10 Days Post Op - Logan, UT

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I have been reading realself reviews for awhile,...

I have been reading realself reviews for awhile, but haven't had a chance to put my story on here till now!

So here it goes. I'm a 34 year old mommy of 6. My oldest is 10, twins that are 8, a 6 year old, a 3 year old, and a 16 month old. I'm 5'4 and weighed 125 pre op. I've always been fairly small,but my body got trashed with my twinners that I carried to full term, then it was all down hill from there! Ha! Yikes most weight I've gained was 50 lbs with my twin pregnancy.

I have severe scoliosis and have had 2 surgeries on my back. I have an s curve, and my body is pretty jacked. Ive always had one breast that was almost a full cup size lager. Also one side of my waist is thicker than the other side do to the twisting of my spine. Needless to say I've always been insecure about this. Because of my deformity in my body when I carried my kiddos it was all up front. It tore me up!

My hubby and I have been saving for this sine I had the twins and every time we Wd get close he Wd loose his job or something else Wd happen that we Wd have to spend the $ on.

My hubby is super supportive,but both our families are not so we didn't tell anyone. We live in a very predominately lds community that tends to be super judgey about plastic surgey. so we did not decided not to tell any friends or church members either.

We asked my 25-year-old nephew to stay with the kiddos for the weekend so that we could have the surgery done,but just told him that we were going away for our anniversary. so we left my four older ones here with him and took the two babies down to Utah with us. I had another nephew that lived in Utah with his wife that offer to watch the babies for a couple nights so that we can get away for anniversary. The surgery was scheduled for the Second of November. We left the morning after Halloween to be down to my preop appointment at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. After meeting with him I felt super comfortable and excited and totally peace with my decision to have him do the surgery. The surgery was scheduled for the next day at 1 o'clock we had to be at the hospital at 12 o'clock to check in. I was super nervous because I thought we would have to leave the hospital by that evening since it was a outpatient procedure. We waited until 215 because the surgery before mine ran over. I was stressed out but they told me not to worry because if I got back into the recovery room after 6 o'clock I would be able to stay in the hospital overnight with no extra charge. I felt super ease with anesthesiologist. I explained that with my other surgeries I had I had gotten really nauseous when I woke up in recovery and had vomited for a long period time and it had been really painful. The anesthesiologist said that they would make sure and give me medication in my Iv and a patch behind my ear so that wouldn't happen this time. So they gave me the happy pill I was good to go and I don't remember anything until after I woke up in recovery.

I woke up in a lot of pain and but I didn't feel sick which was awesome! I did feel like I had a ton of bricks on my chest. I needed to cough super bad and felt like I cdnt breath. The nurse that was there i kept hearing her cough and I remember Saying I wish that I could cough like you! Lol it hurt so dang bad but I felt like. I have so much crap in my throat and lungs that I couldn't breathe! It was the worst! They got me up pretty quick because I had to use the bathroom and that was really painful! By the time I walked into the bathroom felt a huge wave of nausea come on me and I felt like I was going to pass out everything was spinning it was super scary! Was really hard to go Pee i remember I kept trying and trying and couldn't go but I felt like my bladder was going to explode! they poured warm water on my hands and I finally was able to go.

That night was really rough and I remember I would fall asleep a little bit and then wake up and have to go to the bathroom I was drinking a lot of water and IV fluid was just going through me like crazy and it was so painful but I feel like every time I got up it got easier. We checked out of the hospital the next day at 10. It was Saturday and the doc said that if we wanted to we could go do my postop that Saturday instead of waiting come Monday so that we could just drive home instead having to stay in the hotel which I was ecstatic about! I was really worried about Attempting sleep in the hotel bed instead of trying to sleep in a recliner at home. The doctor set our appointment for noon at his office back in Logan. The surgery was at the hospital in Tremonten. We drove back to our hotel packed our stuff up and went to my appointment and he changed all my bandages and checked everything out and gave me more pain medication and stuff to take home to change bandages.we left there and then headed over to my nephews to pick up my two babies.

It was pretty funny because my nephew just thought I was really sick with the stomach flu and stayed in the car Tyler got the babies and got them in their car seat we took off for home. It was the longest drive home ever and I was in I was miserable! It was a 5 Hour Drive so we had to stop a couple times for bathroom breaks and for me to get up and walk around. it was so so painful! we had both little babies so My hubby cdnt help me much so either he had to stay in the car with the babies while i used th bathroom or we have to bring them in with us and it was really rough!

Now I'm home and recovering well. I'm hoping to get my drains out wed. I have been draining under 15 cc in both drains since Saturday.

It's been rough trying to do everything by ourselves but I am glad that I didn't tell everybody. My in-laws showed up at our house Sunday after we got back and my kids blurted out that I had surgery on my tummy and they were kind jerky about it and didnt even ask how I was. They left and we still haven't heard from them. Why do people have to be so judgmental?

I weighed myself the other day which is probably a bad idea and I'm at 131 now kind of freaked out hopefully it's just swelling and I haven't gained fat! I'm worried that I have because I'm so immobile and I'm used to being so active! I can't wait to see what my bellybutton looks like it still has got Steri-Strip tapes over it so it's hard to see what it will look like.

Lol ok for sure we did not pay 86,000$! Ha! That's...

Lol ok for sure we did not pay 86,000$! Ha! That's awesome! Not sure if that was the sleep deprevassion, I phone user error,or the meds talking! Lol
Any who... Today is 16 days post op and I'm feeling pretty good. I would post pics but I'm a computer idiot and can't figure out how to do it from my I phone! Is it possible?
I still have my drains in and am draining 22ccs in 24 hrs ugh will it ever end?
I have a friend s hubby that is a doc he offered to remove the drains for me here so I don't have to trapes all the way to Logan with 6 kids in toe! Yay! We will call the ps on tues to see if we're ok to remove them yet. Dr is very cautious and doesn't want me to aspirate .i get it but they still suck rocks.
My birthday was yesterday I turned 35. My hubby was sweet and took the monkeys shopping fri and got me sassy new boots and purse! What a honey! I. Wanted to go out for my bday so I squeezed into a double spanks undies tucked the drains under my boobs and with my new boots I was feeling quite the cats meo! Untill abt 2 hrs of shopping yowch!! We came home early I took a pain pill and downed a bag of nibs. Yay happy birthday!!;-)
I still have all my steri strips on even on my belly button. I'm going to call the ps tomorrow to find out what to do. It seems like everyone else's are off by now. I've picked up my baby a couple of times and find I'm super sore later. It's so hard though without help. I'm feeling bad about hubby he is wrkin full time and in school full time. I keep tryin to help him out and then I'm super sore!
I'm still sleepin in my recliner and hubby is on the couch so I'm not alone downstairs . He rocks! I have been watching oodles of fineas and ferb to occupy my 3 yr old. I ended up dreaming we had a platypus loose in our house that was trying to attack me! It was blue just like peri on the show! Lol I almost pulled out my drains I jumped so hard!
I started doing hair again on thurs (13 days po) I've only been doing about 2 colors a day but between that and helping with kiddos I'm wiped and sore by 6. Pain is beauty right?lol
Well we did the deed for the 1st time 11 days po. Let me tell ya it's been creative! Ha! U can only imagin with steri strips and drains! Lol! Ok tmi but I am super in the mood and so is hubby! What's a girl to do?
Still haven't seen the unlaws .
I ended up telling my sisters they asked me flat out and cdnt lie :-( they haven't come by. My one sis offered to come help and i said absolutely but then she never showed up. Nice . Still soooo glad I did it! Happy healing!
Logan Plastic Surgeon

After doing some research we looked into having the surgery done in Logan Utah instead of having it done in Boise where we live. the surgery will be like $4000 less to have it done there than here. plus the surgeon seem to be more experience and do more of the surgeries there than here. We decided on Dr. Blaine Anderson because we've seen some of his work on a couple people we knew they had breast augmentation and after looking a lot of his pictures of before-and-after's we saw that he does really good work. I also had a lot of clients use him and were super happy with the results.

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