26 Year Old, Rhinoplasty - a Decade in the Waiting, Finally Happening! London, GB

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My large nose has always felt far too LARGE for my...

My large nose has always felt far too LARGE for my petite frame - dominating and looming over my other features like some mad nasal dictator!

I've tried it all - from continuous contouring to shameless photoshopping - but in the pursuit of a more permanent solution 2 months ago I decided enough was enough.

After weeks of research, much of it thanks to Realself and RateMDs.com, I chose Dr Julian De Silva. His dedication to the natural look, use of innovative procedures and his artistic flair made me keen to find out more. So, I booked a consultation.

I remember sitting in the waiting room feeling incredibly nervous, awkward and vulnerable (v. unlike me)... "what was I supposed to say?" "what if the doctor says nothing can be done?" "arghhhhh"

But the minute I spoke with Dr De Silva he put me as ease, his calm nature and reassuring non-judgemental manner filled me with confidence.

To my consultation I took along photos of myself where I had contoured my nose with make-up. Dr De Silva and I discussed what could be done and after examining my nose and listening to my requests he gave me an estimated 90% improvement! I was thrilled.

My main fear at this point was that Dr De Silva uses twilight sedation rather than GA. But after listening to the benefits and watching videos of his other happy patients talking about their experience of the operation I feel okay about this now.

SO! I have booked the procedure for the 26th of February!!! I CANNOT believe this is happening - it all feels very surreal.

I have my pre-op appointment this Thursday (28th January) and I am determined to take along solid visual representations of what I am after (my controlling, perfectionist nature showing itself!)

I have spent many an hour these past 2 weeks on discoverbeauty.com manipulating photos - which I've added - and I am now getting very EXCITED!

If anyone has any advice at this point I'd love to know! And I shall update you all after my pre-op!

Pre-op done - 12 days to go!

12 days to go and it' starting to feel very real now.

I had my pre-op appointment with Dr De Silva a couple of weeks ago - this time I took the opportunity to really speak with him regarding the details. As he was last time Dr De Silva was gentle, calm and realistic. I explained to him my touched up photos were the IDEAL but that I understood the limitations.
We discussed the following changes:
- alar base reduction to improve facial proportions
- narrow bridge
- reduce hump; go from convex (pollybeak) to slightly concave (curved) profile
- refine tip and thin skin here to increase definition

I have emailed Dr De Silva today with my final "dream" pictures and my final lingering questions (mainly around post-op scarring)...it's taken me so long to send through the FINAL pictures as I have been obsessing over them. It was certainly a relief to hit that 'send' button!

post-op recovery kit

The anticipation is killing me! To keep myself occupied I have started to put together my post-op recovery kit, so far I have collected the following:
- arnica tablets
- high dose vitamin C
- a C shaped neck cushion
- cotton buds and hydrogen peroxide
- anti-bacterial wipes
- surgical gloves (to fill with water and freeze to ice swelling)
- straws
- intensive lip balm

Is there anything I've missed out??

It's done!

It all feels very surreal at the moment - I am 2 days post op!

On the day all went well - twilight sedation was great, i couldn't believe how normal I felt almost immediately after! I've been through GA twice in the past and both times woke up vomiting and freezing!!! I would strongly recommend sedation over GA to anyone!

Dr De Silva and his team were as professional, friendly and supportive on the day as they had been throughout the entire process. After a spritz of numbing spray, some markings on my nose and a bottle of IV paracetamol I walked into theatre. Nerves - low, anticipation - through the roof.

During surgery I woke up a couple of times, honestly not as scary as it sounds, you're so out of it all I remember thinking was "go back to sleep" and I did! I didn't feel even a second of pain throughout the procedure.

It's been 2 days now and I haven't taken a single painkiller. I've had minimal bruising and just a bit of swelling to my face - feel like I've escaped quite lightly!

I know the cast can be deceptive but I am already thrilled with the shape of my profile and how neat my nostrils look!
The tip is very swollen but given the tip work done it's clearly to be expected.

I'm feeling nervous about cast off day and the swelling that will follow but I'm prepared for the short term swelling to reap the long terms results!

POD 2 photo

Front view photo - I can see a huge difference thanks to the alar base reduction and narrowing of bridge!


Here we are, POD 4!

Swelling is almost gone from around my face, there's still just a little bruising under my eyes but all in all I look and feel pretty good!

I'm so impressed with the scar lines around my nose - considering I had open rhinoplasty I think Dr De Silva has done a fantastic job.
I can't stop looking at how neat and tidy my nostrils and alar base look. But I CANNOT wait to have my cast off as it feels itchy as hell under there!

2 days to go and once it's off I'll post a picture for comparison!
The anticipation is killing me!!! I am very much looking forward to seeing my new profile and the bridge...I'll happily hold off judgement on the tip until the inevitable swelling subsides!

Swelling swelling everywhere - POD 5

Despite the swelling and the black eyes everything still looks great!

Originally (for the first 4 days) everything looked very neat - the swelling is now giving my nose a more clumsy look but it's so so early in the rhinoplasty I can't complain at all!

I've posted my first before/after comparison pictures from the front as well as a couple of side view shots from this week.

Cast comes of Friday, I CANNOT WAIT! My face needs a wash and my nose needs a scratch!

POD 6 - update

OH EM GEE - cast comes off tomorrow!

I'm very excited for it to come off but I'm also scared about what lies underneath! Weird fear all of a sudden but cold feet is a bit redundant now...

I can see that the tip and base are swollen so I'm just going to focus on the profile tomorrow - will post some more pictures once I am cast free :)

1 day since cast off

Had my cast removed yesterday! (Yay)
Having read a few experiences on here I was nervous, but I'm glad to say that it was absolutely fiiiinne!

Cast eased off gently, stitches came out with a few tugs and Dr gave me a couple of shots of cortisone (I'm still numb so again no big deal) - and we were done!

He then showed me how to tape my nose and that was that!

The swelling is (to me) very obvious but I'm already soooo happy with my nose. Dr De Silva has done an absolutely FANTASTIC job!

My profile is now hump free and smooth. From the front, it looks wide but there's a long road ahead and even despite the swelling it's made such a huge and positive difference to my overall face!

I look forward to the swelling going down!

5 months in - South Asian rhinoplasty

Thought I'd write a quick 5 month update on my rhinoplasty... And I'm thrilled to say it just gets better everyday!

There is still some swelling around the tip but I'm so very happy with the shape and how well it fits my face!

Dr De Silva really balanced out my face and while no one outside of my immediate family and best friends know that I had the procedure, (exactly as I'd hoped) everyone comments on how happy I look!
London Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr De Silva was calm, realistic and professional. I have so far only had a consultation with him, but I'm impressed and I have booked my rhinoplasty to take place 26/02/16.

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