Flirty 30, my Gift to Myself! Smart lipo

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I've been all in y'all's business on RS for about...

I've been all in y'all's business on RS for about a year lol. Researching and planning. I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I was initially thinking of going to Dr. Castor in Tampa, but after reading reviews and seeing pics, I need Dr. Boutte in my life!! I just contacted them the other day and looking to get something done before the end of the year, hopefully before December :) I will update a lot along the way, whether it ends up being Dr. Boutte or someone else.


Ok, so I've changed my mind and want to get a bbl! That was the first reason I signed on to RealSelf, then I decided to just do lipo and see how that shapes me. But it makes more sense to get a bbl. I'm consulting with a few doctors right now. Mainly in Miami bc for some reason that's the only city I can find recovery houses in. I'll be doing this alone so I'd rather be with like minded ppl than be alone in a hotel somewhere. :-/


Just a heads up!!! Walgreens is having buy one, get one free online and in stores right now for a lot of vitamins and supplements!! I think as long as you keep it to the same brand, it will qualify. Some are buy 1, get 1 50% off as well, either way you're saving $$$

Research maniac

I've been researching and talking to so many different people, coordinators, and doctors offices that my head is starting to spin!! Ahhhhh
But the research is sooooo necessary! This is quite an investment! Once I get my date and Doctor set up then I will post before pics.

Still undecided

It'll be either Dr. Boutte or McAdoo...

Vanity is a little bit annoying. Like they will call you multiple times a day, I feel like they are a well trained sales team smh. They don't feel real personal, like I'm just another number, however, the doctors' results speak for themselves. And at the end of the day I don't need friends at the office. On the other hand, Dr. Boutte's team is impeccable. I mean so nice, down to earth, on top of it, professional. Feel like you're talking to old friends. However, I was given a quote. And when I inquired about their fall specials(which had been sent to me by hem a few days earlier) there was no more communication...I mean crickets. Before that I was getting emails, texts, and return phone calls within 10-15 minutes. Like, if you're going to advertise for something and says its on special for 50% off then honor that, or not, but tell me that, don't go radio silent. I'm going to call back on Monday and see if I get a reply, maybe I'm overreacting but whatevs, just seems mighty suspicious.

Anyhow, I'm also debating just lipo or bbl. I just feel like if you're going to suck all my fat out, and you're already back there... May as well add a little something lol. I know if I get some aggressive lipo that will enhance my already nice booty but I'm just scared I'll regret not getting fat transfer. Sigh. Idk

Wishy washy

Sooo, I've changed my mind back to just getting lipo. I put my deposit down with Dr. Castor in Tampa today! My date is set as Dec 11. There's no more changing my mind lol

I've decided against the bbl mainly bc of the time need for recovery. I kept referencing the " 1 month" recovery bc that's when they say you can sit normally, but to be honest, everyone body is different & bc they say you can sit doesn't mean you'll be completely healed. I'm a teacher so I didn't want to be trying to rush my recovery so I can be back in the classroom by the time Christmas break is over. I figure if I decide to get a BBL it'll be in the summer.

Let me just say Dr. Windell-Davis Boutte's coordinator Crystal is the main reason I decided not to go with her. Don't text me telling me you'll call then don't. Every since I asked about the special that THEY sent to ME via email, it's like I don't exist. Don't quote me this high ass price, then get mad when I ask about your specials. Hell, why even advertise a special? I was talking to them about the procedure before any specials were offered. If you want a certain amount then don't offer specials. Anyway, I'm over them. Just a heads up for anyone who has considered her for lipo, yes her work is amazing but are you willing to go through BS just to get it when there are numerous doctor who can give the same/better results at better prices. *iPhone emoji painting my fingernails*

I booked my flight and hotel today as well. I'm super amped up!

Dr. Castor responds to emails personally, even late at night. His payment process is flawless, unlike a lot of those Miami surgeons who have super sketchy ways to pay that seem like they're trying to avoid either the IRS or giving refunds.

Counting down

Been taking my vitamins & preparing myself. I'm not necessarily nervous, more like anxious. I'm having iv sedation so I'm not sure what to expect with that. I hope I'm alert after the surgery and not loopy. Dr. Castor's coordinator Angela is all of a sudden hard to reach. When I email her she only answers certain questions not all. At first, she was extremely attentive. Supposedly their phones and whatnot haven't been working right so im going to let that excuse work for now. Still doesn't explain not replying to emails, but whatever. I'm supposed to pay balance in cash to get a discount. All I know is, when I get there for my preop there better not be BS. I am not the one.


Came straight from airport to preop, luggage and all. I had a later appointment but I wanted to get everything done before I checked into my hotel because once I got comfortable it would be a wrap lol. I have nothing but great things to say about the staff. Walked in, didn't have to say a word, the receptionist knew who I was. Filled out a couple sheets of paper then went in the back. Angela, who I've been mainly communicating with, came in and took pictures, measurements, and weight. She is as nice in person as she is via the phone and email. 5 mins later, in comes Dr. Castor. I think he is soooo handsome! He looks better than the pic he has up here on RS. Anyway I was immediately comforted by talking to him. He explained everything in detail and had me stand up and told me what he was going to do. He told me that I should have good result bc of my skin and whatnot. That was a relief to hear him say that. He is very nice and personable. I didn't have many questions bc I've been researching so long plus I have to trust his instinct, he's the experienced Doctor. I did ask about piercings, I have nose and nipples , he said I could leave them in since I'm not getting cut open or anything. I didn't have to have and bloodwork done, since I'm in good health and am not taking any mess for any other problems. This process with Dr. Castor and Artisan Aesthetics had been easy breezy. I'm so glad I went wth my first mind and chose Dr. Castor. I'm almost certain had I went to Miami I wouldn't have had this great if experience. I'm first tomorrow morning, I can't wait!

Before pics


I'm out

Still super numb. I haven't even looked in the mirror. I'm going to try not to take measurements or weight for a week. I feel great though. Initially waking up is weird bc you're there but not there. I could feel myself getting stronger. Once I stood up and put garment on I felt a lot stronger. I've been walking around, moving a lot, with minimal pain. I'm the type of person who tries to figure out all the negative things that could possible happen and prepare for that, so anything less is always a positive lol. I do have am extremely high pain tolerance so tbh others might feel more pain. It doesn't even feel like 1000 crunches as they like to say on here. More like, I haven't worked out for the a few weeks and just got back into gym. Not painful really, just a dull ache. Hope I'm explaining it well. Anyway, took a couple acetaminophen just in case. Haven't filled my hydrocodone prescription yet, I'm not a pain med kind of girl. If I need it, I'll go to Walmart. I'm acting like I'm super hard, but wait til this numbing med goes away, we'll see how I do lol


I'm don't think I'm going to update anymore. Seems kind of pointless since I don't think anyone is even reading it. If I have any complications I'll post that just for future reference. I'll prob still get on here occasionally and read others' reviews/progress

Am I a weirdo?

I feel like I should be in pain lol. -___- as much as I fretted over this and researched/over analyzed /read y'all reviews, I thought I'd be walking Like an old lady with a walker lol

Stopped draining last night thanknGod. That was horrible and gross. I took a shower this morning and it felt wonderful. The most pain I had was taking the tape off that was holding the gauze. Been out with my friend today. I took a couple acetaminophen before we went just in case I overdid it, but I feel fine. Like, I could have flown back home this morning instead of tomorrow, but I've enjoyed my little weekend vacation.

Dr. Castor called while we were out and I missed it but I called him back. He was just checking on me seeing if I had any questions. He said he got about 3liters of fat out of me. I'm not sure if I actually want to see it lol. I will probably come back out here in 6 weeks and stop by his office. They told me whenever I come they will work me in, I don't have to make an appointment.
I go back home tomorrow, I can't wait! I miss my daughter :(

1 week post op + some ideas for the frugal ;)

So I woke up today hella swollen. I had almost a whole bag of takis last night, I've been doing so well watching my sodium intake, but I def paid for it this morning :(

Anyway looking at my pic I'm encouraged to lose weight since Dr. Castor did tell me I wouldn't be completely flat unless I lost about 10 lbs.

I was telling another RS doll about how I bought some sheets of polyurethane from Walmart for $4, and got some questions in my inbox. If you want to but the brand name topi foam, Epi foam, lipo foam then by all means do so if you are leery of trying something else. However, I refuse to pay $40-50 for a name. I bought 100% polyurethane online from Walmart 4sheets 16x16 and cut them to fit my CG. They have different sizes to choose from. The brand is Ashford Textiles Poly foam.
Also, I made my own lipo board. Lol. Found out that it's only cardboard with some type of fabric over it. Soooo, I used all these Amazon boxed I've accumulated and made a couple different ones. I just cut an old pillowcase, folded it over the cardboard, and stapled it to the corners of the cardboard and voila! Lipo board :)
I feel so stable with my foam, board, CG, and binder or cincher on!!! I can't bend but oh well lol.

I had something else to add but I forgot. Don't judge me. I'm so glad today is a half day for school, and I get 2.5weeks to work out and heal even more without children bothering me every second(besides my daughter and nephew :/ ) anyways I'll update with another pic a week from today.

Oh I also want to mention nobody in my family knows I had the procedure done so I don't have anyone taking pictures of me and whatnot so I give ya what I can :-D
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Castor and his office staff and surgery staff are awesome. Everything was explained to me in detail. I didn't have many questions but I am confident they would have been answered thoroughly. You can tell everyone knows exactly what their role is. His practice is a well oiled machine. If I decide to do anything else I will definitely go back to Dr. Castor! I'm still in early stages and have not had any questions/complications (knock on wood), but I will definitely update my review on the Doctor/his staff if my feelings change.

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