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Hello, I am a 29 year old mother of 2. Currently I...

Hello, I am a 29 year old mother of 2. Currently I am a sad 34A, some bras I barely even fill. For as long as I could remember I wanted a BA but either the timing wasn't right or financially I just couldn't afford it, Jersey is just so expensive!
Well, last August my father passed away from pancreatic cancer, he was diagnosed on July 14 and died August 14. It was super aggressive! I was devastated!! On his death bed he told me he wished he could've gotten me the BA but financially he just couldn't. He knew that was something I always wanted and wanted me to be happy, so that was the moment I knew I had to get the surgery!
So I booked a consultation with a PS from Paramus, he was very nice and informative but something just didn't feel right, I didn't feel any connection. He pretty much talked about the implant itself the entire time then had me try in sizers. I left bummed but didn't want to give up.
So I did more research on RealSelf, I'm obsessed with this site lol, and I came across Dr. Tutela. At first glance he looked young and didn't have much experience but I decided to read some reviews, which wasn't many. All the reviews were super positive but many reviewers didn't post pics so it didn't help much either. Upon reading his bio, I read that he was a third generation surgeon and his father also passed away from pancreatic cancer, I know it sounds weird but I felt maybe this was a sign, but I wanted to do some more research. That's when I came across his special, $5k BA all inclusive!! I almost had a heart attack! For starters that's super cheap for Jersey and that's exactly what I had save for the surgery, that's when I was convinced that was a sign from my dad, again I know it sounds weird but I like to believe it =)
So I stopped what I was doing and made the consultation. I spoke to Wadia, she was sweet and gave me the next day appt. When I met with Doctor Tutela, first impression was he looked super young but at the same time I felt comfortable. Let me tell you ladies he was so nice and cared for what my goals were and asked me questions and even took some pictures.
Now it was time for him to take my measurements which was a lot of them. He looked at his chart and with my measurements he said HP 385-415 cc's would be perfect for my frame and still look natural. He had me try on some sizers and asked me how I was feeling. I ended up picking 415 cc but felt it might be too big but he reassured me that during surgery he would bring in some sizers and chose the best one for my body and what I wanted but promised to keep them natural. At that point I was thinking "here just take all my money" lol that's how impressed and comfortable I was. I knew right there and then he was my surgeon, so I booked the surgery for Aug 29 and I can't wait!!!

Couldn't wait to bra shop

Ok so I know I just booked the surgery but I couldn't wait to shop for the new "twins" I brought both M and L because not sure what I will fit into. If anyone could give me any recommendations for sports bra right after surgery would be great :)

Wish boobs

My A cup

Boob humor

Pre op

So today was my pre-op and it went well. I am super excited for the upcoming surgery you guys have no idea, I mean you probably do but I'm extremely excited lol I have been reading a lot about boob greed and asked the Doctor if I can go bigger, he told me yes, so we're now going with the Naterlle inspira 450cc srf. He told me day of surgery he will put them in but if they look ridiculous he will go back to our original size 415cc. You guys he is the most sweetest Doctor ever! He truly wants to give you what you want but at the same time make it natural. I am so happy with him and I know he's going to make me look great.
I'm attaching some more wish boobs that I will email him to show him exactly what I want.
If any of you girls have any information on what I should start prepping or buying before surgery please let me know. Thank you ????

Forgot to add the pics

I can't wait!!!!!!

Surgery day is almost here and I can't wait I'm so excited!!! I just got my blood work done this morning and couldn't stop telling the phlebotomist about the surgery lol Everything's brought and ready for the surgery! I know day of surgery I'm going to be extremely nervous and probably cry but I have waited so long for this, So I'm prepared mentally and emotionally for what's coming...just wish my dad was here to see me finally doing this????

Today's the big day

I can't believe their here!! I arrived at the hospital at 11:15 and went in for surgery at 12:45. Everything went well. I ended up getting 450cc. So far my pain isn't too bad but the anesthesia is still in my system and it's kicking my butt! I keep throwing up though. The craziest part of all of this is that I was never nervous or scared, the nurse said it wasn't normal but she obviously didn't understand how bad and long I been wanting this. Anyways I'm going to get some rest. Hope all you girls are doing well ????

Bandages are off

Went to the doctor today for my first post op and he said it looks amazing!!!! I am in love with them!!!! It's still very high up but I love the size! Dr Tutela did a phenomenal job!!! I highly recommend him! Can't wait to dress up these girls!


Sooo I know it's only been 5 days since I had the surgery but I am dying to know how they're going to look when they D&F! Right now I feel like they're too small bit hoping it will change soon. Also I've been hearing weird noise with the implant like a balloon sound, is that normal? Pain has been much better. The incisions have been really itchy so it's been hard not to touch them. Other than that I've had a smooth recovery and I am so excited!

2 week update

So it's been 2 weeks since the surgery and so far I'm loving my results! My right boob started dropping but my left one is the lazy one and taking her sweet time. Although I don't experience any pain, my nipples are still SUPER sensitive! It feels like I've been breast feeding for hours straight! Im just so excited to see the final results I'm so impatient! I haven't tried on any bras yet to get an idea of what cup size I am but my doctor said I should be a full C. I also started my boob exercise 10x 10x a day and it's working. The lower part of my boobs were super numb and are slowly getting feeling now. I am so happy the doctor and I picked the perfect size for my body

Sorry pics wouldn't upload

Bra shopping

So I know I haven't been on here that much, life got a little bit crazy, but so far everything is going well with the healing process. I'm starting to get sensation back on the lower part of the breast and my nipples aren't as sensitive anymore. But today I decided to treat myself and purchase my first bra! So I decided to get measured at VS and see what size I of right now I am a 32 DD!! I couldn't believe it, I literally hugged the lady! I asked her to double check and sure enough it was the same lol it's crazy because with clothes on I look really small but with clothes off I feel big... I'm so happy with my results!!!
Livingston Plastic Surgeon

He is very informative and cares about your desire for what you are hoping to achieve. He is so nice as well as his staff and I am 100% happy that I'm choosing him to be my PS.

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