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My first procedure was in Texas in 1980 with C-cup...

My first procedure was in Texas in 1980 with C-cup silicone. I specify cup size because my doctor did not reference CCs, nor do I remember any type of discussion regarding complications, etc. Subglandular placement was awful ~ my cleavage was off center by at least 1/2 inch. He insisted this could not be avoided; however, I question his surgery itself since he also performed a revision in 1981 with C-cup silicone submuscular placement. Yes, I did choose him, not really investigating properly. I was equally dissatisfied with this result, as upper poles were over emphasized with my nipples actually underneath my breasts. I simply lived with them until 1997, when a doctor in Ohio named Gloria Thomas, with whom I was very pleased, placed C-cup saline under my pectorals as a revision. Her revision revealed that one implant was indeed leaking, but I hadn't suffered any ill effects. She did discuss complications and the need for implant replacement at some time in the future. The results were outstanding, although I did frequently wish I had gone larger. One morning in 2011 I woke up to one completely deflated breast. Thankfully, it actually seemed funny at the time ~ I felt astounded! Dr. Jean Loftus was the one surgeon who agreed to work me in for an implant removal as soon as possible. I was convinced that my augmentation experience was over at that point. Never again. I wanted to go natural: chairman of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Well guess what. I'm done! I'm tired of pretending I don't care. The truth is that I want now and always have wanted a pair of gorgeous giant girls, yes, even porn star size. And why not? So I called Dr. Loftus for a consultation, and here we go: 650 CC, NATRELLE style 15 (silicone).

One Week to Go

I started my pre-operative dietary supplements last week: A-F Betafood and Chlorophyll Complex, both by Standard Process. They're not required, but recommended for less bruising, less nausea (always a plus), and a speedier recovery. The Betafood tastes disgusting. I also purchased two front-zip sport bras, size XL; one Champion and the other Under Armour. The Champion is more readily adjustable and softer by far, so I'll let y'all know which is actually more comfortable afterward. I've decided to go ahead and post my naked photos, even though my friend says to remember, "What goes online, stays online." Otherwise, how in the world will anyone be able to evaluate the visual end result? Truth be told, I'm an exhibitionist anyway, so here goes.


Hi y'all. It's finally over, and surgery actually went very smoothly. The day of surgery (afterwards) was pretty rough. I did get sick once, but after that I was able to keep my painkiller (Dilaudid) and muscle relaxant (Flexeril) down, which helped tremendously. My girlfriend spent the first 24 hours with me, keeping track of my meds and pushing lots of liquids. I don't think I could have managed alone. I felt no hunger at all until early this morning and I confess that I am constipated. UGH.
My one complication has been an annoying rash all over my upper body, especially covering my boobs. Dr. Loftus had me come in to the office even though my follow-up isn't until tomorrow, and prescribed a Medrol Dose-pack. I hope it works. She suspected the cause was the antibiotic she injected during surgery. I am concerned about positioning of the implants. The upper poles are emphasized, and I don't want a uniboob either. I'm hoping they will shift down over the next few weeks and months. Have any of you experienced this? Also I am relieved that I don't seem to need painkillers anymore. I expected pain all week, but now the only pain I feel is if I actually touch the incisions themselves. Relief!

One week post op

Y'all, I'm happy to report very little to no pain since day two or three. So far the primary symptom has been more annoying than anything, a sort of constant pressure I can't quite describe, sort of like something's there that shouldn't be, which I guess it is! I'm still concerned about upper fullness. I asked Dr. Loftus if the implants would drop at all, and she said they wouldn't. The swelling will go down, but no drop, which is not the answer I was hoping for. So I will attempt to be patient -- they definitely look awesome in a bra and in my shirts.

Almost two weeks post

Hi y'all -- I only have a few minutes; I just wanted to let anyone who might be doing a search on weight gain or bloating or, let's see, disappearing waist, or some such, that I felt miserable for a good week to ten days post op. I felt fat, my waist completely disappeared, I was bloated and constipated even though using metamucil twice daily, and I was eating much less than usual due to lack of hunger. I felt so afraid I was gaining weight since I couldn't work out and thought, "what's the point of getting new boobs if I'm fat all over an can't work out?" Well just so you know, after ten days my wait returned and the bloating is gone. I'm still constipated -- what's up with that? I look skinnier than ever, however, I guess because now I have gigantic girls! I've gotta go for now, but I'll put photos on later.

Five and a Half Weeks Post

My breasts just keep looking and feeling better and better. They're finally feeling at least a little bit squishy, and I can sleep on my side in complete comfort now. Also, I'm relieved to feel no longer feel that constant sense of pressure on my chest. My pectoral muscles are still tight ~ I lift my arms over my head and behind my shoulders several times a day, but still feel a pull under my arms. I started steroid cream for the scars at four weeks, although I was already pleased with their appearance compared to how they looked previously. I've attached several pictures so y'all can see my progress. I just love them! I've had trouble finding a swimsuit top that's big enough; imagine that! And my bra size seems to be a consistent 36 DD. I'm thrilled. All photos were taken within the last week. Oh yeah, I did go back to the gym last week. What a relief. So far just the treadmill, abs, and stretching. Next week legs. Upper body at 9 weeks.
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Loftus is by far the most thorough plastic surgeon I have met, including my two previous doctors, as well as three others with whom I have consulted. I chose to consult with her based on her online reviews, as well as her television and literary references, and her board certifications. After consulting with her, my decision to choose her for my surgeon was confirmed. She spent plenty of time with me and answered all of my questions without making me feel rushed. I also felt comfortable with each and every assistant and nurse I met. I am extremely excited, and yes, a little anxious too.

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