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My procedure is in 3 days and I am hoping and...

My procedure is in 3 days and I am hoping and praying all goes well. I've met Dr Boutte and her staff and have also seen her work in person but I'm super nervous. It took me forever to post pics because I hate my body. I am definitely ready to move over to the flat side. Please send some positive vibes and encouragement my way. Please & thanks!!!

15 hours and counting

Ready to join the flat crew. Please prat for me. I'm definitely praying for you ladies before, during, and after. People have no idea how mentally draining this can be. Hugs ladies

I'm all donew everyone

Pain not bad but this vomiting....I'm just now really waking up. I'm so glad that my boyfriends cousin came to help him because I was so out of it that I could hardly walk. I woke up twice during procedure. I couldn't open eyes but I sure felt the tugging. My boyfriend is helping me with keeping up with numerous pills cuz I can't remember when I took what. drains for me and my back is sorer than rest. Talk to you guys later

Showering is hard

Omg I knew you get dizzy when you take stuff off but I thought after 5-10 min that it would go away. We had to put folding chairs in shower so I could tolerate it. Anyway these are 1 day post-op pics. The swelling is no joke. It took forever to get in my faja

Better view post op day 1

4 days post op & recovery is no joke

I'm sooo tired. Belly is still sore. I can't hardly eat. The recliner is my best friend. I'm ready for this to be over with. On a positive note, I'm getting quicker at putting faja on. It's easier to do with ab board but board isn't that comfortable either. I salute anyone who goes back to work within a week because they have superpowers!!!


I went to my 1 week yesterday to get stitches out and they noticed some small fluid pockets so decided to drain me in office. That burned and hurt like hell!!! I got lightheaded and almost passed out twice due to burning sensation so they weren't able to drain as much as they wanted. The massage and draining portion added to my already super sore flanks was just too much to bear. Now I have bandages again to puncture sites and binder on under faja and ab board and really am hurting. Damn it, I was finally starting to feel a little better and now I feel like that office visit hurt and swole me up more. I will take pics tomorrow. I'm still happy with my results but ready to be back totally self sufficient and pain free. I'm nervous and excited to start lymphatic massages next week. Dr Boutte says they will help a lot though. In the meantime, she suggested I use a rolling pin on sides. I'm definitely not ready for that yet.

Swollen and itchy but still happy

I thought I looked great yesterday at 1 week checkup but nurse said I needed to be drained. Ughh!!! Hurt like heck, made me lightheaded, and I feel like I swole up more but here are results. I didn't have to wear binder prior to this but she suggests that I do to help draining. Let me just say that I hate this thing. The rolling, the indentation that it leaves, and the itching it causes. Anyway, I can't wait for the flat curvy shape and end of faja days.

2 weeks update

Sooo at 2 weeks mark I weighed myself and despite feeling bloating, I was down 9 lbs since surgery. I will weigh myself again and post pics on Tuesday (3 wk mark). I got measured today and lost 4 inches above navel, 6 at navel, & 4 below navel. 1st massage was today and hurt like heck due to soreness but I feel so much better. I decided to go with Body of Health in Snellville because other lady was unprofessional and I promise you it was the best decision ever. Julie is not only informative but thorough. I recommend her highly. Best of wishes ladies!!!

3 week update

Sorry no pics. My stomach is still flat as a board but is currently lathered up with cocoa butter to heal dry peeling dark areas which doc and massage therapist says is from poor circulation and common with women who have had children. It should be fully healed in next 2 weeks (I hope). Swelling has went down tremendously and small amount of bruising continues. My massage therapist put kinesiology tape on areas that were swelling the most and were super sore (love handles and groin). Tape stays on for 5-7 days so I will keep you all posted on if it works or not. She has a bunch of gidget gadgets and tricks to speed up the healing process and I'm hoping one and/or all of them work soon. My back is still sore but getting better and my weight is the same. I'm trying to continue to eat healthy and drink plenty of water but had a cheat meal yesterday and today because I was on the verge of snapping. Lol. I couldn't even finish either 1. I'm back on track though. I hope everyone is doing well. Hugs dolls

5 week update

Hey ladies. Sorry that I been m.i.a. Been trying to heal up, work, & play supermom. Dark areas finally peeled off of stomach so now I'm cocoa buttering the heck out of discolorations. My stomach is still flat and just a little swollen but sides are still extremely swollen. I keep getting indentations on sides so i decided to do a few more massages. I'm finally down to smaller fajas but haven't lost any more weight. I'm sick of ab board & fajas but they have definitely done their jobs. My 1 month checkup isn't until next week but I will keep you all posted on results. Hugs & wishing you all a speedy recovery.

2 months out

Sorry I've been m.i.a.. I'm still loving my results though. I still get swelling to lower sides & pubic area at times so I'm still doing massages. My pockets are not happy but I think I will be great after just 1 or 2 more sessions. I'm still stuck at 8 lbs weightloss which is ok but I want to get another 7 off. I was 185 the day of surgery & 177 seem to want to be my magic number. I lost a total of 5 inches above navel, 7 at navel, & 7 below the navel. I think Dr Boutte gave me more hips too. I love my results.

3 month update

Hello all. I hope you all are doing great & having speedy recoveries. Anyway, I've been cheating a little to much so I'm a little swollen so I still wear board which helps a lot. I have eased off sleeping in anything though the last few days. It feels so weird being unrestricted. Lol. The darkness to my stomach is slowly improving. I decided to try on an old swimsuit. I love my results minus the occassional swelling and numerous stretch marks but those will get better with time (cocoa butter & some skin bleaching cream are helping a bunch). I can't complain considering how flat my stomach is and that I absolutely refused to have tummy tuck. It just feels good to not have extra row hanging over underwear.

Dr Boutte is very friendly and great at what she does. I had seen several of her patients results in person prior to booking with her. She promised to give me a great outcome and she definitely delivered.

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