20 Year Old Female Getting Rhinoplasty!! - London, GB

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Hi guys, i'm 20 years old and have always wanted...

Hi guys,

i'm 20 years old and have always wanted Rhinoplasty. I was going to travel to America for surgery as i was recommended a surgeon over there, but after months of thinking hard, i felt although if something were to go wrong it would be hard to go out there just to get checked etc (I'm from the uk btw)! So i found and got recommended dr ion by a guy who did my friends botox! it's hard to find reviews because us english folk are more private about things like plastic surgery, so none really wants to admit to it (although i have no problem, if all goes well i'll be recommending lucian for years to come)! However what i have seen of lucians work has been amazing so I'm really looking forward to meeting him when i get my consult next month which i've paid for! eeeeek

So i want to hear your experiences and to see the physical changes through photos and i'll do the same back! Once i have the surgery ofcourse....



So i booked surgery with Lucien and now the waiting begins.

He's a super busy man, and i have to wait until the 10th of nov for my surgery but it'll be worth it! my 21st birthday is on the 26th of november so i'm hoping that some of the swelling would have gone down.. but am waiting until december to celebrate!!

I booked my 2nd consultation and the only date they had was the 4th of november... a little scary how close it'll be to my surgery date, but i hope we come to a conclusion about how my nose will look from the front. i'm extremely happy about the side profile morphe so we will see... once my morphes are perfect i will put up some pictures!!


However, i am bricking it haha!

i believe in ions ability and i trust him, at the same time im nervous about how its going to look..

plus im not that great with operations as when i was younger i had an operation (blood clot in the brain) from an accident and anything to do with going to sleep scares me shitless!! And on top of that i have ectopic heart beats... has anyone else have these? if so have you had an operation?


Hey Guys,

Soooo, i've been staring at my morphs ever since i had them done and i tweaked one ever so slightly to come up with this!! I'm booked in with lucian ion for a 2nd consult on the 4th of november and then surgery is on the 10th. - didnt know when they'd do the pre-op? do they do it at the same time?

Also i keep ringing up to discuss something with the anaesthetist as i have ectopic heart beats, and im really worried about the surgery itself more than i am about the nose?!!! ha

please let me know what you guys think!!


i zoomed in so you can see better...

12 DAYS TO GO!! Concerns....

So, i only have 12 days to go until the big op!! I'm super anxious but excited, probably the weirdest feeling in the world. I have my final consultation with Dr Ion next wednesday to go over everything and tweak a couple of things from the front view.

The things i'm worried about and didn't know if anyone could help is :

What medication am i suppose to take before the op? I thought it was just arnica tablets? and then all the others after?!

And i'm freaking out about being put to sleep, i'm worried i wont wake up eeeeeeeeek!

I trust Dr Ion, i just hope i end up with the nose (ish) i asked for!


Last Consult - 4 days to go....

Hey Guys,

So... Yesterday i had my final consultation with Lucian and i have to say, i was sooooo nervous going in. I was shaking like a leaf!! I think its because that was "decision time" and i wanted to make sure i was choosing the right nose for me. As i'm so worried that i'll be choosing something that will look out of place on my face.

Lucian was so kind and answered all my questions. I will now be having my nose broken and I FREAKED OUT when he said that... i went into panic mode inside, but he reassured me. I came out feeling so much more confident that i'm making the right decision. I'm more nervous about the operation itself than the nose. As soon as i wake up, i'll be so relieved.

Heres a close up of the front of my nose! Can't wait to not have a bulbous tip...

QUESTIONS that maybe someone can reassure me...

So i'm healthy, but i don't exactly have the best diet and i don't exercise, don't smoke or drink and i'm so worried about the aesthetic. Like FREAKING OUT haha...

Think i need a chill pill lol.


Surgery .....

So guys it's currently 3.30am and can't sleep too well so decided to write an update!!

Morning of surgery - so my operation wasn't until 3.30pm so that meant I could have a light breakfast which consisted of 4 mouthfuls of Rice Krispies because I was soo nervous and a small cup of tea. My tummy felt so fragile and I thought I was going to poo myself - TMI sorry!! But I want to write a detailed encounter so if anyone else feels like this you know it's normal. At 8.30am I set off to catch a train to London!

I got to the hospital at 1.30pm, paid my outstanding monies and filled in a form. I was then taken up to my room and had to change into my hospital gown, I must say I thought the nickers were a hat at first and had a massive giggle with my mum. - which stopped me thinking about the operation for about 20 seconds haha! The nurse came in next to weigh me, check blood pressure and temperature.. All was ok!

So then at 2.30pm Lucian came into my room to recap what he wanted to achieve and to discuss any further worries, but tbh I couldn't even think straight because my brain was all over the place, so I just nodded! Haha

Shortly following the anesthetist arrived and I was so relieved to see him, as you guys may know I suffer with ectopic heart beats (on medication for them) and the only thing I was mainly concerned about was the anesthetic! So I was reassured and he told me that as soon as I'm asleep he's controlling my heart, which put me at ease to know if my heart did go dollaly he would sort it out! Such a lovely guy his name was Mr merchant and he put me at ease, he was kind, confident and really friendly.

So it's 6.20pm and I've been pacing the room, going to the toilet every 2 seconds, lying, sitting, looking out the window, getting my mum to rub my legs, watching TV, YouTube videos etc etc... There was a long delay which was absolutely fine as I know Lucian is a perfectionist, but it made my anxiety hit the roof! I didn't know what to do with myself... My heart medication was wearing off as my ectopics were hitting me stronger as ever and I thought it was going to beat out of my chest! - which then made me panic about the operation more! I was getting hot and cold flushes, sweating like no other and thought my stomach was turning itself into a knot! I called the nurse to check my temperate as my face was super hot and it did go up to mid 37 but she wasn't worried and knew it was anxiety...

Then at 6.45 there was a knock on my door "Amy we're ready"... At which point I was so relieved the wait was over! One word of advise bring a hairtie, silly me lost it in my oversized bag and couldn't find one to put it in a ponytail, so my nurse very kindly plaited my hair for me and tied it with string! - she was very sweet!
So I said I love you to my mum, shed a couple of tears and off I went.... (I am the biggest scardy cat ever btw so a couple of tears was amazing)!! You go into an elevator which takes you into a side room to the theatre where there are a lot of nurses! At this point I started to panic as I couldn't see the anesthetist... But the anesthetist's nurse asked a few more questions and went over the consent forms etc etc and led me down on the bed.. At this point I was thinking SHIT. Lol. But my lovely hair plaiting nurse held my hand and stroked my hair, as I was crying a little! Then entered the anesthetist, he inserted the canular first time which was a miracle as normally they have about 3 attempts before they get it in - good job I'm ok with needles. By this point my nurse asked me a question and I replied 'I feel really dizzy' (like a merry drunk feeling) and that was it.... You don't even remember falling asleep...

Until I woke up in recovery room saying 'I did it' lol. I had a bit of discomfort so they gave me paracetamol and I felt so much better! Also I could and still can, breathe through my nose it's just an odd feeling when you breathe through your nose but nothing to be concerned about I think it's the splints that keep your airways wide open! - never breathed better tbh.

I think they gave me a b-blocker for my heart in surgery as I have another bandage/plaster on my other arm, so maybe my ectopics were a bit crazy after my anxiety before. But I felt in very safe hands with everyone who was in that room with me!

I returned to my room at 10pm was in recovery for a couple of hours, and was saying some weird and random stuff, was pretty out of it! Haha

I'm currently sat in bed watching TV, I had to change my gauze twice so far which I thought was pretty good going but we'll see how that goes! The only discomfort I have at the moment would be my throat is a tiny bit sore, but apart from that I'm now feeling good just a little wobbly which I think is the combination of everything!!!

I hope this is a detailed post, I wanted to be as honest as possible!! DISCLAIMER - I am a wimp and cry at everything so this is really good lol!

Much love xx

Day 1 post op -

Soooooo, I woke up.. well I didn't really sleep... But was feeling in good spirits, are some eggs benedict, drank and are like normal apart from having a numb top lip, I felt pretty good!

So at 10am I was discharged from the hospital and paid £40 on top for more medication and I was given an injection that I need for the first week! - so don't be alarmed if you have to do this, but I'm getting my nan do insert the injection cause I wouldn't be able to do it to myself.. So make sure you have some more money on you!!

I felt really good starting my day but travelling 3 hours back home made me feel super groggy and made the bleeding from my nose worse. Probably changed my gauze about 20 times today.

The worst part for me is the blood and snot that's at the back of my throat that I keep swallowingit.... It's gross and is making me feel sick. I'm officially stuffed up and cannot breathe at all through my nose waaaaaah! And now my ears keep popping.

I'm only taking paracetamol occasionally as its discomfort rather than pain. But I have to say I am feeling rather horrid today and people say day 3 is the worst so I'm dreading day 3 if this is how I feel day 1!!!!!!

My eyes are bruised already which I expected and tbh that doesn't bother me at all! It's not painful or anything!

Did anyone have loads of bleeding? I feel like it's streaming!!


Post op day 2...

Sooooo today has been hell..... Literally some people breeze through recovery and others don't and I feel like I've been run over by a lorry! My face is sore, everywhere is sore! My teeth ache, my nose is uncomfortable and there's pressure in my head! Plus my swollen eyeballs and cheeks, feel like a puffer fish!!!!!!!

I rang up Lucians office and I'm going to london tomorrow to get the splints out because both nostrils are blocked up! The bleeding has settled a bit though which is nice not to be running to the bathroom every 2 seconds.

I slept about 3 hours last night just cannot get comfy at all... I find it easier to sleep on my chair sofa! My top lip is completely numb And it feels like I have bubbles in my nose!! Weird.....

Literally I didn't think it would be this hard!! Just being uncomfortable all the time. But hey ho, I wanted this....

Hope day 3 is a little better


Feeling so sick

So I can't sleep at all, my stomach feels so sensitive. I think it's all the blood and mucus that keeps dripping down my throat. It's not fun at all. Plus the pressure in head and face is crazy.

Honestly this better be worth it and I definitely don't want to do this again. I'm praying.

Day 3 splints out

Hey guys,

So I actually woke up not too bad today.

Travelled to london at 8.40am and there was a delay and didn't get into london until 2pm so was 2 hours late for my appointment! However Rosie (the nurse) was understanding!

So got the buggers out and had a massive blood clot stuck up one and she had to battle to get it out!!! Thought my nose was going to come off!!!! My eyes were streaming!!

I now have one nostril that's bleeding and the other that's like blood and mucus mixed together and every time I swallow some comes out! WAaaah is this normal?

I wish I researched more of the aftercare for rhinoplasty cause I'm asking my nan every two seconds "is this normal?"

I think I saw someone that I speak too on here get her cast off which was lovely to see!!! Although I look like I've been run over!!

My nose is now in the "piggy" stage!!! Perfecto lol

Please can someone tell me that what I'm experiencing is hopefully normal?

Amy x

Slept 4 hours yaaaay

I'm so relieved that I slept for 4 hours straight through yaaaay! Think I was totally exhausted from the travelling yesterday.

I woke up though with dried mucus and blood all around my nose and mouth, again is this ok? My nose is streaming constantly and I keep holding a tissue up to it but am nervous it's going to get infected. So washed it off with salt and cooled down boiling water!

I keep getting a severe shooting twinge in my nose and I'm hoping that means I'm healing? Plus my eyes and nose is super itchy!!!!

I'm feeling much better today and can stop taking half my mess which will help me not to feel so sick! My lip is coming back to life too yaaaaay!

Still looking like a hamster/pig morphed though haha!!

Swallowing blood...

So I keep swallowing blood and it's making me feel really sick, I've been trying to cough it out as it slides down my throat but it's causing pressure on my nose. Attached gross photo lol

Wanted to see if anyone else experienced blood drainage down throat 4 days post op?

I've rang Lucians office to double check to waiting to hear back from them.

Amy xx

Day 6 post op

Sooooo... Day 6 post op my best day so far!!! I'm still swollen but not too bad, my bruising had turned yellow which means it's at its final stages of healing!!

I still have some bleeding from nostril and can breathe out the other! Have minimal bleeding down my throat but I may see if I can skip my blood thinning injection tomorrow to maybe help it stop?

I get my cast off tomorrow and I'm so excited to see! I know it's going to be swollen and I'm going to look a bit piggy and strange but I'm hoping I like it!!!!

Here's a photo of today!!! Plus I finally washed my hair over the sink so feel a lot cleaner!!

Amy x


So cast came off today, I know I tried to mentally prepare myself for the "miss piggy" stage but I really wasn't.. I was totally shocked and for a second I thought what have I done! But now I'm looking at it I can see hopefully the shape it's going to settle down to.. And the tip is holding a lot of swelling... But finally the cast is off..

I still have bleeding from my nose and down my throat, poor Rosie. I coughed up the biggest blood clot from my nose and spat it out!! They've given me 2 weeks worth of anti-biotics cause they're worried could be a bit of an infection.. Which is fine would rather be safe than sorry!!

But hope these next few weeks go quick!


It's cute and fat

It's gotten more swollen but I actually like it haha! Weird....

Nasal rinse!!

So tonight I started my nasal rinse and what an experience!!!! Haha it would go nicely up one way but then wouldn't the other way! Has anyone had this? I'm thinking maybe it's a clot in the way?

Also talk about nearly drowning yourself....

And feels like there could be some still up there even though I did lightly breathe out / blow!

Loving the shape...

So far Lucian has exceeded all expectations, I'm loving my new nose even if it is still swollen from the front!

I'm only 10days post and so far so good with swelling... I'm waiting for that morning I wake up and it's going to look massive! But he's a genius, don't now how he got rid of my bulbous tip!


Another quick update, the only thing thats concerning me is that i normally have oily skin and am prone to get the occasional spot but i'm religious with my skin routine!! But after surgery i have so many pimples, spots, blackheads and really oily skin everywhere!! - even if i wash my face within minutes its oily again. To touch the skin it feels dry/flakey and the spots feel like scabs with a layer of oil coating them!! - weird??

I feel like i'm back at school with acne!! - The spots on my forehead were quite itchy at first and sore which i didn't know if that could be an allergic reaction to maybe some medication? i was on a lot the first week.

Has anyone else suffered with really oily skin? I thought it would just be my nose that would be oily etc... when will it start to settle? - it's my birthday next week!

And when can i start getting the blackheads out from my nose? i'm too scared to touch it at the moment!

Amy x

Biggest blood clots!!!!!!

I swear I've had a really rough recovery but nothing prepared me for this...

I went back to work this morning, I'm a makeup artist and had a wedding booked in that I couldn't cancel just because of my operation, so my mum carried my suitcase and box for me so I didn't have to lift anything super heavy... Anyway, I was drinking loads because I felt things kept going down the back of my throat.... Was gross but I just ploughed through...
It wasn't until I got in the car to go home that I took a look and well... At the back of my throat coming down was the biggest dark blood clots I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely massive and had about 4 big ones come down one after the other.... Was so scary and thought I was going to choke it was that big!!!!

I rang up Lucian bless him on a Saturday!!!! - and he spoke with me for a bit and reassured me that it's old blood and to let him know if I have any more...

Did anyone else have clots? I'm literally now so scared I'll have more :( xxx

Infection at the top of my nostril

So I'm 2 weeks post op and have a tiny infection at the top of my right nostril inside... It has been really sore, so I boiled some water and added salt and thought I'd give it a little clean on the inside of my nostril... I smelt something really funky and my bud was covered in green yukkky puss...

I honestly am having such a hard recovering, I wish it was simpler :( has anyone else had an infection?

I Sent photos to Lucian and hopefully can start these antibiotics...

Will attach a photo.. SORRY GRAPHIC !!!!!!!

Amy x


Hey guys,

I thought after my rhinoplasty I'll have this new found confidence and instead I'm even more down than before! It has nothing to do with the fact I hate my nose, because I love it!!! - I have just had a massive breakout!!! And I have had perfect skin for 5 years since leaving school and I'm so upset. My birthday was just ruined because I cried all day.

Has anyone else experienced acne break out after rhinoplasty? I'm going to go to the doctors on Monday to see if they can prescribe me something.

Amy x

3 weeks post op update

Sooooooo, the swelling is going down day by day and I'm loving my nose more and more.. Sometimes it's super swollen and I'm like holy crap haha! But that's all part of it.

My skin is just getting worse, and my friends mum who worked in medicine and is a doctor looked at the skin, down my arms, on my shoulders and my face and said it looks more like a reaction as I have small pimple like bumps under the skin and then massive sore big spots in some areas. Plus my head is itchy and my brows! So I've stopped taking the pencillen as could be that? But I rang up my local doctors and made an appointment but the doctors actually cancelled my appointment as I was driving into the clinic and told me 'he had more important patients to see'....

Which led me to burst out crying. My job is makeup and I can't wear it because it makes my skin worse..... I can't sell people skin care if my skin looks like this. It's awful and is making me super depressed (I don't care if people think I'm being vain) but it's my job. I travel around the UK doing various different clients. And I post daily blogs about my makeup looks and I can't even do that. I have a massive seminar tomorrow and I'm going looking like I've been attacked by my 14 year old self!

How long do I have to tape the nose at night? As my nose is covered in whiteheads and blackheads it's really gross...

Amy x

Skin is AWFUL

I absolutely LOVE my nose. Like LOVE! lol

But my skin is absolutely AWFUL... i went to see a dermatologist last week and he had a good look at my back, arms and face and said its acne. My family has a history of acne when going through puberty and although i had pimples i never had acne. But now i do. So he's given me cream which isnt working so far and i have to go back in a couple of months before he can give me roaccutane (known as accutane in us)!

I had the mirena fitted 6 months ago and i honestly believe its that, so hopefully i can get that removed this week and see what happens then.

I havent been able to work as my work for companies as i promote "skincare" brands and they dont want to work with someone who has acne.

I have never felt so about my appearance. I thought i hated my nose but i hate my skin even more.

In love with my nose!

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a while! I've been so busy! I absolutely love my nose, I don't think it's too swollen, mainly the tip from my side profile! But I hope it doesn't change too much as I love it!!!

Please excuse these photos being so posey theyre for my blogging!

I'm now on roaccutane for my skin which I think is helping my swelling!!

So, I'm still doing my sinus rinses although I had a cold and I thought my nose was actually going to fall off because I was blowing it loads. The skin on the tip of my nose is a little strange my foundation won't stick to it properly not sure if that's because of the swelling? It's still really tender sometimes I wake myself up where my nose is pressing on the pillow, plus I keep catching it on my hand or clothes and still tender but nothing too painful. Just hope it hasn't been damaged!

But 7 weeks post of and am loving it. Does it change loads from now until the 1 year? Because I love it! It's so cute!

4 months on post op!

Hey guys,

I'm so so sorry it's taken me forever to post but I've been trying to sort out my skin (which is now clear thank you to roaccutane) but I've been taking on life with my new snout! And I love love love it!!!!!!

By all means it's not absolutely perfect yet which is unrealistic to think that can happen so quick but it's bloody close!!! I still have swelling, Lucian did mention a steroid injection for the next time I go and see him, but I'm unsure?

The only thing is that my right nostril is almost constantly runny, when I eat, even slightly cold, exercising, etc.... Is anyone else experiencing this?

Sorry my photos are so posey I blog and they're the only ones I take haha
Lucian is honestly a genius.

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