Lifestyle Lift + Eyelift (Age 66)

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I had the lifestyle lift plus my eyes done at the...

I had the lifestyle lift plus my eyes done at the same time. was told how great they were at eyes and wanted to have done at the same time.

i'm 66 and i will say my neck does show some difference but don't do an eyelift. The lid on my left eye was pulled down to low and i still have a large burge under it 2 months later. my right upper eye still droops like it did before the lift and the eyes make me look like I had a stroke.

I had this done in Troy Michigan. It was my dream to have these procedures and I paid 8200 dollars for the procedures. I'm just sick about the whole thing. I wish I would have spent more time on research.


Updated October 7, 2009

I had my eyes done and hated it. Wrote a review to tell everyone what I thought of it after 2 months. Went to the doctor yesterday and talk to doctor about my concerns. They were so good. Still don't like my eyes yet but I was told as soon as enough time has gone by so everything is settled and nothing is going to shift any changes that need to be made to make my eyes look the way they should will be done. He said I'll probably need a little laser touch up for the small bulge under my eyes and a little more off one of my upper lids.

This made me feel so good to know my eyes will be fixed at no additional cost. That they do not leave you just setting out there if you really have a problem. I really wish I would have waited to write my first review until I was sure the problems would not be fixed. This is not the case they do stand behind the work. This is not to say they would fix something because your expectations are unrealistic.

Rochester Facial Plastic Surgeon

will stand behind eye procedure if there are any problems

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