bassim matti rhinoplasty 31/10/2014. London, GB

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Hiya, just want to share my story, i had open...

hiya, just want to share my story, i had open rhinoplasty with dr bassim matti on the 31 october 2014, so basically two weeks ago, i had my operation at the waymouth hospital, the staff were great, it all went well,
the surgery was to shorten my nose, remeove a hump, and lift the tip, matti did all that was requested in a very subtle way, seriously no one can tell, not even my close family, i kept it secret,
i had hardly any brusing, was lucky and i did take vitimin c and arnica, recovery time was quick, actaully on the third day i left the house and went shopping, with my splint on lol,
my nose is still swollen, and it looks good, through out the whole process there was no pain, just a stuffed feeling, i did throw up a few times after ileft theatre, it was a day case so i went in at 9am and left at 12pm, before the operation matti came in to my room, i went over what i wanted, he didnt seem to listhen, but as if he knew what i wanted, he talked over me, my only critisim of matti is that he is all rush rush rush, i hardly saw him through out the whole thing, i may have seen him 40 mins all together, overall i am happy with my results it is an imporvment, but my expectaions was that having a nose job will change my appreance dramatcially, this is not ture, escpially with matti his work is very subtle, and natural looking, at times im staring at the mirror thinking theres not much difference, i dont know if it is still becoz of the swelling, it is early on, i will wait and see, if things will change even more, i am happy now with my result, if it gets smaller , then even better, but if by the end of year and not much change happens, i may go back for another operation, just to do more work, i know this sounds crazy, as my nose is good for now, way better then before and i cant fault matti on anything, he really is a gifted surgeon, knows exactly what he is doing, but i am just a vain girl, and want an even smaller, cuter nose, ,,,, i will post my pics for you guys to have a look, i look forward to hearing your opinions, im happy to answer questions,

10 days post op

Nose feels sore and stiff

10 days post opp

My side profile view ,

14 days post opp

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