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Hi everyone, so I finally plucked up the courage...

Hi everyone, so I finally plucked up the courage to go through with Rhinoplasty and I have my surgery booked for just a couple of days from now.

Since turning 16 I've always felt my nose hasn't been in proportion to the rest of my face, particularly when smiling, it seems to expand at the tip. Also whenever I've had photographs took from other people, I could barely bring myself to look, as my nose always seemed to dominate the photo.

After going for my first consultation with Mr Ion, I felt very reassured that he had a thorough understanding of what I wanted to achieve, and he took the time to explain everything in detail to make sure it was something I would want to go through with. Also, I didn't feel pressured to make a decision, I was offered a second consultation, free of charge if I wanted to come back in and ask any further questions/concerns.

I'll post an update after surgery, has anyone been taking supplements before their surgery? I have stopped alcohol and have been eating as healthily as possible, but I'm slightly concerned I should have maybe took more vitamin supplements. Would be interested to know.

Thanks, take care


Surgery and Cast off

Hi all

Just a quick update regarding my experience with Rhinoplasty so far... So I had my surgery last week at The Weymouth Street Hospital. I found the staff there to be all very friendly and welcoming, which really helped put me at ease prior to surgery.

I was greeted by Dr Ion about an hour after arriving at my room, he spoke to me before and after the operation about the procedure and both times I felt completely reassured that I had made the correct decision in choosing my surgeon! He explained everything in detail and confirmed that everything had gone according to plan after the op.

Throughout the whole day I didn't really experience any pain, although it was a little uncomfortable after the op in recovery, I was given some pain relief and it didn't take long to work.

So the week post op went pretty quickly after having the surgery and I had my cast removed yesterday, which was quite a relief as the nose gets a bit itchy! Apparently some patients do clean the inside of their nostrils but I wasn't too keen messing with stuff up there so I chose to leave it to the pros!

To my surprise there was less swelling than I had expected, however one side was particularly more swollen than the other, which is probably due to having my tip re-alligned, so I'm hoping once the swelling settles down there will be a little more definition in that side. Although it's too early to judge atm as it's all part of the 'process' but so far so good!

I'd just like to say thanks to this website and everybody's support! I've found the site really helpful, so I wanted to contribute to it and hopefully it might help someone else in some way!
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