Been a Long Time Coming

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I've been wanting to have this procedure done...

I've been wanting to have this procedure done since the birth of my son 4 years ago. I was discouraged by friends and family who believed I could work it off. Well I couldn't . Rewind 2001 I had a tummy tuck after the birth of my 1st child and I just had excess skin that wouldn't go back. Ten years later have my son not as bad as with my 1st child but I have fat pockets that won't go away no matter how much diet and excercise I do. Mind you I'm 5'2 always between 125 and 130 lbs.

What I'm working with now.

Uploading pics 4 days before the procedure. ???????? Praying for a flat tummy and more defined waist that diet and excercise hasn't given me. Having my full abdomen, love handles and bra roll done. Current measurements. 34/29/39 hoping to be 34/24/39. Not getting fat transfer because I've gained butt through excercise and I'll continue working with my trainer to get to 40 or 42 in the hips and butt.

Oh my wish pic

Working for this look.

Home Sweet Home

Relieved it's over and done. I was scared out of my mind but was soon put as ease by the nurses. All I remember was signing in, peeing in a cup taking meds ,and taking pics. After that I magically was at home. LOL I ate as soon as I got in. Turkey sandwich, cinnamon rice cakes and a pear. Threw up everything. Hubby man lasagna eating that about an hour after I threw up and it's staying down. When I went to the bathroom I peed blood I guess from the cath. No drains Yaaaaaaay!! But a lot of draining. Pretty gross but comes with the territory. Will update with pics if possible tomorrow.

Home Sweet Home cont....

Sorry for typos in the last post I am still feeling a little loopy but coherent. Honestly I thought it would be much worse that it is. I also can't stand straight up I will try tomorrow.

Ali can say is Damn Damn Damn

First off I feel great. Mind you I have a very high pain tolerance I haven't taken Tylenol or pain pills. I feel like I've done a million crunches though. I did however feel some pain when taking the binder off it took like 30 mins to get it off. I don't have much brushing. I drained like crazy from my right side to the point I was changing the pad every 2 hrs. I've been up an about can't stand tall as of yet but I did stretch. Anywho here's my updated pics less than 24hrs after surgery.

Loving the results hating the soreness :/

Can't seem to get comfortable at all. I fall asleep but wake up from the soreness when I move. Taking off the garment to shower is the worst. When I tell you it will bring tears to your eyes. Please get a garment that zips, snaps or clips in the front stay the hell away from anything that needs to roll down. Today I'm taking it easy kids and hubby waiting on my every need enjoying that lol. Again all of the swelling bruising etc.... Worth the results I see already.

Loving my results

So far so good! I still have a lot of swelling and intense soreness in the rib area. It's all worth it though. I would do it 100 times over :-)
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