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I've contemplated this procedure for years and...

I've contemplated this procedure for years and promised myself years ago that I would do it before my 40th birthday. I'm months away from the big 4-0 and I don't look it nor do I feel it. I am very active - I play sports and I work out 3-4 times a week. My diet is about 80% clean but I strive to get it to 100% clean, even dabbling in a plant-based diet. Now with all of this, my waistline is STILL at a 36!!! It just won't bulge. I would literally have to starve myself (which is not good and will never happen) in order to get that flat stomach that I so desire. I dream of the day to wear a bikini, or even that form fitting dress where I don't have to damn near cut off my circulation from sucking my belly in. I consulted with Regina Williams at Dr. Boutte's office on 11/16/15 and she was beyond helpful, answering every question that I had. Dr. Boutte is also my dermatologist so I already knew that her staff was top notch. On 11/17/15 I was back getting my bloodwork done and provided with my Recovery Kit and Dermend Surgery Packet. My prescriptions were called in and I was handed the one required written prescription, and also met Crystal. I am getting Smart Lipo on my Love Handles, Bra Roll, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back, and the Fat Transfer to my Buttocks and Hips. I am excited and nervous....let the countdown begin!

Before pics

Boopy or Booty Pillow?

I'm getting fat transfer to my buttocks area and will have to sit on a boopy pillow...I think that's the name of it. Any recommendations for such pillows?

Wish Pic....or something similar

Vitamin Regimine

Today starts my Clinical Support Vitamins. These are taken 10 days before surgery. I take a morning formula and an evening formula. Bromelain 3 days prior to surgery.

Before Pics

Exactly 1 week out....

The countdown just got serious! I received a text and email from Dr. Boutte's office today for final confirmation. I've been taking my vitamins (which by the way gives me good energy), I have my cabinets, fridge and freezer stocked with good healthy foods (chicken, turkey, spinach, kale, broccoli, rice, quinoa, almond milk, fruit, and lots of pineapple to act as an anti-inflammatory). This is how I regularly eat for the most part. I've ordered my bbl pillow and topifoam. I will purchase the compression board from Dr. Boutte's office. I just need to pick up some compression socks. I've been practicing sleeping on my stomach and I do find myself rolling onto my side. I immediately correct that. I think I'm doing good with that considering I have always slept on my back like I'm in a casket....actually, I think I'm going to make me a comfy pallet on the floor and start sleeping on that to practice more on my stomach. I want the maximum results and I know after surgery, it's all up to me.

So dear dear stomach and back fat that won't go away...I have 2 words - BYE FELICIA!

1 day and a Wake Up!

I received a text from Crystal today to remind me to start my antibiotic. I was already on it. Daily I take 13 pills - this includes my morning and evening vitamins, Bromelain, and the antibiotics. A lot right?!!! Since starting the Bromelain I've had this numbing headache. I hope it subsides because I can't take anything with aspirin, only the extra strength tylenol which does nothing for me. Excedrin is the best for pain relief but not allowed due to its aspirin base. I'm meal prepping now - bkfst boiled eggs and 1/2 grapefruit; snack apple and 1/2 protein shake ; lunch baked chicken, kale, and rice; snack 1/2 protein shake and cucumbers; dinner baked salmon and spinach. A gallon of water daily. I'm off on vacation so I won't be doing much. Until my bbl pillow arrives I'll be using bed foam that I got from Wal-Mart to place under my thighs to prop me up. It works really good. I also purchased polyurethane foam from Wal-Mart in place of topifoam. Prayerful and patiently waiting.

It's time...

I'm here. I got here earlier than staff. Lol. The receptionist let me in so I'm in the lobby waiting. My procedure is scheduled for 8am. I'm a bit nervous. My heart is having slight palpitations and I keep having to pee. I'm prayed up and ready to go.....stay tuned.

Less than 24 hours later...

I was greeted in the lobby with hugs by my consultant Regina Williams. Escorted upstairs with Nurse Yolanda Brown where she gave me a cocktail of 7 pills. I got undressed and she took my pics. Nurse Lee then came in and marked me up. I showed Nurse Lee my wish pics. She stated that I had visceral fat and a TT would work but not that necessary. I told her I only want to get cut on like that only if it's a matter of life or death. Nurse Yolanda Brown then inserted my catheter. No pain at all. I was feeling good from that cocktail and talking out the side of my head. I was then rolled on my back and Nurse Lee gave me this liquid in a tube. Literally in seconds I was out. I vaguely heard talking but can't recall much. I didn't even see Dr. Boutte when she came in. That was the best sleep! Next I remember the nurses and Crystal waking me to dress me in some wrap, my compression garment, and a binder. Next my friend waa there to pick me up. I was wheelchaired to the car and arrived home. When I got home I caught up on my meds and crashed. I woke up about 2am because I was starving. I could only eat a few bites of baked chicken and spinach. I lowered my cg to use the bathroom and immediately I felt swelling on top of my skin being soooo tender. I went back to bed. Im up now and will try to eat again. I also tried taking pics but they're not coming out too good. Oh I absolutely love my results especially my butt!

About to shower

24 hours and Im about to shower. Taking the compression garment off hurt like hell. I uploaded some more pics.


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Today is 6 days post op for me and I feel pretty good. Moving slow and a few sharp pains here and there but nothing I can't stand. I'm headed out in a few to do some light shopping for some maxi dresses and cute blazers to cover up my padding and wrap. My healing is going well. Bruising is healing up and I have had no drainage at all. I've had healthy stools daily and I'm urinating every 10 mins. I have the bathroom squat down pack and these thighs are strong! I've been walking in my neighborhood daily. A quarter of a mile with my dog - slow and steady though, and that has helped with building my strength. On Saturday tho, I had intense pain. I would rate it at a level 7. I was sore, itchy, and very groggy. I increased my pain meds that day and just slept that whole day away. I've since recovered of course. I'm always thirsty so I'm drinking more than a gallon of water daily. My appetite has decreased so I force a healthy breakfast of an egg mcmuffin with jam, eggs, and spinach. I've wanted liquids so I've been juicing cucumbers, apples, etc. Also eating lots of pineapple. I'm watching the natural sugars from the fruit I'm eating and juicing. I'm down 5 lbs which is fine with me! Nurse Lee has called to check on me and my consultant Regina. I never saw Dr. Boutte but they assured me she completed my surgery. Now as expected, my cg is lose. I was about to order a stage 2 garment and Regina told me NO. Not until I'm examined during my first post op appt this coming Wednesday because I can't have one that compresses my butt too much. Even with the bbl you still must have some compression just not the same as the stomach. So what I've had to do is tighten my binder. I'm wrapped in foam as a cushion for my skin, then the boy short cg that stops under my breast, and then my binder tightened. So far so good. Following all of the dr orders, lots of water and a healthy diet is key.

1st Post Op

I had my first post opp appt today. All stitches were removed. I can tell that at each incision I will have the flat keloid healing scar. No worries because they are small. I never drained and that caused a HUGE serum buildup at the bottom of my stomach. I was flat up top with a kangaroo pouch. Nurse Lee drained that. She gave me a numbing shot in my stomach and then with a huge needle attached to a syringe she drained me. She had to go in aleast 4 times until the draining stopped. Immediately I felt relief and that pouch was gone. She wrapped me in an ace bandage and stated I have to wear that too underneath my compression garment for 2 weeks. The ace bandage will make sure everything is compressed. I am still extremely swollen but healing nicely.



I've had good days but for some reaaon today was a set back. I was so fatigued and unfocused, sore, and I swole today. The swelling made my skin even more sensitive. My results are coming along, but oh how I wish for that one good night's sleep where I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust, because of back pains, or me itching. I've still not drained and will be getting my 1st lymphatic massage tomorrow. I still have a seroma at the bottom of my stomach and sometimes above my navel. Still very swollen. I think my butt went down a bit which is fine because of my new shape everything flows perfectly. My measurements are now 38-31-45. On my 2nd post op I know I'll need to be drained again. That. Was. Painful. The. Next. Day. As the numbness from where the needle was stabbed in your stomach wears off and you can feel every piece of pain. I literally shed a tear when that pain hit me. Any other suggestions on speeding up draining/absorbing fluid would be helpful.

Lymphatic Massages Are Giving Me Life!...With No Parole!

Today was my 2nd lymphatic massage with Terry, at massage envy camp creek. He is great! I have more feeling, less itching, and swelling and lumps are going down. I traveled this week and had 2 margaritas and some soup...wrong move. I felt the swelling instantly. Terry got me back right! My butt has gone down too. I'm still satisfied with my results. I am so ready to go hard in the gym, but I know to go easy.

Today's appt

I had a follow up today with Nurse Lee to see if I needed fluid aspirated from my stomach. I was totally flat thanks to the lymphatic massages. Nurse Lee advised that my healing and progress is on target. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks for me. I still have swelling and my skin is really tight in areas so I have to watch my bends and turns. I'm getting feeling back in my butt and there's one spot on my right butt cheek that's sore to touch. It was so sore that even sitting down on my bblpillow today was quite uncomfortable. Nurse Lee explained in medical terms about how the blood vessels and fibers work together. She told me to expect me to lose more inches in my waist. I'm at a 31 now! Wow! She also confirmed that my buttt will fluff back up, explaining about the shrinking and swelling of my blood vessels. She released me also to gradually start exercising again. I'm happy about that! I have me stage 2 compression garment and I wear my ace bandage and stage 2 garment for right now. Everything is nice and snug. She ordered me to wear my binder in addition with working out so I won't tear any fibers. She stated at the 30 day mark I can do away with compression on my butt. I will order me a latex cincher this week to compress my waist only.

Progress pics

What a week!

Last week I started feeling this painful mass at the bottom of my right buttocks. I massaged, applied warm moisture, and pain pills galore. This past weekend that pain was so intense it had me limping. On Monday morning I spoke with Crystal and Nurse Lee letting them know of the severity of the pain. Dr. Boutte had me come in on yesterday, Tuesday to examine me. She said it was non viable fat cells just sitting. She told me she had to go in to remove that mass. Immediately Nurses Lee and Yolanda prepped me, antibiotics and pain cocktail administered, and then numbing. Dr. Boutte came in with so much sympathy about my pain and ready to make it right. She reopened the incision at the bottom of my right cheek and went in with a cannula and sucked that layer out. The pressure of the cannula was painful but I squeezed Nurse Lee's hand. This procedure took all of 2 hours from prep to the end. Immediately relieved of any and all pain. A bit sore from the procedure. This team of professionals are beyond awesome! I love them.

One Month Post-Op Appt

Today was my 1 month post op appt. It's a week delayed because last week I had to have the mini procedure of tissue removed from my buttocks. All went well. I've lost 13 lbs. My waistline is at 28. My hips/buttocks at 45. Dr. Boutte told me that my butt would probably expand a bit more in the coming months. As always, Nurse Lee, Nurse Yolanda, and of course Dr. Boutte were all wonderful. Exceptional customer service. You leave feeling like family. I purchased an ab board because now my stage 2 garment is loose. I plan on getting it altered to snug more.

Thank you Dr. Boutte and Staff

Before and after (naked), and how I look in clothes.

I have a few questions...

I'm 7 weeks post op. Healing is going well. I'm back in the gym and am now wearing waist cinchers. I wear my waist cincher over my compression garment to protect my skin as my stomach and back areas are still a bit sensitive. I have a short torso and my cincher flips up in the back. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? The cincher is for a small torso also. Next question is, the area right above my vagina, along my bikini line is not compressed as much with the cincher. Is there anything I can do to make sure all areas are compressed with the same pressure?

2 month post-op

I had my 2 month post op appt with Dr. Boutte on yester-evening. My waistline is still rocking at a 28!! I couldn't have done this alone without Dr. Boutte. My healing process is going quite well. I'm back in the gym and am now getting lymphatic massages bi-weekly. I was getting them 2 times a week. I wear my waistcincher over my compression garment during work hours but take the 2waistcincher off when I get home. I only sleep in my ab board and compression garment, to give my skin a chance to breath. I've had excessive itching on my stomach this past week. It's all a part of the healing. I also went out for the first time this past weekend and the attention was something else! Compliments from women and I had a trail of men following me. Lol. It had to be the booty by Boutte! I just may go for a round 2 in a few years. I love it!

2 months 10 days post op pics

Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Boutte's staff has been exceptional so far.

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