Let the Countdown to Smartlipo Begin! 11/13/2015 - Lilburn, GA

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I'm very petite (119 lbs), workout 3 to 4 days a...

I'm very petite (119 lbs), workout 3 to 4 days a week and in good shape; however, I cannot get rid of my tummy fat. I guess I could, but I would have to lose like 20 pounds and I dont want that because I love my size/weight. So I did some research and decided to go to Dr. Boutte's office; had my consultation on Nov 7th with Crystal. After she looked at my abdomen, she wanted to make sure I didn't have a condition called Diastasis which is when the abdomen muscles separate. She went to get a nurse, but guess who decided to see me instead? Yes, Dr. Boutte herself. She came in smiling and looking super fabulous (lol). She examined me and said I do not have Diastasis. She explained the Smartlipo procedure to me in detail and asked if I had any questions. She was so nice and friendly, so was Crystal. I felt like I was sitting there talking to family members, that's just how comfortable they made me feel. I knew right then and there this was the place for me. I had my blood work drawn. Wait a minute... Let me tell you I am TERRIFIED of needles, always have been!! HOWEVER, the young lady who drew my blood (forgot her name) WAS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! I DID NOT FEEL THE NEEDLE GO IN, GOD IS MY WITNESS! I asked her if she was going to be there the day of my surgery and she said she was. I was so happy to hear that because I now know the insertion of the IV should not be bad at all.

I forgot to mention the staff. Everyone I saw that day was very nice and professional. I got such a great vibe from everybody! There were no attitudes, no rudeness, nothing. Even though there were several people in the waiting area, I did not have a long wait time at all. The office was very neat and clean.

Looking forward to Nov 13th. :-)


Just received word that I would have to have a catheter inserted! I would have to be on my death bed before I allow that to happen! Wish I was told this before I agreed to surgery and paid my money.

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Looking forward to my surgery date.

Post Smartlipo Items

Post surgery items I have so far:
1. Pre-op kit from doctor's office containing antibacterial soap, vitamins, Arnica, and ointment/creams for bruising;
2. Stage 2 compression garment (will get doc's approval on size); doctor provides stage 1 garment);
3. Paper tape to hold pads;
4. Female urinal;
5. Compression socks;
6. Topifoam for use to prevent creases in skin from garment and to help when garment gets loose;
7. Extra strength and PM Tylenol;
8. Stool softeners;
9. Cotton swabs; and
10. Rubber gloves.

I know I'm probably forgetting something. :-)


Forgot to add pic of some of the post-lipo items.


Okay, this will be my last post until Friday, surgery day. As you know, I started taking my vitamins the doctor gave me last week. I start the Bromelain pills tomorrow and the antibiotics on Wednesday. The doctor called in my prescription which I will bring with me the morning of surgery. I will also bring my female urinal since my fabulous doctor agreed to do procedure without the use of a catheter. I have not had any alcohol in about a month; still hitting the gym getting my workout on. I figured if I follow Dr. Boutte's orders exactly, it will better my chances of a good outcome and speedy recovery. :-)

Signing off for now, Realself family.


Surprisingly, I was not at all scared, nervous or worried before surgery. I was taken upstairs, pictures were taken, I was given pills and then my surgical areas were washed. I don't recall anything after that. Oh, I do remember there was trouble getting my IV in and I started complaining to Dr. Boutte's assistant that it hurt. Next thing I know I was getting dressed. Dr. Boutte and her staff were wonderful. They made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process! I'm feeling a little tired right now but great and happy it's over. Below is a picture I took just before writing this reviews.

Post op Pic

Several hours after surgery. I have no bood or drainage yet. I'm still feeling good, no pain at all. We'll see what happens by this afternoon(LOL). It's current 6:12am.


I'm a bit swollen but no bruising, and you can hardly see the incision marks.

Bottom left is front without topifoam, bottom right is front WITH topifoam under garment.

I still feel really good; no pain at all. Never did drain. Nurse Lee called to check on me and I asked if having no drainage was normal. She asked if I'd been using the bathroom a lot and I said yes. She said body absorbs fluid and it comes out through urine. Says there is nothing for me to worry about. :-)

Another 2 day post op

THREE DAYS POST OP - So far so good

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good. My stomach is still tender but I can handle it. Before I shower I will take 2 Tylenol.

I no longer have love handles!!! YAY!! My stomach is still swollen which is to be expected at this point. I'm still wondering though why I was not wrapped in a binder. From everything I've read on my post-op instructions and from Realself Smartlipo patients, a binder is wrapped around the compression garment right after surgery. Anyway, I'm not going to stress over that, just hope by not having it for 2 days won't delay my final outcome; starting to think had I been using a binder, my stomach wouldn't be as swollen but who knows! 8-)

I will post more pictures on Friday after my first post op visit with nurse Lee.

3 Days Post Op Pics - Have not gotten binder yet

Just got out of shower and figured I'd take a couple of pics to show lower abdomen swelling. I'm going by the doctor's office to pickup binder which I plan on wearing every night for at least a month.

I received my Design Veronique compression garment (#1659) in the mail today. By the time I put it on after my shower, I was too exhausted to take pictures. *breathing fast* *eyes rolled in back of head* It's the exact same size garment I received from doc's office, just much more comfortable, has better support and has an opening at the bottom for easy bathroom use.

Six Days Post Op - Have Creases in Skin

Still doing well, however, I need your help! As you can see, my topifoam and ab board are causing creases in my skin. If anyone out there in Smartlipo land knows what I could do to avoid this happening, please let me know! My one week post-op visit is tomorrow and I plan on asking about this. Swelling is starting to go down a bit. I CANNOT wait until I can get back in the gym and really start working out again.

I just love Dr. Boutte and her team for taking care of me!!! :-)


My appt with nurse Lee went well, stitches were removed. I asked her about the creases, she said they will go away, not to worry. I just got in, feeling a little sore so I'm going to take something, shower then turn in for the evening. I did not post pics today because I just posted several last night; not much has changed. At my one month mark, I will take and post updated pictures. Oh, I now need a XS size garment! I just ordered one from Design Veronique (Style# 165 black). Well, that's it for right now, Smart lipo family. Sister Soldier is tired!! :-)

Numbness/Soreness Starting to Go Away

One week and 2 days post op, my stomach is starting to feel so much better. After I shower, I'm able to massage my stomach with warm 100% coco butter. When I first tried this, I couldn't go past 5 minutes without having to stop because it was too painful. Well, this morning, I massaged stomach and sides for about 25 minutes. As I was massaging, I felt a small knot on my right side so I really pressed and massaged knot until it smoothed out a bit. Swelling has gone down a lot. I know I said in last post that I'll post more pictures in a month. I think I'll post two weeks and three weeks post op pictures also. This way those who are curious (like I used to be before surgery) about how results might look at that stage (everyone recovers differently, keep in mind) will have an idea.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention something I started doing which really helped me as far as pain and swelling, besides staying compressed, drinking lots of fluid, walking around and also getting lots of rest. Smartlipo family, I tell you this will work. Mix about a tablespoon of organic honey with two tablespoons of organic lemon juice with hot water; let the water warm a bit then drink first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.

Ten Days Post Op - Shoulder/Neck Pain

UGH!!!!! Lord, give me strength, please. My neck and shoulders are killing me!! I know it's from the way I've been sleeping lately, which has been all over the place. I'm going TONIGHT to get a deep tissue massage! I'm not even concerned about a lymphatic massage right now because my shoulders and neck feel worse than my stomach!! My stomach soreness is getting better day by day but neck is getting worse. Hopefully, the deep tissue massage will help.

YIKES!!!! Guess who finally started to have drainage!!?

Yes, ME!! And it happened this evening while at the airport!!! Finally, after 12 whole days post op, I started draining from the incision inside top of butt. There was a hard lump there, didn't feel like it had fluid inside but it did. I'm glad I had my carry-on bag and was able to change in the restroom. Last night, I had a lymphatic masage but nothing came out. Not sure what triggered the waterfall tonight. Anyway, just wanted those who didn't know, like myself, that you can actually start drainage weeks after your procedure. :-)


My waist is getting smaller and smaller! I feel pretty good, still draining in the back near butt but only when I push and massage area. My family and I spent several hours at the mall last night; I didn't need to take a Tylenol when we returned. Not sure if you can see, but I have several small knots. My next lymphatic massage is scheduled for Wednesday. I'm thinking about trying to get in tomorrow instead. The numbness feeling is almost gone, and my skin is not sore to the touch anymore. I never did experience any itching or burning *KNOCK ON WOOD*. But then I didn't experience draining until almost 2 weeks after procedure so you never know. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Oh, I'm in an xs Veronique garment. I have not worn but ab board since changing to new size; however, my xs is starting to get loose already because I can almost fit my hand inside the front of it. So when I get back to GA tomorrow, I'm going to start wearing my board or at least the topifoam.

Before/2 Wks Post Smartlipo


Nothing is more comfortable than wearing sweater dresses after smartlipo!! Forget about trying to wear jeans or pants, especially when you need to wear a belt. Ladies, if you have not bought any of these dresses by now, do yourself a favor and go purchase several. You'll be glad you did!!

One week and three days post op. I no longer have a fat tummy and love handles. Although I am not trying to lose weight, I'm down from 119 to 117. :-)

Three Weeks Post Op Tomorrow!!

I know I'm swollen; over did it at the gym tonight. However, I'm feeling pretty good. My stomach is a little darker than the rest of my body. Has this happened to anyone else who has had smartlipo!!? If so, how long does it last? I'll be getting another lymphatic massage Saturday afternoon.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that the way Dr. Boutte sculpted my flanks and lower abs, she made my butt look even bigger than what it was. Looks like I had fat transfer to my booty. I JUST LOVE IT! By the time I really start doing my squats and leg lifts the way I want after I'm completely healed, I'll have a Beyonce booty. Heeeeeeeeeey LOL

Got My Sports Waist Cincher Friday

Let's see if this thing works! I purchased a size xs. As you can see, I have it on the eye catch on the first row although it feels as if I would still feel comfortable placing it on the second row. If this thing really work, I might have to order a new one by the end of next week. Because of Dr. Boutte's great sculpting work, my butt really looks nice (to me and my boyfriend) in this cincher. My squats and leg lift workout routine will only improve the size and shape. Of course I will post my progress so those who are intetested will be able to see if things are going according to plan. :-)



ONE MONTH POST OP TOMORROW!!!  Check out the side-by-side before & after pics.  Before pics were taken on September 16, 2015 and updated pictures taken this morning, December 12, 2015.  I now have a 26 inch waist.

Discoloration is clearing up.  There is still some swelling.  I'm now able to sleep on my stomach, back and side with absolutely no discomfort.  I've been working out but not on my abs.  I'm scared to do even one crunch.  Think I'll wait until 2 months have passed before trying any ab workout.  Oh, I never experienced the itching and burning thing.  Since I haven't by now then it's simply not going to happen.  I'm still wearing my Veronique cg and my sports waist cincher when I workout.   My one month post op appt with Dr. Boutte is the second week of January which will be one month and  3 weeks post. Looking forward to posting her before and after pictures of me.


One Month Post Op Tomorrow (Single Pics)

Wanted to send single pics (12/12/2015). :-)


Took these quick pics. A little swollen around belly button. I'm about 95% recovered.



I have been massaging every night since my last post. As you can see, the lumps are almost gone, skin is much smoother (6 wks, 4 days post). I gained a half inch in my waist from eating so much during Christmas. 8-)

Looking Forward to My Post Op Visit With Dr. Boutte Tomorrow!!!

I cannot wait to see my fabulous doctor tomorrow!! The last time I talked to her face-to-face was in the operating room right before surgery. My first post op (one week) visit was with Nurse Lee. :-)



So I met with Nurse Yolanda first and she weighed me, measured my waist at 25" (day of surgery it was 30"), and then took pictures.  She said they removed 1700 cc's of fat!!!  Then I met with Nurse Lee who told me I need to wear a one piece garment that covers butt instead of the compression tank top that I've been wearing lately, and to wear it at night to bed!! As you can see where I circled on photo, I have swelling in the pelvic area and was told it's because that area MUST BE compressed as well to get optimal results.  I must wear garment for 6 months total from date of surgery.  At first, I thought she was saying I needed to wear it 6 months starting tonight, had to get her to clarify (lol).  So Smartlipo family, if you want optimal results, I suggest you stay FULLY compressed 24/7 except to shower for 6 months after surgery!  And if you can fit your hand down the front of the garment, IT IS TOO BIG says Nurse Lee.  Guess I'll be wearing my ACE bandage tonight over my Veronique compression garment WITH topifoam.  As you can see, my stomach has indentations from the compression tank I'd just took off for photos. 

Ok, then Doctor Fabulous came into the room.  Let me tell you, she is one sharp, smart, caring, talented, gifted... the list goes on and on.  We talked and talked, she told me about her background, her son, etc.  It was like talking to a best friend or something.  She's just so down to earth.  Dr. Boutte said I'm doing good, that I can work my abs but to only do 20% of what I did before surgery then 50% and ease up to 100% within a month.

Well, that's about it, Smartlipo family.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Oh, I almost forgot!  Nurse Yolanda is going to email to me all of the before & after pics she took tonight.  The photo here, I took with my cell.  :-)

Pubic Area Not That Swollen Now...

After taking Nurse Lee's advice by wearing my cg that covers pubic area, the swelling has gone down tremendously. I just took closeup pictures. Needless to say, I'll stay in this type garment for at least 4 months. I'm still super happy with my results!!!


Today makes two months post op and I'm feeling absolutely fabulous!! Check out two of my "before" pics and two "after" pics. I'm working on getting a sixpack by May. Oh, got my new waist cincher for every day wear last yesterday. Will keep everyone posted on my progress with it.

PROGRESS, PROGRESS!! 2 Months, 11 Days Post Op

LOVING, LOVING, LOVING MY RESULTS!!  2 months, 11 days post op!  I have been wearing my compression garment every single day, and I'm waist training at least 4 hours a day.  My new compression garment came in the mail yesterday. I cannot even begin to tell you how much money I have spent in garments, vests, and waist cinchers!!!  Needless to say, I'm just about broke!  Lol just kidding, but seriously, be prepared to invest in lots of garments.  They start to get loose and you will need to either buy new ones or get the ones you have taken in.  I continue to workout, but I'm going to be straight up and honest with you, Smartlipo family.  I've been super lazy these past couple of days. By the time I get home from work, I'm completely exhausted and just want to go to bed.  starting this afternoon, I'm going to get back to my normal workout routine; I must if I plan on having a sixpack and Michelle Obama arms by May (heeeey).   :-)

Before / 2 Mos, 11 Days Post

Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Boutte was soooooo very nice and sweet, made me feel comfortable and at ease.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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