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1/25/13- This was the day I was scheduled for my...

1/25/13- This was the day I was scheduled for my second procedure on my upper/lower abs, flanks, bra roll, and etc. The appointment was at 3 pm and I arrived with my aunt about 30mins early. The wait to go up for surgery was not long at all. I was there all of 5 mins before Nurse Lee came to get me to prep. When I went in for this procedure I really didn't have no expectations, the surgery lasted about 5 1/2 hrs and I don't know the total of cc's that was removed, but I will be updating this information once I find out. Dr. Boutte' is truly in the right field, if you are nervous she ensures you that eveything is going to be okay and of course it does. On the way home I can't remember most of the ride, but I do know that the compression garment had me to the faint or pass out stage we had to remove it. The nurse called to check on me and stated I had to put it back on, so I did, but it is not comfortable at all.

The photos that are added is whole body shots of what I wanted work done on as a whole, so please excuse the photos is not a pretty sight, but it shows the problem areas. To see my arm results please revert to that blog and I will be updated the abs periodically as well. Thanks for all your support during this journey.

1/29/13- Okay, it has officially been 4 days...

1/29/13- Okay, it has officially been 4 days post-op and here are my measurements pre-op:

R Arm- 16 1/2 in.

L Arm- 16 in.

Bust- 40 in.

Waist- 38 in.

Hips- 48 1/2 in.

I will be updating these measurements as things progress. Okay, let's talk about how I feel about the abs Smartlipo, i'm unsure if its worth it yet because i'm still dealing with the pain of getting up, bending, and sitting for long periods of times. I can see the immediate change in my waist and stomach; however, it looks wrinkled, lumpy, bumpy, and a little deformed if you ask me. The worse thing about this procedure to me is the girdle with the boning in it. Due to the brusing in my rib area the boning is a constant reminder of the pain I not to long ago endured. I went back to work today with it on and had to leave at noon because I couldn't even think straight. And, yes I took it off at work and my hubby to me by Bali Hanes and I bought a High-waisted similiar panty without the boning in it and it has done well so far. I also, order the High & Sleek panty from spanx everyone is raving about. I did get a chance to speak to Nurse Lee and she said that the boning is what supports you and that I can use some type of padding such as guaze along the boning lining for comfortability. I told her I couldn't even think straight in that thing at all. I have read alot of reviews on here and no one seem to give you the in between of these procedures, it is not a pretty sight or a good feeling, although I know time is on my side, I just wish that I could skip this part. I have been still taking antibotics, Zinc, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C from time-to-time I have also had to take my pain meds. UUUUUUgggghhh I will be glad when this to shall past. I will post pics of my stomach without the bandages, but I must let you know that my son took these photos and got my panty liner; however, it is clean. So, please excuse this part of the picture. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Until next time you guys good luck on your progress.........

1/31/13- I must say that today has been by far the...

1/31/13- I must say that today has been by far the best day after my ab procedure. My husband has truly put me up on something that has made me feel so much better. I was able to sit and get up without assistance, and even though I am still very swollen, have lumps, and sore, today I was able to endure. I also missed a 1wk follow-up this morning from over sleeping; however I was able to reschedule for tomorrow at 10am. I think that my garment will change tomorrow, but let me tell you what I have done. I did by the high-waisted panty from Bali Hanes; however, being that MN is coming it was a hassle pulling it up and down, I was literally spending 10 to 15mins in the bathroom every time I went. It was exhausting. So, today I put on a compression cami with the binder around my waist and some panties. Boy, this felt like heaven. I didn't know that I would feel this way about wearing underwear, but I do. Anyways I just wanted to update you guys on my progress as I feel like there is something to tell that may be useful........

2/1/13- Okay went for 1 week follow up for abs....

2/1/13- Okay went for 1 week follow up for abs. They changed my garment to or should I say to the full body magic garment however my thighs was too big even with the extenders so they went with the body magic corset however it didn't cover the bottom of many belly. It is a size 30. Sooooo they say I need to wear a panty girdle with it. They also said I couldn't take it off for a couple days. Well at the end of my night yesterday all the fluid had went to the bottom of my stomach my whole bottom part was swollen and whepped up. So my husband made me take it off I'm talking about it was so big that I couldn't bend or sit. After removing it I showered and put on the high waisted panty and the binder to sleep in. Woke up this morning and stomach area was flatter than a pancake. So I will not be wearing that corset again regardless of how or what it suppose to do.

2/5/13- Okay, yesterday I was completely bloated...

2/5/13- Okay, yesterday I was completely bloated and swollen, so I went home after work and compressed all night. Woke this morning and wala everything bounced right back. For some reason, I wasn't able to go to sleep lastnight, so right about now I am at work, working on an overtank....... however I ordered me another garment from "" The garment is a one piece lace panty corset compression garment called, "Mia." I ordered this for a better control or a tighter control like they wanted me to have with the "Bodymagic corset and high-waisted panty", or the "Bodymagic one piece" that I couldn't fit in because of my thighs; however, this garment does not have the boning in it like they would like it to have, but we will see how it fit and feels when I receive it. Anyway, I am so loving the "High & Sleek Panty" by Spanx it is the bomb! I would recommend over and over again, for it is comfortable and gives a tight hold in the mid-section and back area. Other than that you guys I am healing well in the abs area, not really sore any longer, and I am back to my normal routine. So, I hope all is well with you guys and I hope you are where you hope to be or getting there in the near future. Until next time you all take care.

2/5/13- Hello to RealSelf community, I just want...

2/5/13- Hello to RealSelf community, I just want to keep you guys abreast of how things are going for me. Happy, joyful, excited, anixous, and etc. etc. I have days wear I am flat all day, and then there are days when I swell, but at the end of the day it's all about believing in what the end shall be. I am believing that in the end after all the lumps, bumps, and swelling that the "BANGING BODY" shall for sure show herself approved....... Thanks to all of you for believing in self first and then me...... love you guys and happy results!

2/11/13- OMG, you guys I must tell you that I...

2/11/13- OMG, you guys I must tell you that I attended a concert on last Thrus. "DWELE" with a co-worker and I was feeling fine great the pics I added can show you how I felt. Anyway, I woke up on Fri. and I was burning on the inside like I was on fire, I went to work and my husband had to come pick me up because I couldn't even walk, my stomach had swelled up to the size of a basketball and the pain was unbearable. I had a fever that was so high that I got a fever blister on my lip my husband had to buy me fever reducers and Epson to break the fever. On Sunday, I woke up my stomach was hard as a rock, on today I woke up feeling a whole lot better but still a little fever and my stomach is still rock hard. I can't even say where this came from or what I did to cause it other than "LACK OF SLEEP" I mean I slept until today, and my husband was really worried about me, I couldn't eat, think, or talk to anyone until today. I mean this was the worse experience ever. So, lady's don't move too fast even if you feel like running a marathon and get the right amount of rest because if not you will have a near death experience like I did. At least that's what it felt like.......

2/23/13-Hello realself fam. All is well with me...

2/23/13-Hello realself fam. All is well with me and I hope the same with you. I'm blessed to be here and cured from my previous infection; however, I just wanted you guys to know I'm still healing and I'm loving the job Dr. Boutté done. I just have to tone and I'm starting that process Sunday. So I'm gonna add some updated photos and outfits that I'm taking with me on my upcoming Vegas trip. Please tell me what you think about them. I am still compressing I still have hardness and lumps.I scheduled my first lymphatic massage next week. I also have my 1 month follow up next week as well. I will keep you posted on what's to come. Be healed and blessed until next time.

"From Banging to Hanging"

I received cosmetic surgery from this business in February and March 2013. I was suppose to meet with Dr. Boutte on 03/14/2013, and was called to rescheduled, but it wasn't a good time for me. I was told that I would be called with a new rescheduled date, and have not received that as of yet either. When I went in prior to this appointment and met with her nurse Mrs. Lee. I questioned the fat that was overlapping my garment, and was told that it was a separate part of my arm; however, this part of my arm was never discussed as a separate entity in my consult had it been I could have added it on at that time for $750.00, but when I asked for a quote I was told I had to pay an additional $2200.00 for this part of my body. I had already spent $8000 to get my whole upper body done. I paid for the following: upper arms, upper and lower abdomen, flanks, bra roll, and dimpling in the buttock area. I was told this was considered a wrap around. I also purchase a full body magic garment that I couldn't wear, so I was suppose to be reimbursed because I opted to go with the corset. I have yet to see my refund since March 2013. I was told that it will take 20 days it's been 90. I have noticed fat pockets in my abdomen area that was left undone. I have emailed, called, and left messages, and I have been constantly avoided. I also suffered from a Staff Infection from this facility as well immediately after surgery and had to be off work. My husband was very worried about my health as well. I was told by Nurse Lee that this wasn't something from the facility, but something that I had done; however, this company has been on the news for this very thing. My stomach has a huge fat pocket on the left side and on the right it is flat. My fat in my arms has returned as well. I have worn the garment and that's how I know it was left from the surgery. I am mad ass hell with Dr. Boutte, and her staff this is really unacceptable. Not only is it me it is other's that I have personally referred and has my name attached to it. It makes me look bad. I met a new girl at work that had Dr. Boutte do her surgery over a year ago, and have the same issue. One side of her stomach is bigger than the other; along with a good friend of mine she is having the same issue. I spoke highly of this facility, and not to have no response at all. It's time to reach out to a lawyer asap! So, to all women that is looking to look better for you think about this long and hard before you go through with it on a serious tip. I feel that I have paid for services that I didn't receive, and that the level of professionalism is not there. I think that Dr. Boutte need to choose her help a little better, and compensate for the mistakes that she has made as well. I have referred so many people to this company, and have received no help from them at all. This is very unprofessional!

"Wrong Belly to be Showing"

This is just sickening to my stomach. This is horrible!

"Dr. Schilling is going to save my Hanging Body"

So, I had a consultation yesterday morning with Dr. Schilling in Stockbridge, GA to see if he can correct Dr. Boutte's mistake. I arrived for my appointment 15mins early, and was seen on time first of all. Dr. Schilling was very nice and concern about my results. He stated, "You surely do have a "fat pocket" and it can be fixed, but it's obvious that there was not enough fat taken on the left side of your stomach." He also said to me when it came to my arms that I still had 600cc's of fat still left on them because believe it or not they look the same way they did when I first went in. I don't know what happened, but I have consistently been working out twice a day, and still they are hugh. I told him about the compression garments and he said, "no matter if you wear that compression garment that fat pocket is not going anywhere." I was like WOW! really. Then he said, "I would be interested in knowing how many cc's she removed from your arms because if it was 200 to 300 cc's that was truly not enough for you to see any results." I also told him about the fat they tried to quote me $2,200 for. Which was the xcilar (this is apart of the arm, but Dr. Boutte charges seperately) Dr. Schilling said that this is apart of the arm procedure and should have not been nothing priced differently. Dr. Schilling has been doing cosmetic surgery for over 23years, and I should have consulted with him earlier this year, and I wouldn't have these issues, but there is no need to complain because it won't do any good. He basically told me he can redo my whole upper body again to get the results I was expecting for $3800.00. That is a good price to fix something that someone else done. He asked me if she offered to fix it, and I told him that I can't even get a response back from my voicemails or emails, and even she did I wouldn't go back due to the infection I contracted when I was there last. However, I do feel she should be responsible for this cost. This means that I will have spent almost $11,000 to get my body done like a was a 300lb individual. No offense to bigger people it's just that it takes a little more work for them than it does for 168lb woman. I feel all people should do what they feel is best for them, but to destroy someone's confidence because your work was shady is unexpectable and unprofessional. I will not stop until I have justice in this matter. I refuse to lay down and take what this company is dishing out!!!!!!!!!!!!
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

Her work speaks for itself, and her bedside manners is one that can't be described into words. All I know is that every ounce of pain is worth it because she makes you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world which makes everything else is okay.

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