26yo No Kids 360cc mod unders in London Wants to Go Big Natural and Pretty - London, GB

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Hello, First of all I wanted to thank you all...


First of all I wanted to thank you all for posting your journeys, I have never commented before but these last few weeks I have found so many inspiring stories that I have decided to go for it. I found a Surgeon in Leceister called Graham Offer and have seen some good work by him on his site but only one reviews of his work for BA. So I am very much looking to hear about any woman who has gone ahead with him.

I know my post is boring for now as I haven't even had an appointment but I wanted to start this journal from the beginning for myself as much others who are looking into this.

I have an appointment scheduled with him in a month and I cannot wait. I used to be a fuller C and am not in denial. On my periods I have my full C again but the rest of the time it's padded bra time. Hopefully soon this will be over an I will be able to enjoy buying beautiful Lingerie again and make the most of my large collection if anything still fits. Indeed, I want to go big.

I'm not all that familiar with subtilities of cc's yet. Hell, I'm not even sure what "cc's" actually stands for (too lazy to google, I feel I'll find out soon enough). But I got the gist of the concept and I think that for me it will a 400 something cc's. Definitely going for D or DD and from I have seen from you lovely girls, I would like round under the muscle moderate plus implants. All my "wish pics" are from reviews I have recently received in my mail box so if you recognize yourself, I hope that's ok for my to repost...

moar pics

just wanted to post some nudies and more wish pics

My ba is on Monday morning at the shelburne...

My ba is on Monday morning at the shelburne hospital. Any of you ladies want to share a cab there? (And back perhaps).

Just noticed its 2hours plus away in public transports. 100 with Addison lee perhaps less with uber.

I'm having under the muscle moderate profile 360cc.

I completely trust mister Richards. I can't wait to have his thoughts about the size and profile aggie helped me choose

I cannot wait.


Operation today

So this is it.

I am at the shelburne hospital waiting for someone to come and talk to me. No one hasn't yet. It's very mysterious. I was hailed to my room and there is a bed and garments folded on it. But no one told me whether I should put them on or not. Even when I asked the nurse. So much suspense...

Anyway, I am looking forward to my pre op with Adrian Richards; I am looking forward to my new boobies and above all ok looking forward to FOOD!! I has a light soup a bit before the mandatory cut off time of 2:30. I don't know WHAT I was thinking, I should have had a couple of roast chickens, I'm starving.

There is a menu there, with boxes, that no one told me to fill in, but I did because I'm bored and lonely in that room. I selected pretty much everything on the menu. it didn't help with my hunger though.

I took some last minute pre op pics.

Nurse came to see me

She was lovely. All is good. I'll get in around 9.

Managed to eat and keep it down

The painkillers were making me nauseous...

Also I started hitching everywhere as a reaction to one of the things they gave me forget what.

It's fine it's just like being bed sick or something.

Earlier when I was still fueled by naivety and super eagerness and got myself out of bed to take pics of new boobs in the bathroom. Bad idea as this didn't help with nausea... But I didn't come back empty handed. Here is a directly pre post pic for you ladies. Also I did fit a little wee in. So it's less vain!!

Why does my review says "not sure"

Any of you kno how to change it?

Day 3. Home no more nausea and pain is mild


So I'm home since yesterday.

Mostly ive been sleeping and playing with my cats.

My Boobs are stiff not so high. My bf seems to like my boobies. He called them Frankenstein boobies because of the writing on them but still had a solid hard on (pardon my French) for most of that conversation as I innocently tried to explain they were going to drop.

I haven't taken them out of the bra as I see some other ladies do at day 1,2,3. I want to be square about this.

Is it usual to be recommended to not take them out of the bra at all for a week?

2days post

Just some pics 2 days post

Burning sensation at the base of my left breast

It burns!

It come with short interval waves and it burns in the base of my left breast.

Is it normal?

I can't wait to go back to my life so time doesn't seem to go so slow.

I can't wait for them to soften. It's been 4 days it feels like so many more.

I discovered today, on here, that I couldn't even have sex for weeks.

No one had mentioned that....

I guess I'll stick to Netflix and mix veggies soups then.

I'm watching this weird series "Wet hot American summer" I know it's an inside joke to the 40yo+ Born in the U.S. but I get most of the references so I still kind of get it. Can't stop watching...That and my boobs.

Boyfriends after ba: the best reassurance one could hope

My boyfriend is being great with helping with my recovery but on top of that he is also the biggest boob chearleader. whenever he catches a glimpse of them with clothes on top or not he just smiles like an idiot and well, aheum, is visibly very happy. Which is still a bit strange for me because they are still as much pain as fun for now, at 6 days post op.

Hopefully recovery goes swiftly and I don't get any complication so I can start properly enjoying them.

I'm still with my ice packs and my bf is already fantasizing about going shopping and figuring out a few funny come backs in advance for when his friends will drop the question: "so.....your gf has grown a lot lately"

He has promised not to give me away.

I'm not planning to tell anyone but close family and a couple of friends. I always had pretty full (not as full as now though) boobs until recently (slight weight loss),
So it should be not too obvious.

I wonder if that expceptional enthusiasm is universal to all significant others or I just have a big boob man at hand....:)

9 days post op

Softening already but still not there of course

Flashes of pain here and there and not sure but I think my compression bra is sometimes triggering the pain.
Also morning book is still a think but they are softening.

I changed my incision the other day and one looks Clean and tight and the other the left one a bit purple and and bumpy. Will see next time I change my tape how it goes

Getting softer

Getting softer at 2 weeks
Getting softer. Left is dropping faster,

I should take it easier and hope for my skin to stretch Soon :) so the fullness shift to the lower pole

Week 3

No more pain. Not even in my incision as of today.

I don't see significant dropping yet.

Putting some bio oil on my boobs to help my skin stretch. Never read it anywhere I guess I just imagine it cant hurt to keep my skin from breaking.

3 full weeks

Nice cleavage.

3 full weeks nice cleavage

Nice cleavage is

Love my boobs

they feel so soft. It's almost like the implants are not even there. They are lovely i absolutely love them. They need to drop a bit more but i'm so so soooo pleased.

they get perved on non stop including by my bf but it's something i can get used to. I'll never have a waiter looking in my eyes again. Tough... :)

amazing surgeon. Gave me the boobs I wanted. I'm delighted to have chosen him.

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