My New Journey Begun on Feb 19th 2014......and I'm loving it..... - Loganville, GA

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I am 5'3" and 173 job right now does not...

I am 5'3" and 173 job right now does not allow me much time to get exercise in. I walk 1 mile in morning to work and 1 mile in evening from work. but i need to lose some extra weight my from midesection asap. I would like to reach a target weight of 150 before my surgery is scheduled... I do not want to be any less than that in weight..

I am new to the site and was encourage to right a blog by Great2BMe, so i decided to go for it.
I am 38 years of age with 3 beautiful children ages 20,13, and 3. I am married with a very supportive and wonderful husband, who also supports my decision in wanting and going through with a tummy tuck.
We have decided that we do not want anymore children and I do want my body back at this stage of my I have been so disgusted with my tummy for many years now, I had considered it several years ago but my husband and I was also newly married and was waiting until after we have a child. It has been three years since the birth of our son and I am finally going to be able to achieve this dream that i have been waiting for a long time now.
I am currently trying to lose some extra pounds that i would like to shed before having the tummy done tuck. I was 184lbs before and currently down to 173lbs. I have simply changed my eating by cutting a lot of carbs, portion control and only water. My weight is mainly in my midsection and my body is well proportioned all over. I am solid and thick not skinny at all, however i cant seem to lose my hanging pouch and rounded upper belly. I am looking for any suggestions in helping me lose some extra weight, so that my stomach can hang a little more loosely to achieve a better tummy tuck result.
I am planning on using DR.DAVOUDI , so any whao has used him please feel to contact me so that i can have some more insight on his practice and your personal opinions.
For those who are just starting their journey like myself, I wish you all the best and for those who are going through it, good luck and best wishes for a healthy and safe healing process and for those who already gone through it happy maintenance!!!

171 lbs and counting!!!!!!!!!!!

Just an update I have lost another 2 pounds with the same changes which are ,portion control, minimal carbs and tons of water daily... It has been not that bad except for every now and again I feel for something sweet and especially this week at that time of the month the sweet craving begins.. I do take with me some sugar free hard candy or i will drink about 4 oz of fruit juice to break up the monotony of getting bored of the water.
I used a Mc David neoprene waist belt which i got off Amazon for $13 and even though i am limited to the time i have to exercise i am able to sweat in the morning around my midsection for my one mile walk to work and at night for the same. My walk takes about 15-18 mins but i was surprise i was able to sweat in that period of time.. So hooray to the belt.

I will start checking on my inches now that my weight loss is on target and consistently decreasing. I do take a daily CLA vitamin called AbCuts it is suppose to aid in decreasing belly fat from the midsection, thigh and butt area. In another weeks or so i will attempt to start juicing for atleast one of my meals or doing a protein replacement shake. But i will keep you all updated. I have lost 6 inches last year with a breakfast that i got from Dr. Oz show and taking CLA and pure green coffee bean extract, but i am unable to it now again due to work. I have limited access to the outside world right now, but will start again once i am back home. It did work for me!!! and my then employer..
Get well wishes to everyone recovering and keep on the journey diligently for those like myself who are on the journey to a new body.. Till next take...take care Triana876

Oh My Gosh! Brownie Desert temptation

Well, the weekend is over I have yet to weigh in the last few days, I am sure i did not loose anything as i went out to dinner friday night at O'Charley's with my husband and baby. I ate ok, my portion was ok, i hate half of my dinner and save the other for the following day however, i ordered a brownie with vanilla ice cream with which i share with hubby and baby but i ate it late friday night, was sinful but i know i may pay the price on the scale... i was travelling and running around all day so i did not get my allotted amount of water intake in for the day, that was a bummer and it was the same on saturday and sunday so i think i may have a slight weight gain, we will see in the morning when i get on the scale.. Will keep u all posted.

Brownie Tempation weight update

Well, I did go up 1 lb from my weekend of running around and not eating right. However i am back on track and doing well. I have lost another pound thus far bringing me to 170 lbs as of today 10/26/13. I am seriously trying to stay on the loosing weight side till i have my surgery. I have at least half of my money saved to date from the last quote i got so hopefully so hopefully when i am finish working and head back home for another consult the price has not gone up but hopefully will go down. That would be really great, but by now and Christmas i am trying to save every penny i can for this surgery. I would have had the surgery money already but i am paying off my credit cards too as i go along. I dint want to have much bills to pay after my surgery..
I am currently trying to find a friend to come and stay with me to help after my surgery. Howfully what i am trying to do will work for her so i can get the need help at that time. I didnt think it was so much to have TT and recovery stage but from all these ladies on realself, it sure is a long but rewarding journey.. Just tryin to prepare myself mentally and physically...
safe and happy healing to you all on your flat side journey

Consult date with Dr.Davoudi for mid December.. Yeahhh

Well, I found out when i'm going to finish working my case and it will be in mid December, so i will be heading home and will be able to do another more recent consult with Dr. Davoudi. I am so looking forward to this appointment. I am gonna make sure i have all my questions written down so, for those of you who have already gone through this please forward your questions to me that you think are of utmost importance that i should know before venturing on this journey to the flat side. Maybe so of you ladies forgot to ask that one question that you think was critical please let me know. Would love to be really prepared. I am prepared mentally i think because i have some medical background and dealing with caring for patients, so i know what to expect, but I know no one who has ever done this or any kind of plastic surgery so this is unfamiliar territory i am venturing into.
If all goes well at that appointment I am still 100% comfortable with him, I will pay for my surgery and make my date asap. I am hoping for a surgery date of February or March 2014 so that by my birthday in July I my scar should be healed and I will definitely have a NEW FLAT SEXY TUMMY in progress...LOL....Can't wait Ladies..

Weight loss is slow...

weight loss is slow , but i am still be cautious on what i eat and how i eat. I am doing a few challenges trying to tone and get the rest of the body in shape so that it would match or be a close fit when i get the new tummy. I am still at 170 lbs but my thigh are starting to look define. i am getting excited with the results from all the squats. As of tomorrow i will be starting a different dietary approach, which includes substituting 1-2 meals with a Boost shake and a sensible meal for dinner. Trying to maintain a low carb/ high protein eating plan. Trying to revamp the program to continue my weight loss..

Happy Thanksgiving

Nothing much to report here ,I am at work all day til 10pm, trying to make sure i will be able to be on the flat side with you all. I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving holiday to you all and your family. Stay well, happy healing and hope to join you all in a few months. Let me know how you guys did at your thanks giving with all the food and family around.. lol

Had my consult 12/19 and paid my deposit

Well ladies, i am on my way and no turning back. I had my consult yesterday with Dr. Davoudi and as always just as wonderful as he can be, makes you feel so darn comfy its ridiculous. I was hoping i could do it next week the way he makes you so comfy with him. My husband was with me and for a minute there i thought it was his appointment, LOL.. They were chatting away about SOCCER and the upcoming world cup. LOL.. My husband likes him too and says he is comfortable with him.

I have paid my deposit and set my date for FEB 19th,2014 two months exactly from the date as i am going overseas to visit my grandma before I have surgery as i promised her i would visit by the new year, so i will go do that and return to focus on my healing and self afterwards. I am so excited i cant believe the real journey begins now...

Pre- Op Appt excited!

Well RS ladies, Im back from overseas and having my pre-op appointment in one day. I cant wait. Getting real excited and i will be finishing up my supplies shopping this week. I had a great time visiting my family in Jamaica and is ready to embark on my NEW ME journey.

So approximately 2weeks before I cross over to the flat side with all you lovely ladies already there and then i will be waiting for all the other lovely ladies to cross over eventually one by one. you guys are all progressing so well, loved all the result and updates i've read. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me to make things easier for myself who is following behind and the many other ladies like myself who will eventually follow. I truly appreciate all the detailed updates..

Thanks realself
Have a great day...

Pre-op day....went well

Had my pre-op appt today,went well. Still happy with my choice of PS, very very comfortable with him and his staff. Did all my labs today and got my scripts that need to be filled for surgery. I am soooo excited and anxious to have my new body, its crazy. I am not nervous, i must say, just curious as to what my final result will be like. I do think that i am in very capable hands.

supplies shopping starts tomorrow...

Few more days before i start my liquid diet..........

well, well well.. its almost time for my liquid diet that I have to start on the 12th of this month. I have ordered my muscle milk and bought plenty salmon, tilapia and spinach for my dinner. I have bought all my supplies for the surgery and I am cooking already for my post op meals. I have made chicken soup and beef soups as I am not a fan of the can soup we have here in America. I love my homemade Jamaican soups only. I will be packaging the soups and freezing them.

The only issue i am having right now is where i will be sleeping. I love being in my bedroom but if i am at home by myself everything is downstairs if i need to eat. I know i'll be more opt to drive myself crazy if i am downstairs in the recliner as it is not my room and that is where my husband normally takes up domain and I really really love relaxing in my room. not sure what i will do yet...
I have cleaned and dust everywhere in the house and will be tackling all bill this weeks making sure they are paid and everything is done before surgery date.

will post more recent pics soon just before surgery
take care yall...

Day One of my liquid diet..

Today is day one of my liquid diet, I weighed myself this morning and I weighed in at 171.2lbs. So far so good. It doesn't taste as bad as I thought. I did not get to buy my Activia as i went to Sam's and they only have the regular ones and not the Activia light. I am looking for the light as it has less sugar. I will have to wait until this ice melts to go out on the road to Walmart to get them. I hope i can get through the next six days on this diet. I am optimistic though!.

Day 4- Liquid Diet

i am doinng great i must say on this liquid diet. i enjoy the shakes but my only problems is at times i forget to drink as i have programmed myself to not eat so i sometimes forget to drink water. i get the 8 servings of shakes in but i dont get alot if water in so my weight loss is not at maximum loss, i am at about 1lbs per day, however today i am making a conscious effort to maximize my water intake. I have loss 4 lbs in 3 days thus far. Yesterday for Valentines day i did however make hubby Valentine's dinner of jerk chicken breast stuffed with spinach, jalepeno sausage and bacon with sauteed onions, peppers, mozza and cheddar shredded cheese, mashed potatoes & gravy and coleslaw. I had a regular grilled jerk chicken breast and steamed spinach with water. I was okay with that. i have had activia light yogurt once a day and 1-2 sugar free jello a day also. I just have to increase my water intake . Tomorrow i start my smooth move tea at night in addition to all i am doing now, however that i think will be my biggest hurdle as i do not drink tea at all and it will be without any sweetener. I have to reprogram myself for that tomorrow. lol. I wish i knew of this diet before now i would have been doing it on and off to get rid of a few excess pounds in advance.
I am soooo excited for my surgery I cant contain myself. I am sooo ready! I have talked about this for years and finally i am almost there. I just hope and pray that i get through to the date of surgery and afetrwards without any complications and a safe recovery. I am sooo ready for the improved Triana...

Day 6- liquid diet

I did well yesterday, weighed myself this morning i am at 165.8 lbs. Last night was my first night of the smooth move tea, i actually did it. It was hard to drink only because i do not like tea but it was'nt as bad as i thought. I have not had any cramping with it or anything. I drank 6 bottles of water in addition to my 64oz of MML. I am aiming for 8 bottle of water today, we'll see!.
I am still excited about surgery on Wednesday, not nervous at all atleast not yet. I guess with wanting this so long i cant wait to see my bang belly finally not there infront of me anymore.

Today start the daily cleansing of the body with Lever 2000 soap and Betasept antibacterial. I cannot use lotion, deodorant or anything on my body. This is the part i am scared about really. My skin get very dry in winter so after showers I oil and lotion my body so that I don't look like a scaly fish. I hate when my skin feel like it is cracking especially on my back. Its very uncomfortable for me.
Well RS friends, I am almost there!..

Happy healing to all before me, wish my safe, healthy and speedy recovery and safe journey for all those planning and moving forward to get to this point..
Looking for to seeing you all get want you want.
have a great day!

Tomorrow is the day..........

well, this is the last day of my liquid diet and it almost ever ,thank god. i did good, i must say. i am very excited and cant wait til the morning. So ladies see you on the flat side soon. Say a prayer for me as I go in for surgery in the morning. Will keep you guys posted as soon as i able to do so.

Hello Ladies............I am home and recovery safely on the flat side.

well as you all know that you can barely keep you eyes open when on these meds, but i just want to let you all know that i was doing okay and recovery safely. I am home with my hubby and 20 yr old daughter and my friends is coming from Jamaica today to help me through the remainder of this journey.
well i have a few problems, I can hardly eat no appetite for anything and on top of all that I have excruciating heartburn from the binder being so darn tight. I had to loosen it a bit in order to urinate as i would sit there on the toilet for at least 3-5 minutes before i start a little trickling of urine. I loosen a tad bit and now i can urinate freely, but the heartburn is killing me, it more a chest pain that acidic reflux. i can take it. I cant even drink water without getting it .
my hubby says that i look skinny and that my arse looks bigger that i may need a butt reduction. lol
Anyway, i will post a few pics of before surgery, in my binder and when i change my belly button gauze. will keep u all posted again asap. i'm sleepy'

first pics before and after

My most recent pics ..............

Well RS ladies, this is the new me. I am enjoying it, but the darn Binder is a pain in the ass. It is killing my back and rib cage. I am so sore, but everything is is coming along quite fine. As far as i can see I am loving the new me, as I have always said that as long as i can have my clothes fitting nicely without any over hang from my tees or pants, i will be very happy. I am truly happy right now and this is with all the swelling and binder so it can only get better from here out.
I am hoping that my drain/drains will be out sometime this week. The fluid accumulation seem to be decreasing. I can hardly eat much either which is great. Appetite is good but i am limited to the intake amount, very limited and small portions.
i have been sleeping in my bed since i got home from the hospital, in a semi sitting position. I am doing just fine with sleeping. I am walking around a lot upstairs since i have been home (no climbing stairs).
My stretch marks are almost all gone only a few left which are now in my pubic region. My skin creases, however my PS states they will start to decrease around 6-8 weeks. My incision is very low.
I am hanging in there and just hoping for the best with the rest of this healing process.
Will keep you all posted ladies and please keep me posted on ur progresses.

Today- 1 week post op... WOW!

i am feeling great, lots more energy for the past few days as i have stopped taken the narcotics pain meds and have only been doing Tylenol-non aspirin 2x a day and a muscle relaxer for my lower back pain. i take a nap once a day and thats it.
My binder is still a pain in the ass as it still rides up. I think with the output of drainage i have I should be getting them both taken out tomorrow, which will be great. I can shower then and start moving around more normal. Cant wait!.
My creases seems to be decreasing I think, hopefully its not my eyes or mind playing tricks on I remember when i was a teenager and had a small waist like i have now, feels so damn good.. but i am loving my body now more and it is more mature and thicker. This tummy tuck sure makes me feel soooo much sexier already and i haven't even tried on one outfit yet..

Well RS hons, happy healing to all and safe journey to the flat side to those venturing on over.
I am loving it here!........

One Drain removed today

I had one drain removed today from my appt, they were draining below the required limit of fluid to have them both taken out but my doctor do not recommend talking them out at the same time. He prefers to do one them watch to see if the fluid volume increase or remains the same in the remanding one before taken it out t prevent seromas. It was great taking one out, i felt more human today, so I have to call and let then know on Monday morn if the fluid is still 30ml or less, if so i go on Monday to remove the other drain. Then in the CG i go.
I feel so good on a scale of 1-10 my pain level was only about a 2, just back aches from binder mostly...This is better that i though it would be as far as my recovery. Thankfully and hope it stays smooth sailing all the way.

Had a great weekend!

I wore a CG this weekend as i wanted to go out with hubby and son to chuck e cheeses. I still have one drain in though. i wore a tight and sweater top and it looked perfect! Sorry i didn't take a pic, I was too focused on going and getting back home before my back started killing me. I looked great in my clothes, no lumps on my side or bumps in front of me. I felt great for the first time going out in many years without second guessing my outfit. It was an AMAZING feeling!!!!!!!!!!!
I was feeling great yesterday Sunday, I helped with laundry and grilled dinner for the first time since surgery. It was great, the weather was perfect. It was 71 degrees and i enjoyed every minute of it. I was sitting outside for hours watching the baby play on his swing, playing soccer and just having a ball.
My second drain should be coming out either today or tomorrow, called my results in this morning and waiting for the nurse to call back as to when i can come into the office to have it removed. My drains for Saturday was a lil over the required amount but Sunday was back down to the removal amount, so i should be through with this drain no later than tomorrow...
My only hope is that underneath this surgical tape the incison is healing well and no complications. How the scar looks is a concern but not too much, i am more concern about how i feel in my clothes cuz its only my husband who is seeing me naked and he loved me with my big belly so i know with this mid section improvement he loves me the same and thinks im even hotter binder, drains and all.

A few pics of my TT incision and the creases

I love the incision being low and my belly button location. The creases are there, yes i wish they werent but i was told by other RS ladies that have used my PS and also from my PS that the creases will decrease at around 6-8 weeks. I am hoping it does as it would make my TT so much nicer, however i have come to terms that even if it doesn't go away completely I am and will be so much happier just having the TT done and my big bang belly gone. My husband and myself are the only two people seeing me naked so I am okay with that. My appearance in my clothes is soo much more important and it makes me feel so good knowing i do not have the dreaded big bulge in my clothes.

Second drain gone........whewww

yesterday i had my second/final drain removed. There was no pain from the drains being removed. I also had the tape removed from my incision, however that i did not like as my skin is very sensitive and the tape took some of my skin off leaving a couple area above the incision a bit raw, but the good thing is that the incision is not open. (It made the area looked blistered and then taking the tape off left it raw) but I guess things happened and everyone is different.
I took a shower as soon as i got home from the doctor and started on my dressing as i want this to heal quickly and properly. I have to do my dressing and belly button 2x daily with bacitracin. My first shower was divine, however the longer i stayed in the tighter my back got. It was great to feel the water running all over my body. I was finally able to oil my entire body and start getting rid of my dry flaky skin YUCK!. I was so dry on my legs it was ridiculous... I will be able to venture out tomorrow to get a pedicure as my feet are in dire need of a foot massage and meticulous cleaning.

I go back to doctor tomorrow to have some of the stitches removed from the incision and belly button. My skin takes a while to heal so i am curious to see how this incision/belly button will heal. I pray that it does well with minimal problems. I am gonna get back on that muscle milk high protein shake again. I cant even eat much, i get so darn full so easily. A few bites or sips of anything and I feel like i am going to burst open. I had 2 lamb chop and 6 asparagus and i was full. My chops were so good i wanted more but i could even take a another bite. I could eat the entire bundle of asparagus myself, i just love it, but i couldn't. That was upsetting but good at the same time LOL...

Total pounds taken off from TT

The total pounds taken off was 3.5 lbs and 200 ml lipo from my flanks. My PS states that i didnt need much lipo at all. I had no lipo to back or lower back at all.

Still have some healing to do.........One month Post-op

Good Morning RS ladies: I am one month and two days today. I have healing slowly but surely. I also want to say that I am loving and enjoying my results 100% as my before and after speaks volume for itself. I am loving my new shape and tummy and could'nt be more happier in my own skin and clothes. Its amazing feeling that you get from this accomplishment of having a TT done. Wow!!!!
I am now weighing in at 158 lbs, I am not looking to lose any weight but I am losing whether i try or not as my portion size as decreased and i am watching what i eat more closely. I consider my tummy flat, if it gets flatter after swelling stops then that's a bonus. With swelling and all my measurements are as follows:
Bust- 36 in
Waist- 30 in
Hip- 43 in

My incision is healing slowly but surely. I had some stretch marks that was above my belly button prior to surgery and we ladies all know the stretch marks leaves the skin very thin, so with the marks being brought loweer in my pubic region and the incision coupled with the fact that my skin was sensitive to the sterri surgical tape it did peel the top layer of the skin off in the pubic area above the incision and gave me little blister and its now an open wound which i am dressing 2x a day. it is healing but slowly. I do have very sensitive skin and heals from a simple scrape much longer than the average person. I do not smoke or drink and never did, neither do i have keloid skin but my sensitivity is making my healing much longer. So for all you ladies who are planning on having a TT, if your skin is sensitive as mine or keloids please let your surgeon know and you should also prepare your self mentally just in case you have a little setback like mine. I have accepted my situation and is completely happy still so it doesn't bother me to be doing wound care as i know it will heal eventually. My PS has also assured me that if anything needs fixing after it is all healed he will do so. I am confident and trust his word on his commitment to me as a client. Other than that the rest of my incision has healed properly and the creases are decreasing slowly over time.
I love looking at myself in my clothes now WOW! LOL . All my friends and family who has seen me or seen a pic says I look great....

My 6th anniversary will be in 3wks and I cant wait to wear a nice little dress and not worry about my stomach like i did last year. I tried on a dress a last year and bought it but never wore i so i tried it on yesterday. It looked amazing on me. Will post so u all can see.

Ladies, have a great day, safe journey everyone and safe and happy healing ... All the best on this new path we are all venturing on. Its an amazing experience and I dont regret a minute of it..

Much Love Ladies.....

Pics of Wounds ...............

Here are some pics of my open areas that i am doing wound care for due to sensitivity of tape and stretch marked areas. I am currently using Silvadene Cream to dress wounds with non adherent gauze pads 2x a day. It may look bad to those of you who are not familiar with nursing, however it looks great and is healing slowly but surely. I have seen and dressed much worse wounds than this that has healed in nursing so i am very confident with the treatment i am doing and the progress so far. But ladies if you have or think you may have sensitive skin please let ur PS know. If you cannot use regular bandaid on ur skin without it peeling of the top layer of ur skin or leaving a mark you have sensitive skin like me. The tape used on ur incision after surgery may or cannot be avoided but how u care for ur incision and ur skin is key afterwards. Be very careful, use gloves and be very clean if you are dressing a wound to avoid an infection. If anyone every feel the need to talk to me please inbox if you wish to have a more private response on any questions need asking. It is not painful to dress at all. I am not taking any pain medication at all since after 3 weeks so i am doin great, neither i am having any more back aches in lower back so i have not taken any musle relaxer either....

Life is back to normal - despite wounds

Hi Everyone
It’s been a little while. I wrote and entire review last week and the darn thing were submitting forever and never upload at all so i lost all i had to say. I was too frustrated so i didn’t redo immediately. So here i am attempting again, hopefully this works today.
I am able to sleep on my sides totally and have gotten rid of a few of the pillows from under my head but I still do sleep with atleast three. I normally sleep with two before surgery so I am almost there.
I switch CG’s often as I am trying to stay comfortable so I do have some cheaper ones that I sleep in at night so as to not feel so restricted while sleeping. Also I have easier access to the bathroom at night if I need to go. Lol My wounds are healing slowly if anyone has any suggestions or wounds similar to that of mine and can give any advice I do welcome it.
I’m loving my new shape overall. I have tried on every pair of jean i had in my closet today to see which fits and which don’t. I have a lot that now fits perfect and a few (about 8) that’s in the lose 5 lbs. pile and it will fit perfect afterwards. So now I don’t have to try on each pant before I go out. I know all that is hanging fits. Loving it! I even have a few about 5 that fit my butt, thighs and hips but is like a hula hoop around my waist. Now that was HILARIOUS!..
Realself ladies, have a great weekend and safe healing to you all. Much love and support to allthe ladies who are coming over too. See you soon.

pics of my wounds to date...4/5/14

Ladies here are a couple pics of my wounds now. they are healing slowly but i do see a difference, however i just hope they weren't there at all. It is a tedious process to do the dressing change. If anyone has or have had these similar looking wounds please let me know what your plan of treatment was, how long it took to finally close up. I had sutures that had to be taken out of the wounds on my last visit with my PS and a few have came out while i am doing my dressing changes.
i am eating my protein, drinking water. I feel as if i am overeating now to get in all the protein to help with my healing. I constantly feel full. I am tired of eating
I welcome all opinion and advice on this issue.

Happy Sunday RS ladies

Just an update after dinner, while relaxing watching OWN and watching my 3 yr old sleep.
This shape wear was purchased from is fairly reasonable about $20. It looks as if it only fits on one leg when u take it out the package but it fits when u fight to get it on. lol
I was trying on a jean bodysuit that i haven't worn in 7 yrs. I wore this to pick up my husband from the fits again, i couldn't believe it. i love cooking and this is how i have eaten for years now, simple and delicious.. enjoy!

A Spectacular Sunday Real Selfers

The weather is gorgeous today, high should be around 80 degrees, My kinda weather. I love the warm summer weather. Hope everyone is healing nicely or getting prepared for their journey. I wish you all the best in whatever stage you are at this moment .

My wounds are healing slowly but it's getting better. One is almost healed completely so i have only two left that i doing wound care on.. All i can say is one day at a time.. Its is a very slow process but i rather treat a wound that is healing than having that big a$$ belly i had on me again. I am being patient.

I started exercising a week ago, I went to my Y and saw a trainer and got set up on a routine which is mainly strength training for toning the arms, back, legs, inner and outer thighs. I am also walking at home outside in my subdivision when i don't make it to the Y. It feels good to be out and about doing things for me.
I have not started any scar treatment as i am waiting for my wounds to heal to do scar treatment all at once. The only thing i have been doing is using a cocoa butter stick on the scars on the side and on my belly button. The main scars will be where i have my wound so nothing is being done there at all. I do get swollen by the end of the day but nothing substantial to call it swell hell. I have not experienced it that bad and i hope i don't have to. I told my hubby i was swollen yesterday he says, but your flat, i don't see anything,,lol.
Well ladies enjoy the rest of your sunday. I will check in later and post some pics after i get out of bed and get dress. So till then LATER!..

progress on my wound........

i have been away from realself for a little while, however i have been tending to my wound daily and it is getting better. One on my left is completely healed, the middle is almost closed. This was a bit worrying as i thought it was healing and then all of a sudden it started tunneling and had an odor to it. I was packing the wound with wet to dry gauze w/Dakins .25% Solution until the fatty tissue disappeared and odor was not longer there. I then changed to wet to dry with just sterile solution. I am no longer packing this wound as the hole is so small i cannot get a qtip inside to pack the gauze, so i am just letting it be now. My third and bigger wound was a lot of fatty tissue inside also, i was dressing that wound with santyl and solosite covered with gauze once a day. The healthy pink tissue is there now so i am doing a simple wet to dry with sterile water solution. I can wait for it all to be totally closed up.
I wont start scar treat until all wounds are healed completely.
The past couple of weeks i have been experiencing a tight stomach, sneezing and coughing and trying to get phlegm up is very pain. I cant believe it still hurts now to sneeze etc. I have been hunched over to do my dressing changes so that also makes my stomach tightens afterwards. My stomach is still hard where i have my wounds, so i hope it softens up after it heals. I am very swollen along the front of my incision over the pubic area.

Took a week off from my strength training routine as i was helping a friend out with her journey. I am so excited for her.

A few pics from 4/26/14

a few recent pics of my wounds and how i am healing, still please with the job my PS has done,however i am no where close to being completely healed as stomach muscles still sore from muscle repair.. Cant wait to wear my compression garment after my wounds heal, its a bit bothersome to wrestle with it twice a day when u have to do dressing change, so i wear some cheaper and easier version of compression to slip in and out of...

have a great sunday ladies

recent pics since my last post

all is going well, I will be starting scar treatment soon.

I still get swollen but its tolerable. I just wish i had did this sooner. I am loving my result. Cant wait to do with a garment but i think i will always need one for a lil while. I wish i could find one that doesnt cut into my groin area. These garments are definitely not for curvy girls or girls with assessts.. I am having trouble finding comfortable ones i can wear all day with the support i need for compression.. Any suggestions anyone..

here are a few updated pics of my now... the best part is my wounds are completely healed... yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its been a frustrated

i ve been off realself for a while trying to figure things out. I am having no luck whatsoever getting my tummy flat. I have a pouch and the lower abdomen is not flattening out at all. I have used the boards, bought tons of CG and its not working. All my garments are unconfortable as they bunch in the back and digs into my waistline. I dont know what else to do. My waist is a 29, lots of swelling everyday..
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Seeing Dr.Davoudi for my consult was the most comforting experience I had when choosing a plastic surgeon. I saw him 2 yrs ago had a consult, and then saw others in between and I had a final consult with him again and made a choice that day for him to do my surgery. So far he has me even more in awe of him the second time around. Great personality and sense of humour. Funny has hell.. I will review him again once my surgery is completed. So far, my contact with Davoudi and the staff since surgery is great. Dr Davoudi called my husband to check in on me after surgery. They have been great with my concerns or questions since the surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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