27 Years Old. 1 Kid. Smart Lipo Abdomen and Flanks- Lilburn, GA

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Decided on smart lipo after I tried everything to...

Decided on smart lipo after I tried everything to loose this baby weight from a few years back! Got finance buy in so all good to go. I'm inspired by the current pics and updates on the procedure! Consultation tomorrow with Dr Boutte office:) nervous and excited! Recording my journey with you ladies!

Consultation complete!

Smart lipo consultation today with Kim at Dr Boutte office! She was really really nice and answered all my questions!! I went in for abs and flanks and she also recommended by bra roll. She said she did not think I needed any type of fat transfer. Talked to hubby:) all is well confirming appt tomorrow for December! Super excited! Looking to lose 6-10 pounds before surgery! Current weight 175pds 5'5

Two weeks Pre op

Officially two weeks pre op today! Starting the recovery kit supplements today! I will post before when I am closer to my surgery date. Really excited decided to stick with my original surgery target areas and not go with the back at this time. Smart Lipo on abdomen and flanks

Procedure Day

Procedure today! Please pray :)

1 day post op

So I had the surgery yesterday! 'My initial surgery time was 2pm, the office contacted me and told me that my surgery time was pushed back to 3. I waited for an 1.5hr before we bag an pre op. I took pics and measurements and began meds. I waited another 1 hr before the doc came in to draw me up. I went in for full abdomen and flanks but the doc wanted to do a little bit of my flanks as well to smooth me out:). All I remember is taking the twilight meds and I was knocked out. I remember waking up twice during the procedure and all I can say is that I'm an lucky that the meds knocked me out because the pain was terrible!! I also received drains! Not too happy about those lol I will post pics when I shower today. I am up moving around but moving slow. I have figured out how to snap and unsnap my own CG for the restroom. I can already see the results so happy:)

Before and after

Taking shower soon will upload more

2 days post

Merry x mas eve... two days post op and I feel like I've been hit by a bus but I'm moving. Drinking as much water as possible down 5 pounds since surgery. Trying to take a less pain pills as possible. Doctor gave me leonisia CG and I just went online and ordered the same one but with straps for back support. Feel very heavy when I take off faja and as you can see I am VERY swollen. Stomach bigger today than yesterday. Before at top after at bottom

One week post Op

Had my one week appt yesterday with Dr. Lee and had drains removed! The worst part of the process for far! I have my first lymph massage tomorrow and plan on going two to three times per week over the next month. Pain is bearable down town is certainly not couple days lol. Although I moved around a lot with my drains I think that, that's when you really can move around and compress like you would like to. I see so much change in my body since yesterday! This ab board is so uncomfortable but I'm dealing with it! Nurse lee also advised my that it's time for a new faja!! Rule of thumb is if you can get your hand down the front of your faja then it is too big!! Order same faja in a size medium from Leonisa shareware today!!! Before and after are day before surgery and one week post op

Last review

I'm going to stop updating after this because I'm not sure if my journey is helping much on here. I am really itchy at this point which are signs of healing and my nerves reattaching. Only regret so far is eating like a pig before surgery. I gained weight instead of losing like I hoped so that's more weight I have to work off. I am working on losing at least 15 pounds. I will be giving the Atkins 20 diet a try again! I lost weight on that and pretty much at the things that I enjoyed except for sweets. I am cleared to begin light workouts at day 14. I will start off by walking at least one hour 5x a week. The pic is pre op and 9 days post op


Hey ladies, apologies I've been MIA. I'm healing really well. I'm still very happy with my results so far. I have however began to have some creasing right about my navel. Any idea what I can do to smooth that out? I'll discuss this with my doctor as well. I knew that this would be a possibility because I didn't get a TT and my skin has lost so much elastiscity. I was okay with this because I figured I rather have a flat tummy with a little skin, then go through getting cut and that recovery. I had a natural childbirth so I am not a fan of getting cut unnecessarily. I wear my compression garment 23 hours per day and I'm in a size small now:). I managed to snap a few pics today. I am very swollen and tight on the pics. I didn't drink nearly enough water today and my body is beating me up for it. I go for my one month post op on the 25th, excited to see progress by that time. I cannot stress it enough to wear your ab board to control swelling and keep you flat:). I am one day short of 3 weeks !!!

Surgery weight: 182
Current weight: 170
Goal weight: 155

Swollen today!!

Swollen :( my skin feels raw and burnt but I made it out of surgery so I know this is part of the process lol... looking forward to my one month post op appt on Wednesday. I will update with my starting and current measurements!

Surgery weight 182
Current weight 167

Hi there

Hey ladies, so just wanted to give you a update. As of now I am still doing well. This was my first weekend cheating like I did :( because of my bday! I spent most of my weekend with my garment off and I am paying for it. I am so sore and swollen I can feel it. Back to my regular program today! I decided that I was not going to start working out until the soreness was gone which it looks like it'll take 3 months. In the meantime i purchased a manual treadmill that I will start using today.

5 month post op

Sorry to go missing on you ladies!!! :( I wanted to give an update on my results! I am in loveeee with my new curves! All together I've lost 20 pounds. I'm 10 pounds from my goal so the last month or so has been a drag!! I still swell up from time to time when I'm not wearing any support. I can always tell because my midsection gets really tight. I wear my garment, board and binder every day!! I sleep in my binder every night! I wear all three pieces for at least 10 hours per day. I'm doing the home massages with a hand held massager and it works quit fine! Overall I'm impressed with my results. The only con about the process is I didn't get to meet the doc after for any of my post op visits! She was always busy and the wait times were really long. She was suppose to give me a call and never did.

Surgery waste line :33 inches
Current waist line: 27 inches

Smart Lipo on abdomen and flanks removed 2700 cc of fat
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

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