have been brave enough to take! Not too uncomfortable but trying not to overdo it.

8 days post op

I've had a very easy journey so far and today is the first day off all meds. Feeling so pleased with my results!! I had a slight difference in size before and so I can imagine this will remain but nothing too noticeable.

9 days post op

Some slight discomfort doing anything that pushes my pecs too much but feeling like I'm healing super quick!! Trying not to overdo it to ensure things settle properly. Another 5 weeks out the gym is going to be very tough!!

Things are a little wonky..! 12 days post op

Don't like the unevenness but as we all know, no one's completely symmetrical! I think my right side has dropped a lot more than my left. Hopefully lots of change to still occur after only 12 days.

16 days post op

I am back to doing all normal daily activities, really struggling to stay out the gym! I feel ready to sit on a bike but am not going to, to ensure I don't compromise recovery. My left side is still more swollen and tight even though I have no pain, I think that's why they are wonky!! Hoping it starts to drop soon, wearing my compression band to bed still, to help aid the process. So pleased with how things are so far, road to recovery has really been very easy!!

3 weeks post op

Starting to forget I even had an op now! Can't believe how mobile I've been from about day 2 really. I still feel tightness when I push / pull objects, so take that easy. My left side is still sitting higher and therfore the my bottom creases are not level. I expect to finish this whole process with some asymmetry, as I started with some but not enough for two different sized implants. I'm wearing my compression band again to help my left one downwards. I'm going to start massage too!

5 week review

It's been 5 weeks and things are feeling great. I'm so happy with my new look and couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I'm measuring a 34D so hopefully that won't now change! Back to the gym twice this week but just sat on a bike for 15 minutes. Slow and ready from here on!

8 weeks post op

Very little discomfort now in 8 weeks post op. Both breasts move a lot with pec contractions but i guess this is a trade off for having them under the muscle. Have my 8 week check up tomorrow so fingers crossed everything goes ok!

8 week review

Saw Naveen yesterday and everything is signed off. Just waiting for the left one to drop down a little more in time. So pleased with my results and care, couldnt of had a better experience.

Naveen was fantastic. He answered all of my questions at the consultation and totally made me feel at ease. I had my op yesterday so its early days but he was great at the hospital and I am so pleased with my results.

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