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In one week 4/23/14 I will be under construction...

In one week 4/23/14 I will be under construction for 'New Curves". Smart Lipo of Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love handle, Bra Roll and Lower Back. Over the last 3 years I have lurked this website viewing others reviews and pictures. Finally Im going to go for it...! I'm a 40 years old African American Female, who have had fluctuated weight over the years but mostly of the time I was please with my body. Only recently have I notice more stubborn fat Its seems fat just "SNEAKS" up on you and attaches to you stomach,love handles and back. During 2013 For Sister Only I got a chance to met Dr. Boutte in person, along with her staff and she was patient in asking questions, so along with this brief meeting and her reviews, I decided to call for a consultation. My initial consultation with the office of Premiere Aesthetic Center was a pleasant but a long process. My pre-op appointment was just as pleasant, the staff was friendly and able to ask any question or concerns. I will add pictures and measurements before surgery next week. I'm opened to any suggestion or maybe its a item I need to purchase for post-op to ease the healing process and time....

Pre Procedure Pics and Measurments

Today 4/23/14 is my Procedure Day....Yeaaaaah.Im so excite.,. My weight 180lbs,(never weight this much in my life even with pregnancy)I gain 20 pounds in 6 months after I stop excersing and increase my unhealthy eating habits but im back on track so hopefully in another 6 months I will be 20 pounds lighter. My pre -procedure measurements are Upper Waist 35 1/2
Natural Waist 36
Lower Waist 38
My procedure consist of Smart Lipo of Upper&Lower Abdomen, Love Handles, Bra Roll, Lower Back.I understand this procedure isn't an answer weight loss but an enhancement of ones own beauty.So stay tune to my New Curves...

Here We Go.....Procedure Day,Pain Level and ALL......

Once I was taking upstairs to the Procedure area I was given surgical feet and head cover. Carol checked to make sure I brought my medication along. One thing I didn't do because I'm so use to being told not to eat after 12midnight the night before. I didn't eat anything and I was suppose to eat a light snack before arriving. Carol save the day, she gave me a Granola bar and water. I had already taking my antibiotics before arriving. After that, my weight and vital signs were taking I was giving my cocktail of Valium ,clonidine, loratab. We then moved into the procedure area where pre-op photos and measurement were taking along with my body markings .After that I received a Hibiclens wash down. Due to reading another patient's of Dr. Boutte post I was prepared to get the catheter. Believe me the catheter is a great ideal because through out the procedure you are going to have the urge to urinate but the catheter eliminates that problem. Ok lets talk pain...First of all my procedure started about 40 minutes after I was giving my cocktail of valium and pain medicine which was right on time because I was feeling good. Dr. Boutte and Lee started on my abdomen first. Lee is in training and I was OK with her assisting Dr. Boutte. The injection of the numbing medication is pain like a hard pinch. Once the area was numb the probes were inserted into the areas and the fat removal process begin. I didn't feel any pain in area that was numb but every now and then an area that wasn't numb would be touch and I would let Dr. Boutte know and the area would be numb. Over all Its not pain I would feel its more of and pressure. I really appreciated that Dr.Boutte made sure I had minimal pain .My pain level through out the procedure was never over a 3, if you were doing a pain level chart of 1-10 then 3 would be my number...She was very aggressive on my upper and lower abdomen and I could see results still laying on the table. Dr. Boutte was very pleasant to talk to during the procedure. Her staff also was easy to communicate with during the procedure ,we had humorous moments through out the procedure which ease my anxiety. Dr. Boutte and Lee spent close to 3 hours on my abdomen alone and around 2 hours on flank, bra roll and lower back. I have very tough skin along with scar tissue in some of these area and they were patience in making sure I receive the maximum result. After the procedure was over my pain level was more of an ache feeling. My ride home was comfortable, by the time I got home I still wasn't experiencing any pain only a minimal ache. I took two pain pills before any pain could kick in. Around 11pm I noticed I had bleed through my bandages and clothing. My daughter assisted me in changing my bandages. I love my results already .Pictures coming soon. I slept all night with no pain but when I got up first time in the morning I could feel some soreness but not pain. Its the kind of soreness from excising the day before. I took one pain pill and my antibiotics and later on my Vitamins .Its later in evening and its been 8 hours since my last pain pill and I'm not in any pain just little soreness but I'm going to take one now so I can continue to be pain free days. I don't know if anyone has tried this but the gauze bandages are not holding up so I decided to use overnight maxi pads that are unscented super absorbent and they absorbent more and don't leak..(.LOL) I sound like a feminine hygiene commercial but it works. I don't like sleeping in the compression garment and abdominal binder but doctors orders. Everyone pain level is different and my pain level has been very low and tolerable during the procedure and post-procedure but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I hope I answered your questions if not I will reply to any question the community may have .First day post procedure pictures will be uploaded tonight. While writing this I received my call from Dr.Boutte's staff ,inquiring about my health status after the next day after my procedure. She was pleased to hear I'm having minimal pain and discomfort.
My Pre-measurement was
Upper Waist 35 1/2
Natural Waist 36
Lower Waist 38
1900 ml of fat was removed

One day after Procedure

Awakening feeling a little stiff and soreness.Saturated bandages over night but I didnt mess up my bed sheets.Its a good idea to lay on dark towel or k-pads.No pain at this time So far so good.

Unwanted Guest..........

Everything has been going great. The pain has been minimal I only take a pain pill once a day at bedtime . Tylenol and arnica pills for the ache and stiffness during the day with a rub down of the Arnica gel for the soreness. Then along came an unwanted guest.......MOTHER NATURE...The only pain I'm having now is menstrual cramping and I cant take my 800mg Motrin at this time because that get rids of my cramps and Tylenol does nothing to Mother Nature. So now I'm dealing with the normal swelling form the procedure and bloating. I swear my abdomen went from yeah look at my results to my abdomen is swollen worse today than yesterday. However I know this is all a process of time and in the next 2-3 months I'm going to see more results .I know the key to a successful procedure is wearing the abdomen binder. Next Thursday will be my first week post check up and also I will be fitted for my garment. I hope its a garment with the cut out crotch. One thing I'm glad I purchased was multiple maxi-dresses. These dresses are so comfortable and no elastic bands, buckles, zippers or self tie from pants. The flow from the maxi-dresses makes it camouflage bandages, abdomen binders and body garments. Plus I can style a maxi dress up for returning back to work tomorrow with a nice cardigan and accessories. The dresses are very nice, with most of them costing 12.99$ and looks more expensive. I can style on a dime budget. Well my next post will after my visit checkup on Thursday unless something dramatic changes. I will post new pics and measurements. One last thing, make sure you continue to stay hydrated and good diet because last thing you need is constipation and straining.....Thanks for all the encouraging words from the community. If you have any question I will try to answer them or any suggestion I'm open to them also....

When you Can't bend to get to those ashy areas below.....

I already had this lotion in my toilette accessories closet but never had an use for it. A box of it was giving to me when the product was first introduced on the market. Spray and Go lotion has been so helpful these last couple of days when I didn't have anyone around to assist me to lotion my legs and feet area. I just wanted to share an experience that makes the healing process a little easier.

One Week Post Procedure

I'm into my first week and one thing I learn in my first is the CG is a must. I decided one day after changing out my work clothes into relax clothes I just run to Wal-Mart for one item but that turned into a hour and I was feeling very discomfortable by the time I got home and I couldn't wait to put that darn CG on....its a nuance but I seen the difference without it. I started massaging, I have read numerous post stating olive oil was and I ordered a massager to help smooth out these area. I was fitted for my next garment and I like the support it gives in my back but it was HELL for the staff to get me in it but I haven't had to my much trouble at home I learned the technique of getting it on. I lost total of 6 inches so far.Im just remaing calm with patience because the healing process has it ups and downs..

Loving My Massager.....

I been using a my Wahl Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massager hand held massager to assist with my healing process. It makes the massages a little easier but after 3 weeks post procedure Im still a little tender when doing the massages but it feels good afterwards.

7 weeks Post Smart Lipo

7 weeks post procedure.After 7 weeks I still have area of swelling with very minimal tenderness. The swelling is deeper and I only feel those area during massaging. Now thats it's really HOT ATL, I hate wearing this body magic but I deal with it...Funny story...I went to outside amphitheatre concert with my garment on and within a hour I couldn't take it I had to go to bathroom and take it off and yes I went commando the rest of the evening....
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

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