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I am super nervous. I feel very confident based...

I am super nervous. I feel very confident based on the reviews and work of my doctor. I'm looking for information that can help me get the best results. So far things are going well. I just received may package with all the paperwork. Later I'm going to go shopping and get my prescriptions filled. Making tons of list so any feedback is appreciated. Let the countdown begin.

Almost ready.

So I'm getting ready to go to the airport. Although I have made lots of lists it still feels like I'm forgetting something. I started taking the antibiotics yesterday and I've packed way too many outfits because I'm not quite sure what to wear. I went for comfy leggings and loose shirts. I bought a lot of things that I don't mind getting messed up but also don't want to look homeless either. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 10am. I'll be in Atlanta by noon so I have some time to sort through everything. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I am definitely too nervous /excited to sleep.

Surgery Info

So I had the surgery on Tuesday. I arrived super early because Atlanta traffic can be a nightmare. Nurse Lee and the staff were great. I spoke briefly to Dr. Boutte when it was over. They started pretty much on time. Took my vitals, pictures and measurements then I took 7 pills. Two percocet, two valium, one pill for nausea and two others I don't remember. I had the catheter installed and I don't remember too much else. The next thing I know I was dressed and given my parting vitamins and such. I got home and felt good. Not too hungry. I forced down a sandwich and 3 16 ounce cups of water. You're supposed to drink 4 but I couldn't keep anything down so I just went to sleep.

Drains are a nightmare.

Omg. No one hasn't written about the drains. I had a huge problem and was so scared. I had two drains put in but for some reason they weren't getting proprr suction so at 1am I woke in a panic leaking everywhere. They put a pad over the ports and it was completely soaked along with the compression garment and binder. Fluid wss just gushing everywhere. I changed the pads and 30 minutes later they were full again not to mention I am not supposed to shower for 24 hours and I'm drenched. I got Nurse Lee on the phone and she explained that the leaking was normal and gave me some trouble shooting to fix the drains. I wish I would've been warned before hand. I was literally moments from calling 911. I tossed and turned the next few hours and counted the seconds until I could shower. The next day I went back in and was able to see how to stop the drains from clogging and leaking everywhere. When I peaked at myself after the shower I was happy with the results. No real pain so far just soreness and some discomfort.

First Day Post Surgery

Okay, I am getting it together. I have the drain thing under control. Not much of an appetite. Did some running around, went to the mall and feeling good. Slightly tired because I got a bad nights sleep the day of. Sorry I'm trying to get all the updates while its fresh. Will post some pics later.

3 Days post surgery

Can't wait for the swelling to go down.

Wear Your Binder

I was in a rush yesterday and didn't put my binder on my mistake. I had the worst day imaginable. I felt like my skin was going to explode all day. I couldn't stand or sit. I haven't experienced pain so far but that was the worst. I will never make that mistake again. I'm still draining and most days I'm up and about but extremely tired.

2 Weeks Later

So this last week has been good for the most part. I had my drains removed yesterday and I feel like a brand new person. It was incredible uncomfortable not being able to shower normally and with the drains I had to move extra slow doing basic things like getting in and out of the car. I am feeling good and getting some energy back. I guess the upside of not having an appetite is that I have lost ten pounds. I really love my shape. I'm going to add some photos later on. I have heard mixed reviews on how long it takes to really get to your "after" size. Some people say two to three months is when you see the real results. Most people agree that within the first few days/weeks you see a big difference in how things look and fit and I would agree. I'm very curious what the next month will bring.

Looking for a place to get lymphatic massages.

So far I feel really good about the process. I love the way I look in clothes but don't love the way I look naked . Between the marks from the compression garment and the binder to the pool of liquid that has found it's way to my lower abdomen . I'm looking for a place that does lymphatic massages . I've heard they work wonders . If anyone knows of a place in Washington Heights please let me know . I would also like some info on liposuction boards and the use of foam to help with the swelling . I spoke to Nurse Lee and she said that I can get drained when I go for my follow up in two weeks but I am hoping to get some relief before then .


Today I had my first massage. She was surprised that I had so much fluid in my stomach. I was told to go to the bathroom as much as possible today. She supposedly broke up the fluid and said I should see a big difference in the next 24 hours.


My skin feels so much better after the massages. It is nice and smooth. I asked about the package deal that was offered and I was told $600 for 12 massages. I know that I read that she offered a deal of $400 for ten massages but that was from an older post. I was charged $65 for one. I am planning to go back for at least one more but I'm not sure if this is a long term solution. I liked going to someone that specializes in post surgery massages but I have a better plan at hand and stone for my regular massages so I'm going to keep looking. If anyone is in the NYC area and knows of a good place let me know. Right now I am using Clari who works out of the basement at Sugar Wax Center on 181st and Audobon.

Before pics

I know I'm late but this is what I looked like before the surgery.


My computer timed out so they didn't load the first time.

4 Week Mark

I have very mixed feelings about the surgery. I don't know if I am just being impatient or if I have cause for concern. Pros: Love how I look in clothes. Of course I am still wearing a compression garment so I look shapely. My clothes fit better and a lot of my pants are loose. Can definitely say I've lost inches but I'm not sure how many. CONS: Very hard to know what the final results will be. Iwas hoping for a better idea by now. I also think my love handles were done unevenly but I haven't had my one month post op to discuss. I also still have fluid that settles into a pouch. I am using foam but it doesn't seem to help.

More pics

The board and CG leave marks everywhere.

Not quite going my way

I am one month out and have been concerned that I am not making enough progress. Some days I see a little improvement but I am not going through this with hopes of just a little improvement. Well today I called Dr. Boutte and sent her pictures. Originally the office said that we could do a one month over the phone but now after she saw how I am still swelling she wants to see me in person. I have seen a lot of photos of people that were my size/shape before and they look much better at the one month mark. I am trying to stay positive but I can't stop crying. My husband told me last week that I should have saved my money. I didn't let it bother me but now it's starting to set in. Dr. Boutte was concerned that I am not using the right garments. I live in these compression garments 24/7 through all the discomfort. Looking for a flight right now while I am trying to stop crying. Maybe I should have just accepted my post baby body. I was most certainly prepared for the physical aspects of the surgery but the up and down emotional state is more than I bargained for. For the first time I am wishing that I didn't make this decision.

The waiting game

After my breakdown last week I tried to get back to a positive attitude. I went and got a lymphatic massage. It was more painful than I hoped for but two days later I was looking and feeling much better. I have a follow up next week so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Hopefully Dr. Boutte can get rid of the extra fluid. Yesterday I almost posted a new photo with some progress but I have had too much up and down and I am trying to keep my emotions under control.

Compression Garments

Hello Ladies. I was told to wear a leotard type garment for best results but I notice a lot of you are wearing waist cincher type garments. Any feedback would be appreciated. I have one from fajas salome which works but I can only wear it during the day. I wear one that is more comfortable at night but I would like to get something that is comfortable plus offers a ton of compression. Let me know if you have suggestions. Thanks in advance :).

6 Week Review

Hello Ladies, So I'm back from ATL. Hear is the info on my one month post op visit. I had my follow up with Dr. Boutte. I once again had to hear the "you didn't get a tummy tuck" line. It feels odd that what was a two minute mention the day before my surgery is now a conversation for days. Apparently I have extra skin now from where I declined the tummy tuck so I won't be completely snatched. That doesn't bother me so much as long as I end up with a flat stomach I can deal with some loose skin and a few stress marks. My major goal is to look good in clothes and to have the option of wearing a bikini or short shirt which is attainable. I am still optimistic. I lost the paper with my measurements but they measured me 2 inches above and below my belly button and took pictures. I lost 5 inches above and 7 below. Those are great numbers and I am still so swollen. Not to mention with the smaller waist my butt looks big (bbl big) and my boobs look great as well. I didn't get drained because she said that the pouch area was swelling and would go down with more compression. She suggested the body magic compression garment which gives a ton of compression but it didn't work for me because I have a long torso and the straps that go over the shoulder didn't reach. Bra extenders were suggested which might still be an option but I didn't buy the one that they tried on because of that and because I would have had to wrap my upper torso with an ace bandage. The plus is I know that I can endure the hard compression garments and I felt comfortable. If any one is interested in the body magic you can get it for a lot cheaper directly from ardyssusa.com (it's $109.99 vs $168.99). I ended up buying a garment from d' prada because I read a ton of reviews and it seems like they offer compression and comfort.

Updated photo

This was taken this morning. Once the swelling goes down you can see the curves and shape. You also see the pouch which should go down as well but I will probably still have a little bump because of the skin.

The pouch and comments on compression.

I have been focusing all my attention on compression that darn lower abdomen. The good news is that my waist is getting smaller. I can feel the compression garments pulling in my sides and front abdomen. I am using the ab board to work on the pouch. It is a sloooooooow process. I recently bought another compression garment and the ab board doesn't fit so I am wearing it on top of the CG and putting a waist trainer on top to keep it in place. The only problem I have encountered with this is that after I take off the waist trainer my skin is soaked. I am using a d'prada garment which has been the best so far. It fits similar to the body magic but way more comfortable and a better match for my torso. I've gone from an XL to a M compression garment so that should mean progress. I one that I started wearing two weeks ago was a large and the day I put it on I had to get help from my mom and could barely get it on. I was wondering if I ordered it too small but I know its not supposed to be easy to get into or its not going to work. Today I went to exchange the second one I purchased for a smaller size. My stomach now looks like it did before I gave birth to two kids and weighed 50 pounds less than I do now. I know that my waist will be fabulous but I'm not sure how much of the pouch will remain. I still can't believe that I am swollen after all this time. Nurse Lee said I will need to stay compressed for 6 months to a year. I'm longing for the day when I wake up and can really say that it was worth it.

Slow and Steady

Hey ladies. I am compressing day and night. The fit of my clothes and change in compression garments show I am getting smaller but when I look in the mirror I don't see a huge difference from the initial weeks after surgery. I feel like I should have made more progress by now. The pooch is going done but has not completely disappeared. I feel the smallest on the sides but the front doesn't seem to be moving. I really don't know what I can be doing differently so I continue to compress and wait.

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