24 Years Old, No Kids, Want Bigger, Currently Measure at a Full 32 C. Livingston, NJ

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About 2 weeks from my surgery! Getting a little...

About 2 weeks from my surgery! Getting a little nervous about pain post op, however I believe I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I hit the gym 5 days a week and used to devote an entire day to chest but stopped that about 2 months ago when I decided to go through with this. (Didn't want my chest muscles to be huge because I felt it would make recovery worse) I am 5'4 , 135 pounds, 32 C not sure what size bra my goal is but I do not want anything bigger than a DDD. Was going to get 520cc high profile unders, and recently decided to go slightly smaller 450cc-485cc since I already have some boobs on me I don't want to be too big! But do want them to be round and not fatty looking if that makes any sense. Curious to see how they are going to turn out!! I met with 5 different surgeons before choosing Dr. Tutela in Livingston NJ. Figured I throw something up here since I been stalking this sight and others stories for some time. Any comments, advice, or thoughts welcome!

Changed surgery date!

I am actually getting my surgery done this Friday the 24th! Had issues booking hospital for the date I wanted. No worries I will update when I am through!

A photo of my current situation.

Here is my boobs braless in a tank!

Another picture of me

My boobs in my 32 d Victoria secret bra, little-no padding and no push up.. Almost time for new boobs! I have my tank top folded down to cover my tattoo that's on my belly :)

Less than 24 hours away from surgery!

Surgery is less than 24 hours away! Went braless in this top the other day, it's going to look much different after tomorrow! Lol ahhhh so nervous and excited.

On the other side!!!

Surgery went well, feeling pretty good a little groggy still, breast bone is sore painful swollen boobies. Not too bad though!! . All I can say is I love Dr Tutela he is such a caring sweet person. Wouldn't trust anyone else but him. If I decide to have anything else done I will make the hour and a half drive to go to him!

Post op

So today I have to take my wrap off and put a sports bra on! I will finally get to take a peek at my new boobies. I will try to update with a picture as soon as possible! In some pain I would say it's 4 when I'm sitting down and then if I try to get up it goes up to a 6/7 but sitting still not so bad, I have been on top of my medication taking my pain pills every 4 hours and will continue to do so all through today and tomorrow! Wanted to try get back to work on Monday! We shall see :)

Yesterday went as well as it could! I wasn't all that nervous. I got to the surgery center at 11:30 am, they brought me back at about 12:00pm, made me pee in a cup and then they put a iv in my hand which did not hurt at all! Started me on some fluids brought me anti nausea medicine. Then I got to talk to the anesthesiologist. Dr. Tutela came in marked me up we talked about size I told him I was leaning more towards 485cc but left it up to him! Which he did end up putting in 485cc. As soon I saw him I felt at ease! He has such a great personality. I walked back to the OR they helped me lay down on the table correctly the anesthesiologist told me to think happy thoughts and sweet dreams. Fell asleep with in 3 minutes it felt like. Woke up and it didn't feel like I was asleep all that long! Everyone told me I did great, and they look great. And they wheeled me to post op room. Here I was at a 7 on the pain scaled they gave me Percocet and something else don't remember. My husband came back to sit with me Dr. Tutela walked back to say I did great and then the post op nurse took care of me with instructions for home and helped me get dressed. It felt like it went by so fast!!! But needless to say Dr. Tutela seemed very pleased with the results he gave me and I'm excited to see them today!

New boobs

One day post op! Now in my sports bra. Sore, riding high, but so far love the size we choose. Can't wait to see how they look when they drop!


The morning of day 2 was okay but as soon as 5:00 hit I have been in severe pain. The pain I'm Having is on my ribcage underneath my arm and it's more painful on my left side. My back is also hurting from trying to lay sitting up. My whole ribcage just feels sore and when I go to get up off the bed or couch my upper abs feel like sharp pains. If anyone has any tips to get me feeling better quickly I would greatly Appreciate them! Thanks :)

tried to go to work

So today I woke up in less pain then usual got dressed and went to my office, didn't stay very long did some paper work and then went back home, managed to do with out pain medication up until 2:00pm is when I needed it. I'm just happy to know each day is going to get better and better! Last night my sleeping arrangement wasn't to bad! Was pretty comfy. Idk if I notice any difference in how high they were to how high they are now but no rush they'll drop when they drop. I will be going to work tomorrow though for the whole day wish me luck! Then I have my post op appointment at 6:00pm :)


Here is my one boob I'm covering my tummy tattoo I would show you the whole rack but my tattoo is big and hard to cover. Love how round they are! Definitely up high though.

Boobs are very big

So my boobs look huge!! My natural boobs were never completely even, my left nipple was always slightly lower then the right however i hope they even out a bit more when they settle down! My left boob was also always slightly bigger than my right however my PS didn't want to do 2 different size implants because the size different was barely noticeable. Both have 485cc high profile silicone implants.

First full day back at work

So yesterday when I went into the office I had someone drive me there today I am driving and didn't expect it to be this difficult to turn the wheel! I drive so much for my job. I haven't taken anything for pain and the pain isn't bad just hurts a little bit I'm more so worried about hurting my new boobies! Did anyone drive this soon after BA if so how did it feel?!

Bra size so far

Good news ladies!!!! I fit into Victoria secret, well so far. I tried on a non cute one but super comfy wireless bra. I think I'm going to be just fine fitting in the bras there!!!!! Fingers crossed. This one is a 34 DD even if they get a little bigger when they drop and fluff, I may still fit possibly a 34 DDD! I was actually surprised to see them fit into a 34 DD, they look so big naked. Prior to my surgery I was wearing a 32 D at Victoria Secret.

Sports bra tightness

Sports bra
So yesterday I went to my Post Op appointment and was told my bra that I was wearing was not right enough so last night I slept in a super tight one but woke up in pain and was uncomfortable, today I'm giving this one a try, but still unsure if it's tight enough! What do you ladies think? Is the bra your wearing post up making you feel very squeezed and uncomfortable?! The bra I had on last night my boobs were not moving at all I could do jump and jacks(not that I tried) and they probably wouldn't move. Is that the way it needs to be?! I just want my boobs to come out the prettiest perkiest they possibly can!

Nothing new

Figured I'd give an update! Nothing is new going to work with no problem! My boobs look fantastic. If you are reading this and thinking about getting your boobs done. Do it!!!! I would do it again and again and again. It really wasn't a big deal the first day, second day, and third day you are in a great deal of pain but just stay on top of the meds! I even went to see my nieces dance recital the day after surgery! But I can't say I wasn't in pain. The 4th day the pain decreased significantly and I went to the office in the morning and then by Monday night I felt great! My one incisicion stings from time to time but it's only if I'm walking around a lot because I think the bra might rub it a little. They are getting slightly softer and dropping a tiny tiny bit! But I love them. I finally got a A sorts bra that I feel provides the accurate amount of compression. If you are thinking about getting them done and are in NJ or NY go to Dr. Tutela he is seriously amazing.

One week since my surgery!

So it's been one week since my surgery! Just wanted to update with a picture, my left nipple is still a lot lower than the right, but it looks like the implant on the left is sitting a lot higher than my right so once it drops down maybe it will bring my nipple off some! I'm okay with unevenness as they were before but right now they are very very uneven. I think they just need more time to settle!! Also can't wait to get back into the gym Ahhh feeling soft and pudgy!


I have to go out today, and wanted to look good! This bra feels amazing on my boobs it's the one I posted a picture of I believe it's one of the t shirt bras. No underwire, soft as can be and with the straps tightened nice and tight. My babies are not moving around at all and my one inciscion is usually sore from all my sports bras and it's not sore in this. Love how they look in this shirt and bra! YAY

Nothing new

Nothing really new! Have another post op appointment tomorrow. I'm not 100% pain free yet. Not really in pain just still sore. My nipples are super sensitive! I will be getting my period soon which makes my boobs swollen and sore so that should be fun!!! Other than that just been trying to take it easy and not do to much, can't wait to be completely healed and able to resume all activities! If anything happens at my appointment tomorrow I will update on here!

Update picture

Post op appointment #2

Got the tape taken off today! My inciscions look pretty good already! My tattoo is very close to my breast crease and he did an amazing job with not touching my tattoo at all! All the other surgeons I met with told me they would need to cut into it for sure. Was told to do exercises to move the implant around. And also have to rub/touch this super super sensitive spot I have on my side! The pain there when touched is so weird almost passed out in the office when he touched it. Hopefully that gets better soon! I was given the go ahead to start doing cardio, even running! (With very supportive sports bra) Other than that everything is healing up good so far, super happy with my results!

Before boobs!

loved them now and love them even more now!


My inciscions are so freaking itchy. Oh my gosh I want to scratch the crap out of them. What do I do to get relief? I really really want to scratch them!!! They are uncovered. Ahhhhhh so hard to resist. Any tips? I know it means they are healing but I want to scratch so bad.

Boob greed

Sometimes I feel like they don't look very big and I should went bigger until I take a picture of them nude. Lol!!!! Then I'm totally happy with the size, the last picture I posted, pretty sure they were swollen from getting my period, they looked huge there I feel like they look slightly smaller now and my nipples have evened out yay!!! My itchy post turns out it wasn't normal and I had an allergic reaction to the tape that was over my inciscions, so I been taking benydryl and the redness and itchiness is going away! Other than that still doing my boob exercise! Started cardio last night and did a leg work out today squats, and machines and what not. Nothing that involved me having to lift anything with my arms!


Hi world or whoever reads my posts! This is what my boobs look like today! The change is crazy from right after post op! I hope they stay nice and perky. As you can see my nips are slightly off but this was as uneven as they were before, I actually think there is some improvement after the BA for more evenness! I'm shocked how incognito they are in clothing. You wouldn't look at me and say she had her boobs done or wow look at those boobs! But naked I think they look wow look at those boobs. I like that they are concealable in clothing! But hopefully still wow in a bathing suit top. I find it hard to do my boob exercises like can't find the time during the day because I'm busy. Hopefully they are okay. I'm slacking in that area.

1 day post op/18 days post op

Almost 4 weeks post op

Hi there,

I will be 4 weeks post op on Friday! Which means only 2 more weeks until I can start lifting at the gym again! (As per my surgeon) Figured I would put a picture showing more than just my boobs so you can see the proportions of my body vs boobs. they need to drop a good amount still! I'm just excited to get back in to my normal gym routine! I still feel a little numb under my boobs. My nipples are pretty sensitive still. I still have that hypersensitive spot on my left side next to my boob on my ribcage. Doesn't seem to go away no matter how much I been touching it(supposed to desensitize it). I also can't wait to wear cute bras, never thought I'd say this but I'm getting sick of sports bras. Lol!

5 weeks post op tomorrow!

Tomorrow I am 5 weeks post op! Feeling great. Loving them more and more everyday! Here is an updated picture. I went swimming yesterday and got a little tan line. It's been so hot here so it was nice to get in refreshing water! My boobs are getting softer everyday. I get to start lifting weights and resume all activity in one more week! Woo hoo! I sleep on my side now and have been for the past couple weeks I haven't slept on my tummy yet. It feels funny to smoosh them.

6 weeks post op!

6 weeks post op today!!! Went and bought a couple bras...... 32DDD in Victoria Secret. Hopefully they don't change to much! That size is barely fitting. I started lifting weights on Tuesday. I was supposed to wait until today. But I just did shoulders. Was pretty sore. I'm going to go to the gym and do back and bis! We'll see how that feels. I tried to do a pull up, probably will never do those again my implants move and it feels soooooooo weird.. Haven't tried to do push ups yet I'm scared. I don't want to mess them up so for the meantime I'm trying to do exercises that do not flex the chest muscle too much! Here's a few pictures from today. I love them more and more every day. They are getting so soft! I had no idea how soft they were going to get. It's pretty amazing.

Working out

Hi there,

Many people are speaking to me saying they regret there implants and I will too. I think that it's a very bias comment. You can't say everyone will feel the same way. Every one is different like for instance if one of the reasons you regret yours is because they are droopy after a couple years... And you have a history of severe weight gain and weight loss obviously the elasticity of your skin is going to be much different than someone who's never had drastic weight fluctuations. I welcome all comments but ones who are saying "way better" on my before boobs clearly you read my entire posts and saw that I am 6.5 weeks post op. Your comment would of been useful and more welcomed pre BA, but now it's just rude and bias. Non the less I put reviews on here to help people who are considering a breast augmentation and also to help my self with comments and opinions while I was deciding on one. I really have an idgaf attitude but some people's ignorance is just annoying. Also on this site I have had men comment on my picture.... When I go look at their profile it said they just became a member and only had one comment. What a loser you make a profile just to comment on my picture. I have had men private message me one in particular said "nice tits full frontals would be awesome" I'm just pointing out some of the rudeness I have encountered so ladies becareful if your reading this and want to give back to the community by posting your story!

Since this post is supposed to be about working out, I will now talk about some of the issues I have had so far! Luckily during the 6-7 weeks I took off the gym, I didn't loose much strength yay! However getting back into my normal workout routine hasn't been the easiest. The soreness that I feel after working out is similar to the sorness I felt from the BA about 2 weeks post op. Not to bad but different then normal working out sorness. Also a lot of exercises I did on cables, or with free weights really flexes my chest muscle. This freaks me out and I do not want to dislodge my implants, I want them to stay nice and close together. I was told over time a lot of working out the chest can push your implants apart. I would say this is the hardest part is trying to come up with new exercises to work my back out that is not using my chest as a secondary muscle. For some reason when I do exercises for my back my chest flexes.

I also will never do a pull up again. The implants move so much, it's crazy and can't be good on them. I'm trying to treat them kindly! Which is kind of sad for me because I am a very competitive person and my husband and I like to have pull up contests. Lol!!

Push ups don't feel as strange as pull ups! You can feel your implants move a bit but not as much as I did when trying to do a pull up.... This is also sad to me because again I would have push up contests with the hubby.... I will probably still do a couple every now and then but I will no longer shoot for hitting a high number of reps here as I want my implants to stay as they are!

Handstands..... No difference here! I can still do handstands doesn't feel any different on my implants. At least I have something I can work at. Holding them longer is a goal.

That's really all I have to comment on so far. I knew that getting implants put under the muscle was going to disrupt my routine but I thought it would be a temporary disruption and for certain things it seems more permanent.

I'm attaching a picture to show how small they look in clothing like a workout tank and sports bra! Which is exactly what I wanted. Concealable but big naked! :)

3 months and 1 week post op!


Haven't updated in a while but feel like my boobs have changed a lot in appearance! They dropped a lot since my last update. They are pretty soft now! I started doing more stuff in the gym even though it makes my chest flex! No pain or anything. I'm back to my normal lifestyle and schedule!

Full bod as requested

Livingston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tutela did my surgery yesterday, I couldn't be more pleased with him! He is such a caring sweet person. Really listens to what you want. As soon as he walked in to talk to me yesterday I felt at ease and knew my surgery would go just fine. He has such an upbeat, positive personality and I wouldn't trust anyone else to operate on me. My consultation, he spent an hour and a half with me talking to me about what I want and even showed me pictures. He was very thorough in explaining everything from how the surgery will go, the complications that can happen and etc. I went to 4 surgeons before choosing him and I can honestly say he spent the most time with me and didn't make me feel rushed in anyway. He also took so many measurements to let me know which size, shape, and profile would be best suited for me! I drove an hour and a half to see him and to be operated on and would do it again in a heart beat! He's the best!

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