22yrs Old, Female - Wanting Rhinoplasty with Lucion Ion - London, GB

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Ever since primary school I have been extremely...

Ever since primary school I have been extremely self aware of my nose and overtime I began to hate it more and more. So much now that I am very self conscious - especially going through my teens that it stopped me from doing things and talking to certain people. I couldn't hold a conversation without thinking "does my nose look ok from this angle, i wonder what they are thinking of it". I know this is ridiculous and to everyone else probably 90% of the time they don't even pay attention to it, but i couldn't help it - it was a thought that festered. I have been considering Rhinoplasty since i was 16 but i could never afford it and I was always to scared. In fact, part of me felt guilty about wanting to change my looks. I knew it would upset my parents. I hated the bump from my side profile and i hate the overhang from the tip of my nose when i smile at certain angles. People have often said to me that 'i looked aggressive'. I want a more feminine nose, something that reflects me, something softer. I am aware that i have a small chin and thin lips which certainly adds to the side profile and makes my nose seem bigger than it is. When I was 20 i dabbled with getting Rhinoplasty on finance and I went for a consultation with Harley Street Medical Practice in Bristol. After the 1st meeting I was very enthusiastic, the nurse was very supportive and I felt confident it was what i wanted to do - so I booked to meet the surgeon (unfortunately I cannot remember his name!). What a waste of time and money that was! After 15mins of meeting the surgeon I left in tears. He was extremely critical of my nose and put me on edge. I had a bad gut feeling about him, he seemed so blasé like he couldn't wait to leave the consultation. He tried to draw what he was going to do with my nose but his hands were shaking the whole time and and the drawing barely even looked like a nose!!!!! I certainly wasn't going to let anyone near my face who had unsteady hands! So, I put rhinoplasty aside for a few years, after all i couldn't really afford it anyway. 2 Years down the line and I have now saved up enough for the procedure, so I started researching again. Everything I looked at seemed to lead me to Dr.Lucion Ion - although his prices were twice as much than the last surgeon i saw, i have been told they start from £8,000 - however, this is a price i am willing to pay for the right surgeon, after all, it is my face. I booked a consultation with him in London and I have had to wait a few months for an appointment. I am going to see him Thursday 28th April. Just a few days away, my nerves are growing a bit because I am worried I am going to find that he is not right for me. Its been hard allocating the annual leave off work to allow for this to go ahead and the day itself is going to cost me a lot of money. If all goes to plan I am hoping to have the procedure autumn sometime this year. I have uploaded some pictures of my nose from different angles (which i'm not comfortable with sharing!, but i appreciate it is good for people to see - has anyone had a similar nose to me and gone through Rhinoplasty? I would love to see some before and after pictures). I will update again soon after the consultation.

My Consultation

So today finally arrived! I left my house at 8am and commenced the train journeys from Bristol to London. I was in good spirits but feeling uneasy due to the tight time schedule. My appointment was at 12:25 and my train should get into London for 11am and I had to set off back to Bristol for 2pm due to commitments in the evening..... It was at that moment that I stepped on to the bath spa to Paddington train that I had a phone call saying that dr.ion is running late and could they reschedule my appointment for 2:30? My stomach dropped. I had a feeling this would happen. At the same time, I understood - I certainly wouldn't want him rushing someone else's surgery to go for a consult!! The receptionist was extremely understanding once I told her about my situation and my prebooked train tickets. She went off to speak with some managers and I promptly had a call back saying they will try their upmost to make sure I make that 2pm train, and worst case scenario, they would cover the costs. Thankfully, dr.ion managed to get back on track - so I arrived for my original appointment time! I had a million questions prepped in the run up to the consultation and I was really excited but really nervous too! Although, as soon as I got there all questions left my mind - I guess I was just overwhelmed. Dr.Ion seemed very lovely and I felt so much more relaxed and at ease in his presence than I did with Dr.Mohan (I remembered the name! Yay!) He first asked me to lie on a bed where he looked inside my nose and checked what my breathing was like. Then, he proceeded to take photographs and begun the morphs and explaining to me very well the process of everything. He was realistic and optimistic. I didnt feel forced into any decision or making ANY payments today (whereas Harley medical tried to get me to book surgery before I'd even met the surgeon!). I also mentioned that a chin augmentation had once been suggested for me - dr.ion said this wasn't that necessary it wasn't something I need. I was given a memory stick of the morphs and quotedaround £8,000 for the job. He also said his revision rate is 15% (including minor things which could be done under LA). At my other consultation, I remember leaving in tears with my self esteem even lower than normal. But, today?I actually left for Bristol feeling optimistic about everything. It's definitely a step in the right direction for me! After much thought today and discussing it with friends, family and my partner - I think I am going to finally take the plunge! But im going to sleep on it a bit first, take some more time to digest it and check out the work schedule before I rush into booking. I have uploaded a copy of my profile morph. Anybody have any constructive feedback?

Less than a month to go until the big day!

So, for a few months, i put rhinoplasty thoughts aside and focused on my life. I got lost in my holiday, work, starting a degree and now, i'm planning a wedding!

But it's crept up on me! My pre-op is only on 17th October and i have now bought my train tickets to London! My surgery is booked for 1st November. I am getting really nervous but excited at the same time! I am just PRAYING i do not get ill!, there are lots of bugs and cold and flu going about at work at the moment and it will be sods law i fall ill just before my surgery and it will have to be cancelled!
I really hope it doesn't as its taken time negotiating the time off work AND i now am getting married in the 1st may bank holiday weekend 2017 so i want as big a gap between the wedding and my surgery as possible!

Does anybody have any pre and post op tips/advice for me!?

Thanks! x

1 Day Post Op

So, I had my Pre-op on the 17th which was just a basic meeting to see if we are still on the same page and check my preparations for the op.

-humidifier (check)

-bromelain for swelling (check) 

- arnica cream and tablets (check) 

 -probiotic tablet with immune support (check) 

 -neck support (check) 

All good to go! In the last two weeks running up to the appointment nerves started to kick in and I did almost start to reconsider. But I held my guns and spoke to a few people who had treatment with him and I'm glad so far I went through! 

 My operation was yesterday, I arrived early at the hospital at 6:45 with both my mum and fiancé ..... which did not have an overly 'clinical' feel to it at all which really helps. I filled in some forms and I was escourted to my room. The room was lovely, a smaller size to what other people would have and also no ensuite (but I was a daycase so I presume that's why). The nurse and HCAs introduced themselves, they were all super lovely and I was given a gown, slippers and charming big see through knickers to wear! :P 

They took my bp, pulse, weight and ran through some final medical checks and put wrist bands on me. 

Then, my anaesthetist(who had emailed me Individually earlier that week) came to see me and run through some things. He knew I was nervous, it was my first time having a GA but he reassured me. 

Not long after dr.ion came up to my room to check I was ok and run through my photos and what we were doing again to make sure we were still on the same page. 

By 8:20 I was collected and walked down to theatre - this was it - it was finally getting real! When I got to theatre I expected it to be a team of people In there and all guns go! But it wasn't. 

It was just the guy who escourted me who prepped me up on the bed and then my anaesthetist came in. He fitted a cannula but my left vein wasn't playing ball so we swapped it to my right hand. I was waiting for him to to tell me he was going to put the ga in now and ask me to count but he didn't. He moved the bed and asked if I was ok. To which I replied "yeah I'm fine I don't feel any different" he was like "really!?" ...... that's all I remember! I was out like a light. 

I'm actually glad he done it that way as it meant I was a lot more relaxed. The next thing I know is someone waking me up really nicely. Although my first thoughts was that I had to get up and go to work and I was soooooo cozy, I was a bit bummed to be woken up. I tried to go back to sleep but she wouldn't let me, she gave me water but it was exhausting to try and focus on the room. The first thing I tried to ask about was where my mum was and I got a bit emosh! And my hand instantly went to touch my nose Haha. Once I was a bit more with it then took me up to my room and got me settled in. I was freezing so they layered me up with blankets and put the heating on. 

I wasn't in any pain. I'd honestly had periods and piercings that hurt more. It wasn't long until I reallly needed a wee , it was so soon that I didn't have any energy still but it's on the checklist to do before they discharge you! :) 

My mum and fiancé came to visit with a present for my and the staff gave me lots of ice cream and my food was ready! The food was lovely and I spent a few hours just chilling and getting my strength back. By 5pm I was discharged with a big bag of medication including a cream to clean my stitches with, a weeks worth of clexane injections, antibiotics and codedrydamole for pain relief and transamic acid. 

I felt good and could even breathe through my nose! 

However, the first night I did not sleep well as I'm not used to sleeping on my back with my head up and I can feel the bruising and swelling coming out more now on my eyes.

2 days post op

Ok so things are getting VERY uncomfortable now. I'm exhausted as I can't sleep, my eyes have almost swollen shut, my face is throbbing and my front teeth hurt,

Staying up together with my meds and using a cold compress to try get the swelling down.

3 Days Post Op

No pic today but Much improvement compared to yesterday! Swelling has almost all gone from my eyes suddenly and it's calmed down a lot, relieving pressure!

I'm hoping that was the worst of it :P

Still bunged up as I plan to have cast and packing in until 7 days post op and the tip of my nose hurts and feels tender. (You can forget about smiling/yawning-sneezing!). Where my stitch is on the septum is very red and sore so trying to just keep it clean and keep an eye on it.

2 weeks post op

Sorry for being slow on the updates! Thibgd get better after day 3 and cast off day is he ultimate relief. Although I would have said that was the most painful pet but at least it is short lived!

Good to breathe again, I still had some swelling but not much. I've been sinus rinsing 3 times a day since and I had to have antibiotics for another week as my stitch site was a little infected but nothing much and seems to have all cleared.

Feeling and movement in my upper lip has returned now and pretty much in the up of my nose too but it's rock solid and still tender to the touch but not unbearable.

So in love with my new nose and happy with my results and the care I have received from dr.ion and his team! I highly recommend!

2 months post op

Here's some photos of New Years, exactly 2 months post op! I actually had some left over stitches up until the week of Christmas but I -think- they're all out now!

No ones fault it's just as the swelling is going down in time they became more visible (they're clear too!)

From time to time I get slight swelling flare ups if I get hot/upset but I've battled 2 colds in the post op period too! It's been fine!

The tip of my nose is still hard but there is movement coming back slowly and from time to time I get a sharp pain when the scar on my nose is but it's not unbearable.

Love love love it :)
London Plastic Surgeon

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