47 yo mom, TT w/hernia repair & lipo wanting to feel good about myself again. Livingston, NJ

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First I just want to thank all the realself ladies...

First I just want to thank all the realself ladies out there who have bravely shared their stories and experiences you have made my experience so much easier and better. Thank realself for this genius site it's brilliant and helped me find the warmest, most compassionate and professional board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Paul Tutela. He and his staff are the best.

So last year after dieting and exercising like crazy I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted to the weight was not coming off like I did when I was younger and really got down on myself and felt like I wasn't trying hard enough. I avoided mirrors and photos because I was so ashamed of myself. After seeing others reviews on here I realized I wasn't alone in this. I talked with my husband and we both agreed that this could change my life and let me live with confidence again. So once we saved up enough money I started searching for ps's in my area.

When I met with my doctor he discovered I had a hernia which makes perfect sense since I had a back injury 6 years ago and my tummy stuck out like I was pregnant. Luckily insurance covers all that, and he would then do the TT and Lipo to flanks too. My surgery date was Tuesday 6/7/16, it went very smoothly, of course painful as hell not gonna sugar coat it holy cow! Lol!! Everyday gets easier I'm currently on day 3, I try and walk around as much as I can, still hunched over I don't want to strain myself either. As of right now I only have my before pics to share with you atm, and my CG/drains pics. After pics will be coming soon I promise.

First real sponge bath and hair wash in sink

Omg I feel a thousand times better today (day 5). I finally had a bowel movement this morning hallelujah, gave myself a thorough sponge bath, hubby helped me wash my hair in the kitchen sink, and I have fresh clean CG and clothes on. I feel like a new person. I also was able to get some pics, sitting in my recliner as my hubby changed my dressings.

One week post op and one drain out yay!

Saw my doctor yesterday which was one week from my surgery and got one drain out, so excited! I feel no pain anymore, just tightness, a little backache from still being hunched a bit, but overall I'm getting around just fine and standing a little straighter everyday. Also have been sleeping every night in the recliner, but at like 3am this morning I was yearning for my bed so I tried it and I think I'm ready to get back to it hallelujah. I did buy a wedge pillow off amazon, which I haven't tried yet, it's like one of those sex position pillows actually but whatever it helps. Lmao kill two birds with one stone! ;D So I took some pics in my garment this morning to share, can I just say I love myself! Can't wait until the other drain is out and I can start buying sexy outfits.

For anyone getting a TT must read!

Ladies/guys do yourself a favor and get one of these bad boys. So this is the used recliner I picked up for $75 at the habitat for humanity store. God bless that store, because this was a major life saver! If you don't have one in your area I believe you can rent these too. My store is literally a 5 minute drive from my house so I seriously lucked out it was cheaper just to buy this in my case. And I can't say it enough this saved me. I set it up in my living room in front of the TV and slept in the entire first week. Having this made me less dependent on my husband because I was able to get in and out so easily if had to go pee or whatever.

Day 11 new bikini

Been dying to order a new bikini for my new body. Aerie was having a sale and saw this on the model and fell in love. Different color though oh well. Can't believe I'm sharing myself in a bikini.

Try again to upload pics

New bod new bikini day 11

TT Day 17

So I'm in my third week, I've been feeling super great, been getting around ok, standing up straighter little by little every day, and getting back to normal everyday life. I am so over the moon happy with my results so far, and I know it's just going to get better with time and I'm able to get back to exercising and yoga classes. However today I'm struggling a little emotionally, because I'm due for my period and I'm pmsing like crazy. I still have my drain in, I still can't shower yet so have been sponge bathing and washing hair in sink, and still wearing my CG 24 hrs a day. It's kind of taking its toll on my a little bit. I also had another little weird discovery, when i took my bra off yesterday I noticed the nipple on my right breast was inverted. I freaked out! It did pop back out thank goodness, but it happened a couple times again since. Now i did not have any work done on my breasts so if I had it would've made more sense to me. Has this happened to anyone? I messaged my doctor and am just waiting to hear back from him regarding it. I will update when I find out more.

Anyway took some new pics today. When you see my incision the dark stuff over the incision tape is lint from my panties that got stuck to it, so it looks rather awful. Lol. Also because my skin is still very tight my belly button is a bit stretched as well. I'm guessing that will change over time.

Some new selfies

Just looking at my new bid in different angles in my bathroom.

Showering with drain

For you fellow TT ladies with drains, I read on another realselfer's review I can't remember who, but she used a cheap rubber exercise band to hang around her neck in the shower to clip her drain onto. Genius. So I went to five below and bought one.

Dr. Tutela I found your spirit animal

Meet Dr. Catela lol ????

One month post op

Been MIA for awhile, had a little infection and was a bit ill, but got better, then went on vacation.. but I just wanted to share how beautiful my tummy looks now that the drains are finally out and I can stand up straighter. I'm still wearing my compression garment daily, but obviously take it off to show you the bod..

I had been so down on myself for so long about my body and getting older, and this procedure just gave me all my confidence back. Tired of being told I have a pretty face and now I have the body to match..I'm sooooooo happy I invested in doing this!!! Possibly down the road I will show my face and reveal myself but I'm a chicken! :P

Seriously if you live in NJ/NY metro area and you're thinking about having some work done..please go see my doctor. He is the BEST!!! He gives you his personal cell phone number after surgery so that if there's any problems or worries you can call or text him. I used that privilege a few times and he got right back to me always. I mean who does that right? Just so amazing and so comforting to know he really cares about his patients, and his staff are the sweetest too!

4 months post op!!

I can't believe it's been 4 months already. Let's just say I lovvvvve my tummy! It was my 48th birthday last week, can't even grasp that reality whatsoever haha, but I feel so sexy and confident again about myself I'm thinking about what I might want next! Ha! Anyways, just wanted to share some updated pics with you so you can see my progress.
Livingston Plastic Surgeon

Amazing, compassionate, knew exactly what I wanted without even saying, caring, sweet, extremely professional, meticulous surgeon. Fun staff, I'm so happy with everything, would highly recommend to anyone!

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