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I have wanted rhinoplasty for as long as I can...

I have wanted rhinoplasty for as long as I can remember, and have been planning it since I was around the age of 11. Although many say my nose is not that bad now (I think because my face has grown into it), I still hold a lot of the hate I had for it through my childhood and teenage years, and can't bare to see myself in photographs or on camera which is a massive issue as I want to be an actress.
I decided to book consultations with Dr Rajan Uppal and Dr Lucian Ion just before summer 2015. My father, who is a doctor, did most of the research and believed that these two were the best.
My first consultation with Dr Uppal was great and I was sure that I would go with him, but in comparison to Dr Ion he just didn't have that professional edge and composure that I wanted, and Dr Ion had my trust from the moment I walked in the room!
I have had several morphs and three consultations and my surgery is now booked for the 24th November in a weeks time! Hoping everything will run smoothly!!!


Today was the day! I arrived at hospital at 11am and got taken into surgery at about 2pm. I actually was sleeping when mr ion came to get me so was a bit dazed!
Got taken down to the operating room, and the next thing I know I woke up compleeeeeetely out of it in recovery! Very strange experience! Feeling in such high spirits mr ion has seen me a couple of times since my opp and looks so pleased that I feel really excited about it. He said it went very well!!!
So far my gauze has been changed quite a few times but this hasn't phased me as I understand that blood is sort of a given. Not so much pain and can surprisingly breathe through my nose! The needle in my arm is actually hurting more than my face at the moment aha.

Let me know if you guys have any questions,
Loads of love

Morning after!!!

Had an amazing dinner last night, and got to press a button every time I wanted sorbet! This is the life!!!!
I went to sleep at about 10pm but because you have to sit upright it was quite difficult to get comfy. I drifted in and out and people were checking my blood pressure throughout the night but I don't feel too tired this morning which is good. I didn't bleed much in the night so the nurse removed my gauze when she came in to give me my dose of painkillers this morning. I can't believe the result even with the cast on! My nose doesn't hang down when I smile any more I am completely over the moon!
I'll keep you updated with everything that's going on but so far so good!

Swelling in its full glory!

So my swelling journey has begun and hasn't stopped! My bruising however is quite faint. Slept well through the night and have woken up quite contested but feeling fabulous as always. Any questions please feel free to ask :)

Anyone else had stinging at the point of incision?!

I've had a lot of stinging pain coming from where my stitches are and on the inside of the bottom of my nostrils. Also a clear fluid leaks out occasionally, sometimes it is yellowish? Is this something to be worried about? help!!!

High spirits (day 5)

Feeling great today, gonna go out and do some Christmas shopping seeing as I've been sitting on sofas for what seems like forever! Tried to cut some of the tape from my cheeks today as it was getting very very sticky and my dad managed to cut my face by accident! Not okay! Cast off in 2 days can't wait!

Cast off!!!!!

Cast came off today - my god it was painful, my eyes streamed so much. My nurse, Rosie, was so lovely and calm about the whole thing. But it did really hurt! The splints coming out was such a weird sensation ew so much stuff came out my nose!!!!
Had a little weep when I saw it for the first time I must say, I'm so happy with it, face and nose are very swollen at the moment but I'm still happy with it!!!!
Any questions please ask!

One day post cast removal

Put on some makeup and went out today! Nose and face are still very swollen but love it all the same. The skin on my nose is so oily, and a layer of skin is peeling off - yum!!

4 weeks post opp

Bit up and down at the moment! Some days I love it and some days I love it less. Not sure how different it is but would love opinions !

Nearly 6 weeks post opp!

Went for my 1 month catch up with mr ion and got steroid injections in the tip of my nose which were a little bit painful but seem to of worked well! I also got steroid sinus spray for the swelling inside my nose :) ask questions just ask

3 months post opp!!!

Any questions please ask :)

Ever changing nose!!

For those of you who think that a couple of months post opp will be more or less the final result, this is the difference between my nose before the first lot of steroid injections and second lot. They were about a month apart. I thought I preferred my nose when the cast had just been taken off to how it looked 2 months later, but now I see that the swelling reeeaaaaaallly skewed my vision of my whole nose and it really does take patience to see the definition and in my case slight upturned neatness that you want!!!
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