37 Year Old Mom of 3 Beautiful Girls. 6yrs Post Lapband with 100lb Weight Loss - Lexington, KY

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Less than 2 weeks before my panniluculecotmy. I'm...

Less than 2 weeks before my panniluculecotmy. I'm very nervous how my results will turn out. My ps does only the lower part without billing for a full TT insurance will only cover lower. I have 3 wonderful daughters ages 19,12&3y/o. I had lapband 6yrs ago and have maintained my weight for the past 5yrs. I am 5'6" weigh 148lbs. I hope the pain is tolerable. I plan to only take off 1-2wks of work at the most. The drains worry me. My doctor also said he don't use a binder is that okay?

1 week left

Surgery is 6:30am next Thursday. Supper excited and nervous.

4 days and counting.

Trying to get everything done around the house since not sure how will feel after surgery. Going to grocery shop Wednesday and finish all house work.

1 more day.

Surgery is scheduled for 6:30 am tomorrow morning. Jitter bugs have set in. Labs came back yesteday all was good. Stayed busy at work to get mind of things. Feel like I have so much at home to do. Afraid of the unknown. This time tomorrow I hope I'm not saying oh my what have I done. Leave at 4:30 am hospital 1.5hrs away.

Surgery is over.

So left house at 4:30. At hospital by 6:15. Registered by 6:20 called back at 6:25. Md arrived at 7:30. Surgery started around 8am. Done by 10am. In recovery 2.5hrs probably 1hr off that due to so busy. Staff was wonderful At St Joseph of Lexington. Wound vac and 2 Jp drains. Incision is covered with tape can't see it. Felt fine until tried to get up at hospital. Got very sick, sweaty and dizzy but that's normal. Sent home with Percocet, antibiotics and zophran. Feel okay if in recliner but if have to get up very painful. Walking severely hunched over which kills the back. Will post pictures next time up.

Early to rise

Actually slept fairly descent in my own bed. Attempted the recliner just couldn't get comfortable. Am taking pain meds as scheduled. Can stand up better this morning.

Before and after photo

I feel a little swollen

1 week postoperative feeling down

I have so much bloating if I eat or drink anything if feels like my stomach is gonna pop. I feel 9m pregnant. My clothes that were lose preop don't fit now. I feel like my stomach is just one big blob of fat that someone cut a big line at the bottom. So hope this will all pass.

please someone tell me the awful swelling goes away

I feel so much fatter than I did before surgery. Please tell me this goes away.

2 weeks post.

Still lots of swelling I hope. Severe pain on left side like hip is bruised. Incision seems to be healing well. went back to work Monday being 1wk post but I was ready. Still not happy with my results but as everyone says give it time. So I think I will post pics weekly and hopefully in 3-4m I can say okay This was so worth it all!!!!!

Side pics

Breast aug with lift !!!

I had a pannicullectomy 5/715. Was gonna do breast at same time and pay out of pocket but my ps would not do a lift with implants So to search for a doctor and space out the time to be well from
The last procedure. Dr Colobrace was my. Breast surgeon he is amazing. Surgery was 6/19 went very well some soreness but nothing like the pannicullectomy
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