3 weeks PO. Not bad for a 52 year old. After 5 pregnancies and 4 vertical c sections

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Hi everyone! Well I am 13 days from having my full...

Hi everyone! Well I am 13 days from having my full tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and outer thighs. I have wanted this for a very long time. Money was a big consideration. When you are a mom and wife it's hard to justify spending that much money on oneself. I am 52. I have 4 children all delivered through vertical c-section. My incision is about 13 inches long and I have always said "I hope my husband is a butt man because I have one in the front and one in the back" I am also going through menopause in the past I have always carried my weight in hips and thighs. Pear shaped. For the past few years I am now carrying some in the stomach area. Ugh!! Which has made my mounds on each side of my incision larger and noticeable in some tops. I haven't told very many people about the surgery because the ones I have told really judged me. Not in a nice way.
I'm terrified that things will not go well. These feelings just started as I am coming within 2 weeks of the date. I have ibs with bloating and severe constipation. So pain killers are a concern. I also do not do well on them. Itching, nausea, and vomiting. I also have 4 Doberman pinchers big love able dogs. 1 loves to jump on me. Yikes!
One of my sons has autism. He is on the severe end of the spectrum. He doesn't have much language and will never be able to live on his own. He is our sunshine! He loves to cuddle and give BIG hugs. He is 19, 6'3" and 278lbs. I just don't know how much he will understand when we tell him mom has a big booboo. I guess I am also afraid I am being to vain having this because if anything went wrong I worry about my Ben
I already had my pre-op it went well. I will be staying in the hospital for 1 night. My ps did not tell me anything to get for home after surgery. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask. So any help with that would be great. I also live in a colonial style house worried about stairs.
When I found this sight I was obsessed reading all of your stories. They have been so helpful and have made me feel somewhat better. It is nice to be able to communicate with people going thru through the same thing. You all in my thoughts and prayers daily. Wishing all of you the best
PS I am awful with technology. I will see if one of my kids can help me post some pictures. Or if someone could direct me on how this is done it would be appreciated . This will be somewhat of a nightmare for me because my stomach is something that I have always tried to keep hidden even from my husband.

Well thanks to some of the fab people on this...

Well thanks to some of the fab people on this sight I was finally able to post pictures with their guidance. I can't believe how hard it was though to actually post the pictures once I learned how. I guess I fell so ashamed of my front butt!! It is a result of 5 pregnancies 4 with vertical c - sections. I also had an average weight gain of 71 lbs with each birth and I am only 5'2". I was always able to get the weight off afterwards though. My doctor said it was just my body. I did not really over eat. I have had this front butt now for 29 years. I am older than a lot of you starting this tummy tuck journey at 52. I really have had a emotional year last year as I went through menopause. It is so much harder to maintain or lose weight as you age. I was spending 21/2 hours 4 -5 times a week in the gym. It was so depressing looking in the mirror. I did feel guilty looking into the tummy tuck because of the cost. As some of you know my 19 year old son has severe autism and will never be able to live on his own or take. Are of himself. So I tend to think in " Ben" dollars. My husband was awesome and told me to go for it. I have hid this tummy from friends and family and even my hubby for years. Thanks to all of you for giving me the confidence to post these pictures. I am 17 days post op and will take some pictures to post. I have been in constant swell hell but would like your opinions. I can't tell the difference to any of my lipo areas but I know that takes time. I do love my cute itty bitty belly button!

Well to day I am 3 weeks PO. I have a check up...

Well to day I am 3 weeks PO. I have a check up this afternoon. I think I am healing nicely. I wish I would have done this 20 years ago when I was in my 30's. I still have a to of swelling. Doesn't look as bad from the front but you can tell from a side view. I still have a lot of scabs on my incision so I haven't been able to start scar therapy. I am very pleased with how my belly button looks right know. Funny it was one of my biggest concerns. I have seen some pretty awful ones in some of PS before and after books. Biggest concern now to be honest is my diet. I have been eating so much crap. I think it is out of boredom. I will update this afternoon after my appointment. Into the shower now which has become the highlight of my day

Omg! I am afraid I am going to weigh 600 lbs...

Omg! I am afraid I am going to weigh 600 lbs before this healing is over. I was hoping to be able to start with some kind of workout. But I had my 3 week PO appointment Wed. And doctor said I have a seroma near my incision line. He doesn't want me to do anything until he sees me in 2 weeks to check on it. He said he only wanted me to walk. But he said he does not want me on a treadmill yet. Great I live in Michigan and it is cold here. Oh well I guess I will have to mall walk. Lol. Enough complaining. I do hope the seroma goes away on its own. Don't like needles. On a happier note I do Love my new BB and my incision line looks good. Check out my 3 week pictures and tell me what you think. Unfortunately I have been in constant swell hell. My Iratiable bowel syndrome with constipation has not helped in this area. Ladies have a wonderful day
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He was my 4th consultation. It was very hard to choose between 2 of the doctors. But in the end he was the 1. He made me comfortable

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