Boutte is the BEST!! - Lilburn, GA

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I am scheduled to have my smartlipo procedure done...

I am scheduled to have my smartlipo procedure done on May 23, 2013. LET'S JUST SAY SUPER EXCITED!! I referred my girlfriend and she went for her consult, loved it, scheduled it, had it done about a week ago and has nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Boutte. This has helped me out because even though I referred her, I was getting a little scared.To know that my friend has nothing but great things to say just confirms what I saw and wanted from Dr. Boutte. I am SUPER EXCITED. Thank you Dr. Boutte and staff for taking SUCH great care of my friend!

My Pre-Op visit

I went to my Pre-Op visit on May 2. When I got there it was very quite. The office looked gorgeous and clean as it did the first time I went. I signed in and Chrystal let me know that she was the only one there and that she was finishing up with some phone calls but would be with me shortly. I said ok and sat down. I was the only one in the waiting room. I waited about 5-10 minutes and Chrystal called me back to her office. Again, she said she had one more call to finish with and would be right with me and gave me some paperwork to complete while she took caree of the calls. By the time I finished she came into the room. We started going over my paperwork. Chrystal was very pleasant and easy to talk to. One of the things we spoke about was a disgruntled emloyee who was the reason for a phone call I received about a week ago. I let her know that I was not concerned with the employee because I know how disgruntled employees can get or be. Chrystal assured me that everything was ok and the issue had been taken care of. We continued with my paperwork and then it was time to get measured for my garment. I had to show my tweny year belly I had been sucking in all this time. Well, I finally showed her and she said I really need an abdominalplasty. So, we went over the rates for that and I said I would lime to do that but my budget does not allow. So, again we went on with the vist. Then Chystal receives a phone call and she has to go upstairs (I didn't know there was an upstairs) to do something for Dr. Boutte. So this meant wait again :-O ... Well, the next thing I know, Chrystal and DR. BOUTTE comes in. I was surprised this was the first time meeting Dr. Bouttee.

The Count Down Has Begun!!!

The count down has begun! Today is Sunday, so I have 4 more days until the BIG day. I am a little nervous but excited. I am ready to begin my journey back to seeing my abs (it has been 20+ years since we have seen eachother). Does anyone have a list of items they would suggest is needed for the proceedure? That would help out a lot.

I did it! Well....she did it!

Dr. Bouttee completed my procedure on May 23. Everything went well. Dr.Bouttee had been monitoring my my blood pressure to make sure it was not to high. Well that went well and it was normal so they did not have to turn me away ( they said they would if it was not stable) sweeww! Upstairs was just as nice as downstairs (it was COLD up there) but that was ok germs don't like cold!!! You definitely need warm socks. I brought gloves (mittens) I get cold so easily. Dr. Lee was getting me ready, checking my meds...and come to find out I missed filling one, so she had to call another one in ( I gave the other written prescription back to Dr. Lee she said we couldn't have two) No worries, I was just ready to get started. a few days ago I was nervous but after Dr. Lee taking care of my not filling prescription mistake and blood pressure down and them being so nice Oh and the calming meds my nervousness was gone. They cleaned me up getting my body ready for Dr. Boutte to do her thing, the meds kicked in I was in LaLa Land!!! I was humming and giggling lmbo and then they gave me the red cherry bomb and it was OVER all I remember is Dr. Bouttee saying Hello sunshine and waking up here and ther in between . I didn't feel the lipo but I did feel some of the transfer. (it hurt not a whole whole lot but enough) the next thing I remembered is Dr. Lee saying You gonna have to wake! then my sister saying we are home. I am still draining. BUT I am ABSOLUTELY happy with the work that was done. Thank you Dr. Bouttee and Dr. Lee and the staff


here are two quick pictures

Words can not explain how SUPER AWESOME Dr.Boutte is. If you are planning to get smartlipo she is the one in GA to see!!

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