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So I have been doing research on smart lipo for...

So I have been doing research on smart lipo for awhile now and I'm finally ready to go through with it. I'm so nervous but excited at the same time. My date is set for Nov. 3. I have prayed and prayed about the doctor I'm going to use and I feel it in my heart I have made the right choice. I have heard bad things about Dr. Boutte but I have also heard more good than bad. I'm comfortable with my decision and know she's going to get me right lol. I'm 5'10 and was 218lbs but I have been working out so now I'm at 213 and plan to be down to 200lbs by the time of my surgery. Do you ladies suggest I get an extra compression garment? If so where? And what do you guys suggest I pack? I will be flying into Atlanta Nov. 2 and was told I should stay 7 days. I will try to upload a few before pics within a few days!

I forgot...

I forgot to mention I'm getting smart lipo to my upper & lower abs, love handles, lower back, and bra roll

Pictures as promised

Hey y'all here is my before pics...I hate looking at these pictures, November can't come fast enough lol but I'm now officially starting my 30 day count down. I'm was very nervous at first but now I'm just excited and ready to get it over with.

Hurricane Matthew

Watching the news hearing about Hurricane Matthew and I hope all my Florida dolls are somewhere safe and any of you dolls anywhere being effected by this storm are safe. Praying!!!


Uggh I'm getting so frustrated, its like my weight is at a stand still. I'm up to 214. I've been working out and eating right but its like the weight just won't come off. I have been doing cardio and weight training so maybe I'm building mustle lol hell idk wishful thinking because doing all this work and not getting anywhere. I'm going shopping for surgery today so I will update you guys later with what I get.

Flight Booked, dropped a few lbs

Hey guys its been a minute, I got me and my fiancé flight booked I just have to reserve our hotel. So for all of you that's traveling for your procedure keep in mind and remember that you have to factor in the cost for flights, hotel stay, and supplies you will need. I initially told my fiancé I only needed $6,000 (just the cost of surgery), so far for surgery and flight $6,500 and hotel stay is another $900-$1,100 plus I have to pay $225 for my labs, we have to get a rental car, I have to get my prescriptions and I found a lady to do my massages for $50 a session. Idky I forgot about all those cost but I'm sure I'm not the only one. I have also lost a little more weight I'm down to 210 lbs its not much but I guess anything counts. Time is going by so fast and I'm still not nervous just excited and anxious!!!!


I looked at the calender and omg I have less than 3 weeks left and im officially nervous. Ahhhh....I'm so excited!!! I don't know if anyone is looking at my post and reviews but I just like the fact of writing about my journey and having something to look back on once everything is over. I don't know about y'all but this is going to be a life changing event for me if everything go as planned (which I have faith that it will). I have had a pudge stomach since I was like 9 so anything better than what I have will make me feel so good.

Getting close...

So my day is getting closer and closer and I'm so excited and ready! I got all my lab work done and all of my prescriptions filled except for my percocet. They said I will have to wait until I get in the state of Georgia before I can get those. Hopefully my insurance will cover them in Georgia I only had to pay $15 for my other medicine. I have all my supplies except for a handheld massager, I have plans on using that until I'm able to get home and get my lymphatic massages done. I'm wondering if I should get and extra garment now or wait and use the one the doctor give me. Do anybody know if the doctors send you home in a nice comfortable garment? Only thing I packed clothes wise is night gowns and a few gym pants. I will be in Atlanta 10 days so I will be confined to a hotel room. I will try to post more before pictures later today and wear some outfitfits I want to wear post op so I can compare my results that way too...


I took a few pics most in outfits I would like to wear without having to wear some type of garment to hide my stomach. These will probably be my last pics until surgery. Its getting close!

Time pushed back...

So I just received my confirmation and my surgery time has been pushed back from 8am to 1pm. Not a big deal! I'm really hoping I can find a doctor back at home that can remove my JP drains if I have to get them because I really don't want to stay in Atlanta for 10 days. Have any of you got your drains removed at home instead of where you got your surgery done? I'm really hoping I can come back home!!!! Uggh...this is the only thing that's stressing me out!

JP Drains...

So originally I was going to have to stay in Atlanta from Nov. 2- Nov. 11 because I was needing to get my JP drains taken out but I just came to the conclusion I will come back home and go to the emergency room and see if they will take them out, if not I will just fly back to Atlanta. Plane tickets are only $200 so I will save over $500 just by coming home and flying back to Atlanta (if need be) rather than staying in a hotel all that time. I'm also down to 209.2 and I'm so happy, my weight is coming off slowly but at least its coming off. I want to be down to between 185lbs and 190lbs by summer which I think is a realistic goal! But my day is getting closer and I couldn't be more happier, I'm all packed up so I will post pics of everything I'm taking. Any advice about JP drains is helpful also!

2 days left...

OMG I have 2 days left! Seriously 2 days lol sh*t is getting real! I couldn't be more happier tho, I'm really excited. I started my antibiotics this morning and going to spend today making sure I have everything and not forgetting nothing. Flight leaves in the morning!!!! Those of you that has already had lipo done what would you compare the pain to? And don't be tryna scare me giving me these crazy horror stories, Halloween ended yesterday lmao! I appreciate all of you ladies help through this process!

Feeling great...

Hey guys I'm doing fantastic! I never once got nervous, I think it was because I was just so excited. The day of surgery when I got there they took me upstairs and gave me 8 pills and then took me into a room and gave me a catheter. After that they had me stand up and take before pictures and I started feeling dizzy so they had me lay down and then started the numbing process. That wasn't bad at all, I had heard stories about how the needle and the stuff they inject in you to numb you burned really bad but that's not true, at least for me it didn't burn. Then next thing I new I was getting rolled out to the car. After I got back to the room I was able to move around and go back and forth to the bathroom because I couldn't stop peeing. My mom had to help me snap my faja back up because I couldn't reach down there lol she kept getting mad at me because I was moving around on my own and wouldn't wake her up for assistance but I didn't need it. If I stood up for too long I got a little light headed tho. As far as today I'm still feeling pretty good. I don't have pain it just feel like I did a really good work out and its just in my back like I did a lot of deadlifs. I did end up with drains and it seem like every 2-3 hours my mom has to empty them. As you notice I keep saying my mom because my fiance is no help lol all the blood that's in the drains is freaking him out. But like I said I'm doing pretty good. Once I'm able to take my faja off to bathe I will post pics I have to wait 24 hrs before I'm able to remove my garment.

Here's some pics

I just got another shower and took some better pictures, still not the best but its something. Still feeling good but when I take all the padding off to get in the shower I feel a little dizzy but I'm okay. I'm leaving to go home in the morning and I can't wait I'm tired of being confined to this hotel room lol. I also put a cotton ball in my belly button to start forming it out I'm going to start wearing my binder tomorrow and next week start wearing my ab board and getting my massages.

Home sweet home

So today I came back home! I was so tired of staying in that hotel room and our flights weren't changeable and wasn't scheduled to leave until the 11th so we bought more flights and came home early! I rode in a wheel chair through the airport and everything went pretty smooth. Last night my back was itchy and it was so nerve wrecking but today I had a few family members over and they kept me company. We watched movies and I was up and moving a lot more today so I had this burning sensation whenever I would stand up to walk. It wasn't bad it was bearable. As far as my drains my left one is getting pretty good drainage but my right one is hardly getting anything. I called Nurse Lee and asked her if it was normal and she said yes so that made me feel better. Only frustrating thing I have is not bring able to snap my faja back up on my own after using the bathroom, I can unsnap it but not get it back closed its too much of a struggle. I put my binder on over my compression garment a few hours ago and its the best feeling (IMO) it makes getting up and sitting down a lot easier. I hear stories about the garments being uncomfortable but I used to wear girdles and waist shapers so I guess I was kind of already used to it IDK. It feel so good to be in my own bed tho. I bought a pill organizer because I have so many pills I have to take and keep track of I take about 24 pills a day. Only 1 of those 24 is a pain pill I only take one pain pill a day and I only take it if I know I'm going to be up moving around a lot. So I hardly take any pain meds. Well dolls I'm in my bed and about to call it a night TTYL!!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE HOME =)

Big Mistake...

OK ladies, so eventho I have not had pain I was confining myself to the bed because I don't like moving around a lot with these drains because I don't like when they pull. BIG MISTAKE, you need to move around and keep yourself active I been laying around so much and crippling myself to where its like I was starting to get worse, I could barely get out the bed, it takes me forever, and if I stand too long I get dizzy. Today I made myself get out the house, drains and all and I feel MUCH better! No mattter what stretch your body and stand up tall, walk around for 20-30 mins every few hours. DO NOT sit around you will make yourself worse. My nerves and skin is trying to reconnect and it feel crazy when you move too fast or turn the wrong way. I will be glad when this phase is over because its irritating as hell!


Pissed ain't even the word for it, IM MAD AS FUCK!!!!!! excuse my language but I am! I just got an email from Dr. Boutte saying I need to keep my drains in for the full 2 weeks since I'm an out of state patient. I seriously CANNOT keep these in another week, I can't bathe the way I want to, I can't put on clothes, I can't do anything and on top of that my skin is healing around the drain tubes! I cannot do this for another week! I need to talk to her on the phone not through email so we can have a better understanding because there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to have them removed, I'm not getting any drainage! #RANTOVER


......THIER OUT!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! I'm so happy that these damn things are out y'all don't even know. I know I've been slacking on pics but I promise I will start posting soon these drains had just been an inconvenience but I did post a pic of the nasty drains lol


Here is some pics I just took before I got in the shower. I have been feeling really good starting to feel like myself again. I still have a fat roll on my right side, hopefully it goes away but if not I don't mind I'm still happy because it looked way better than before. =)

Hey guys...

I know I know I'm falling off a little bit I went back to work and been catching up on house work but I'm doing great! Tomorrow marks my 2 weeks and I get my first massage tomorrow. I had that burning sensation once today in my stomach when I was in the mall but it didn't last long. I ordered 2 new shapers online and they should be here tomorrow. I ordered size smalls and curious to see how they fit because I have never bought a small anything lol. My medium is just getting a little loose but I did order the same brand as my medium one. My scars where my drains were are finally scabbing up but the gauze keeps sticking to it so I bought some non stick guaze pads today at Walmart cause I'm pulling the scabbs off on accident of course. I don't think they are gonna heal well I think I'm gonna have bad scars but who cares my stomach is flat lol. One of the incisions is in my tatto tho so it might not look too bad, maybe the tattoo will camouflage it but I'm not to concerned about it. I'm really happy with my results thus far I must say. I will upload some pics maybe tomorrow.

Incision scars

Lymphatic Massage

I had my first massage to day and it was AWSOME!!! It felt so good I almost fell asleep on the table. I understand why some people say its painful tho because if your still tender it may hurt but I'm no longer sore on my stomach so it felt great to me.

Ready for swelling to go away...


So ladies I'm not even 3 weeks post op yet and I had to tell my man he gotta slow down lmao probably TMI but I'm loving my body I'm not tryna have no babies no time soon. But I'm mad at myself tho because I slept with my ab board on and my binder on over it and my ab board wasn't positioned right and it created a crease right up under my stomach. You probably can see it in the pic I posted. Uggh I see this happen to so many girls and I said I wasn't gonna make that mistake and I still did so ladies be careful because it can happen so easily. Hopefully it comes out but just wanted to update you with new pics and help you not make the same mistake as me and some of the other ladies because it could be permanent mistake :(


Hey guys I'm officially on a diet! When I got weighed the day of surgery I was 213lbs and then after surgery I had got all the way down to 203 without really doing anything but I guess I went a little over board over Thanksgiving weekend because I'm now weighing 208-209. Can you say pissed lol. I started my diet yesterday but I'm not really a big diet person, I always find some way to quit but so far so good. I have been replacing breakfast and lunch with green smoothies and eating a lot of vegetables and a meat for dinner. That 5-6lb weight gain is messing with me. I just started wearing my xs-s garment but its a thong and omg it is so irritating so I ordered a regular one yesterday. I had plans on going back to the gym yesterday but I knew I couldn't with this thing in my crack so I will start tomorrow when my new one comes in. The other night I was eating and drinking what ever I felt like I wanted to and I swole up so bad I was almost in tears seeing myself lol eventho by the next morning I was back small again I told myself I needed to do better so now I'm on this health kick, for now. I gave up on my ab board because it kept creating indents and wrinkles. Im also wondering when my bruising is going to go away. It took a while to come now its taking forever to leave. Well i hope everyone is doing well.


Hey guys I'm down to 205lbs. I left my garment unsnapped for about 2 hours and was sitting down leaned over and I put a crease in my stomach I'm scared its not going to come out because its been a few days now. Dr. Boutte said it look like my skin lost elasticity so the only way to get rid of the crease is do a mini tt and I definitely won't be doing that because I don't feel like its that serious. I'm not even about to be showing my stomach like that and its flat so that's all that matters. I go see my massage lady tomorrow so I will see if she can try to massage it out but if not I'm still happy with my results. My sides are still hard but I'm doing and feeling really good. When I wear really tight dresses I feel a little self conscious. Idky maybe because I feel like you can see the garment but then I have a pep talk with myself and be like girl you been wearing dresses with girdles don't get brand new now lmbo. Hope all of you ladies are doing good and healing well.

My ab board and garment

A doll requested for me to post pics of my garment and ab board. Its the same garment Dr. Boutte gave me after surgery (Just smaller). It was comfortable to me and it gave me good compression. I started back wearing my ab board too BTW.


Hey y'all! Its been forever, just been busy and not having much time to write reviews. I'm no longer wearing my garment 24hrs. Sometimes I sleep in it and then in the morning take it off or I don't sleep in it and put it on in the morning. When I go all day without it I get stiff and sore by the end of the night but putting the garment back on always make me feel better. I still swell up all the time but my crease did disappear. I still won't wear jeans because I'm scared it will make indents so I been wearing alot of dresses and leggings. I havent really been feeling the gym but i know i gotta get back in there so after the first of the year i will be back working out everyday. Do anyone know a good cream for scars?

Before and After


Hey y'all trying not to go completely MIA but I've been busy! Hope everyone is still doing good and loving their results! I'm overall happy but there is somethings I'm kind of disappointed in like the part of my stomach right under my breast, not sure if it will go away with exercise but it's still fat and it irritates me. My bra roll fat has came back too and I'm pissed about that but like I said overall it was worth it though. I'm ready to wear some jeans I'm just scared it's going to create indents. I also can't stay off these websites shopping smh. I'm in between sizes right now so I will be glad when things fit perfectly and I get to just one size. Just wanted to update you guys about how it's going for me. Hope all is well!


Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

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