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I began my research for Lipo with Fat Transfer...

I began my research for Lipo with Fat Transfer about a year ago. I went on many consultations, but nothing felt right. No one really made me feel comfortable. I can't really put in words a feeling that describes when you know something. You just know! Someone told me about realself a few months ago and I have become addicted. Everyday I find myself reading reviews and comparing prices and techniques. When I ran across Dr. Boutte reviews I immediately knew this was the place I wants to be. I can't explain it. So I emailed and corresponded with Regina and she immediately got things going. It's amazing how fast it has taken off. My surgery is in 8 days and I couldn't be more happy! I am looking forward to this life changing event. I want to see myself in the mirror and be happy. I want to go to the store and not have to worry about what I can find that will hide my stomach. I will never let God's temple get this way again. I have tried every diet known to mankind but honestly I am not discipline enough. When I don't see immediate results I get frustrated and quit! I did lose 17lbs by watching what I eat and walking 3 miles everyday and I was really excited but then reached a plateau. I have my trusty side kicks in tow and we are ready to ride out! Pray for no drains and limited pain! I will keep you poste!

What All Would I Really Need

Okay!! 6 more days!! I am headed out from Chucktown to the ATL!! What will I need? I see many list but people saying they didn't use them all. Did the Boppy pillow work? How many outfits will I need? Tank tops? I am only staying overnight then driving (not me) back home. I will not get drains. I keep saying that. I don't want them! Help!!

Almost Time......

Hi there! I am so excited. I am having nothing but positive thoughts and vibes. Praying for a speedy recovery, no drains!! I have purchased some supplies. Tell me what you think?? Am I missing anything? I need a pillow. What can should I get? I have SlimFast cause it makes me poop! This time next week, I will be 2 days Post Op!

3 more days!!!! OMGEEE!!!

Hi everyone!! I have three more days then its done son!! On my way to GA!! I have to get a few more items like tank tops and socks....but other than that, I am ready (Spongebob Voice). I got a call that my surgery will be pushed back to 1:00pm and I am cool with that. How soon can I have sex after lipo with fat transfer? How soon can I fly? How soon can I get in the ocean??

I'm Doing This For ME!!!

This is so surreal to me. I can't believe that this is going to happen. I have only shared my intentions with a few people and by a few, I mean, my husband and my two friends (only because my husband couldn't get off work to take me). I did not want the negative conversations about a decision that would effect me, to interfere with my decision to move forward. Being a mother, a wife, a sister, a BOSS, you often forget about yourself. Whatever you decide to do or don't do, is strictly your choice. Don't let anyone tell you any different or make you feel bad about your choices. Often times, we let ourselves fall apart because we are keeping everyone else together. We don't realize it until we look and the mirror and realize that we are no longer the person (in the physical) that we used to be. Now, I am taking control of my physical form, but it doesn't stop with this process. We must choose to eat better, live better, love ourselves better and walk!! Walking 30 minutes per day does more for your body than watching TV or being on social media. Anyway.....I have 2 more days!!! Happy Surgery!!

Nervous Just A Little Bit....

I ran across a couple of bad reviews about Dr. Boutte and I am a little nervous now. I was really confident before. I am having mixed emotions. I want to have this procedure but I want it done correctly. I did a lot of research on Dr. Boutte and didn't see any bad reviews until yesterday!! I have been praying and asking God to show me if I was making the right decision. And so far, so good! All doctors have both good and bad reviews, because everyone will not be pleased. But I guess I wasn't expecting it a couple of days before the procedure. Anyway, I am pressing forward and will update you on the journey. I wanted to document my measurements to have for record.
Currently I weigh 183 lbs. My measurements are 39.40. 44.5. Damn I am HUGE!!! LOL!!! Guess I really didn't realize it until now. I have hips but not really an A$$!!! But that will soon change....


Good morning Real Sellers!!! One more day! One more SUPER DUPER DAAAAYYYY!!!! Life changing events going on around here!! Tomorrow at this time I would be headed to the A.....ayeeee aye...LOL!! My surgery will go well. My expectations are real. And I will heal super fast!

Today is the Day!!

Today is the day that changes me for the rest of my life. I have a little anxiety but other than that...I can't believe that this is really happening!! Will keep you posted. About to get on the road!

And it is finished!!!!

So I'm going to do a full report later because I am sore and high on medication. But I will say this. Dr. Boutte and her staff is the business! From the time I walked through the door , I had nothing but positive vibes. I am very sore. I woke up a couple of times and it hurt! But eventually dozed back off. More lady....going to bed...

Day 2 Post Op!

Today I feel like I have been hit by a bus. But I keep forcing myself to get up and walk around every couple of hours. I am even sitting in 30 minute increments. I have no drains so I am really stoked about that! The antibiotics is giving me a yeast infection but I am going to try and wait it out until it's over because I only have one refill. I have this little pooch at the bottom of my stomach which is funny looking. Hopefully it will go away soon. I am still a little woozy but just wanted to update you.

Day 4

Yesterday was ROUGH!! I vomitted for the first time and it hurt like hell. I can deal with the soreness and the skin feeling like it was on fire but that vommittting is for the birds! I am very pleased with my progress. But whomever can go back to work after 3-5 days is the real MVP. I don't feel that bad but I don't think I can work 7.5 hours like this. My stomach is still lumpy and my bottom is hard. And I'm restless. I keep getting heartburn too. I could not do this alone and my advice is for you not to do it alone. I had the foresight to take two people with me and I needed them both. My family has been a big help to me it today is the first day I am alone. Husband is going back to work and daughter going back to school. I have gotten up and taken my shower. Today I decided to be compression free for half of the day. I haven't taken this thing off not once. My husband gave me sponge baths and replaced my gauze. Other than that it's been on. I want to give my scars some air. And I also want to rub coco butter on my skin.

Attitude on Na Na....

Hey everyone! I keep trying to take a good picture so you all can see...I have on clothes today...well workout clothes.... But I feel like the girl Drake talking about in his song... Attitude on Na Na, and your Pu$$y on Aqua, stomach on flat flat and your booty on what's that....LOL!! I still get the zingers, but I am just sore...not pain...Tylenol does help with that...I have convinced my cousin to go and I am taking her November 23rd so its a family affair. I have absolutely no regrets and I know its still early, but I will keep you posted if I change my mind.

Attitude on Na Na Part 2...

Here are the pics!

1 Week 1 Day Post Op

Today is 1 Week and 1 Day Post Op and I am ready to be healed already!! I am still very impressed with my results and is very happy. I went to see Nurse Lee yesterday for my one week check up and she had to drain my stomach which was not painful. I have to say that I absolutely love the care and consideration that I have been given by this entire staff. From the beginning to 1 week post op, I have been treated like I have been their only client. I am still a little sore, but I am ready for this to be over. When I went back, I was wrapped really tight with ace bandages, then my compression garment, then my binder....I could barely breathe. But my stomach looks awesome sauce!! I think I flattened by butt a little bit...but in November, I will start with my personal trainer, so I will be good. So I go back to work tomorrow, so this should be interesting. What I think I am going to do, is wrap the ace bandage, then use my waist trainer and then the binder. I can't go into work acting like I am hurt, them nosey heifers will start asking too many questions. I will need to go in and out of the restroom with ease. Well, I am going to check in a couple of months at my 3 month. I have to get back to life unless something good or bad happens.


Two weeks in and I had on jeans! I was so excited about that but my a$$ clearly looks larger and sparked many whispers at work. But it's okay! I had a couple of restless nights and a lot of heartburn so I am taking it one day at a time.

Almost One Month

Friday will be a month and I am doing great! I am uncomfortable . I haven't had a good nights rest. But it's getting better. I have had two lymphatic massages and my stomach is looking bettet already. All of a sudden, I am experiencing acid reflux and heartburn.

5 weeks in....

Hello!! I'm 5 weeks in and doing fine. Still loving my results and glad that I got it done! My stomach is still lumpy and sore but it's no longer

6 weeks and counting!!!

I am still very much in love with my new body. But I can't stop darn itching!! OMGEEE!!!! I have tried Benadryl and all....nothing is helping!!

Dealing with the Hate....

Its been 2 months for me and I couldn't feel better!! But this hate from the ladies that knew my former body image is taking a toll on me. Now I ain't no soft girl but I am older now and a professional so I can tap that ass when I want too. I don't want to take my anger out on anyone else. But how are you all dealing with this??

3 Months!!

Hey! It's been a minute. But wanted to update you on my progress. I am doing good. Itching like hell but only at night. Every now and again I get Zingers. I wear my garment mainly during the day but at night I like to be free! I was told today that I would have to go down a size so this should be interesting.

Can you see it!!!

It's almost four months and I'm still tender. I finally ordered a medium garment. I think I can get into a small but it's going to be hell getting it around this ass!! Anyway! Still a satisfied customer and my birthday will be my 6 month mark and I will do my big reveal!!

Fat is Coming Back....

I was very impressed with Dr. Boutte and her staff. What I don't like is there is zero follow up. She is now too busy playing on IG to be concerned about her old patients. Which pisses me off. Because when she had bad reviews, I gave her a chance to prove them wrong. After my 1 week and 3 month, hadn't heard from her (the office). My stomach looks like a bag of rocks on the left and right side. I do work out and exercise but it seems like the fat is coming back. I am not knocking her because she has excellent bedside manner. But the follow up sucks.

7 Months Post Op

I am seven months post op! For the most part my shape is still holding. My stomach is starting to get a bulge. I am still ignoring the questions about what I did. I have not heard from anyone at the doctors office. I have only gone back twice. I feel like after they got their money and performed my surgery, I was just another number. Dr. Boutte was very caring, but I am not liking this IG performing she is doing as of lately. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about them except the follow up was poor.
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