27 Yrs Old, 2 Kids Mini Tt with Full MR and Lipo of Flanks - Lexington, KY

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So I had coolsculpting on my flanks 9 months ago...

So I had coolsculpting on my flanks 9 months ago which I didn't think it made any difference of how I looked, so I decided to go back and see dr schantz for tt consiltation? He examined me and recommended a mini tt with lipo of my flanks and full MR, he's so smart and knowledgable he answered all my questioned , I just trusted him and went with what he said.
Fortunately I had the $$$$ so I paid in full and booked my surgery on June 24th, he recommended to take 4-6 weeks off from work since I am an ER nurse and do lots of lifting and walking.
I start taking miralax a week before surgery to help with constipation with all pain med I will be taking which was a great thing to do I had no problems with BM ???? That's what u ladies recommended after reading lots of reviews on RS, I read reviews that said pineapple helps with bruising from lipo so I started eating half a pineapple a day 10 days pre.
i couldn't sleep the night before surgery I was super excited and scared at the same time I mean I never thought I would get a plastic surgery but here I am couple hours away.
I arrived at the OR at 8am, surgery started around 8:30 all I remember is getting on the table laying on my stomach since dr schantz said he will be doing lipo first thro my back that's all I remember before I go to sleep.
Woke up around 12 was very hungry so the nurse gave me some crackers and water and then I had to go to the bathroom and pee before I can go home.
I made it home didn't have any pain just very sore and tired, layed on the couch with 3 pillows behind my head and 2 under my knees and fell asleep for couple hours, my husband was helping me to the bathroom, I made sure I took my pain med on time.
I was up and walking around the house on day 2 PO I even went to my son baseball game ( crazy me I know ) but I had no pain.... I had pain pump and one drain on my right side.... But after 2 hours of baseball I was exhausted went home slept for 5 hours.
On day 3 PO I had my first PO visit, dr schantz removed my pain pump, cleaned my incision and covered it with steri strips...( I did drive myself to the dr appointment, I know I wasn't suppose to drive for at least a week but I did..., had no problems lol )


So I had my second PO visit day 10 PO this is when I had my drain tube removed, they offer to inject the area with some numbing stuff before removing the drain but I hate needles and honestly the needle scared me more than pulling the drain out so I refused to take it and told them to just get it out..... So I closed my eyes took a deep breath in by the time I was exhaling the drain tube was out didn't hurt at all. I was putting less than 30ml a day so dr schantz said it can come out..... I was so happy that I didn't have to deal with it anymore and finally to be able to take a shower even tho they said I could after a week but reading some reviews on RS and how some ladies got infection in the drain tube area after showering with it in I just didn't wanna rescue it and rathered to wait till its out before I shower.
Dr schantz wanted to see me a week after to make sure that I don't have any fluid build up after getting the drain tube out, so on day 24 PO I had my third PO office visit.... Everything is healing great no fluid build up and my incision looks good, still sleeping with 3 pillows under my head and 2 under my knees, wasn't too comfortable to lay flat in bed yet... And putting tension on the incision is the worst enemy for scar healing.
So day 24 PO was my first day back to work, I work 12 hours shift 7am to 7 pm..... So by 10 am I was exhausted, no pain just extremely tired from walking all over the ER ( I am an ER nurse).... So I called dr schantz office and spoke with him he said that's normal to feel tired that's my body healing and as long as there is no pain it's ok to stay at work, he sent me a prescription of Ibuprofen 600mg to the hospital pharmacy so I went picked it up and took one, he said I will be swollen after work from working and walking all day which is normal and ibuprofen will help with the swelling ( take 1 every 6 hours )...... All I can see in front of me after couple hours of work is my bed with lots and lots of pillows lol

4 weeks update

My body is healing great and I love my results even more as days go by.... So far so happy no complications and I would re do the whole thing all over again ( no regrets ), I had no downs in this journey so far which is great.....
After showering my steri strips fell off so I went to the CVS and got scaraway silicone scar sheets, PS said it's ok to start using them as long as I have no opening areas on my incision, so today was my first day using them, I read really good reviews about how they help with scar look.
Happy healing everybody

5 weeks update

I am 5 weeks PO as of today, I am back to normal routines, still wearing my compression garment 24/7 it makes me feel more secure.
My abdominal still feel tight ( no pain), I notice that my belly is so nice and flat first thing in the morning but so swollen by the evening specially after work and doing lots of walking.
I start some cardio exercises but my PS advised me to not do any aggressive stomach exercises till 3 months PO so I don't compromise my muscle repair.
I love my results so far and can't wait to see the final results which I know it can take up to a year but I am so excited and happy that I've done this... Wish I've done it sooner tho :)

6 weeks PO

I am 100% back to normal now, I feel great except for the swelling that seem will never go away but it's still too early I have till 6 months before start seeing final results..... Still wearing my compression garment 24/7 I know I don't really have to at this point I just want to, it makes me feel secure bending over and running around... Happy healing everyone so far so happy


Just got done with another PO visit, soooo happy with my results and can't wait to see how I will look at 6 months

Waist training

I am officially done with my compression garment and today is my first day of waist training !!!!
I have been wearing it for 6 hours so far so good

8 weeks update

Last week was the worst so far, no pain just burning sensation where I had lipo done specially at night it was like someone is setting my flanks on fire....my abdominal muscle felt so tight specially at night when I lay down to sleep.... And the swelling seems to get worst it feels like it wasn't as bad 6 weeks PO I hope it will go down soon it really bothers me a lot but I know I still have couple months before final results so I can't complain..... Still happy with the results....

10 weeks

Swelling went down pretty much 90%, so far it's been great no complications, not sore anymore but sometimes it still hurts when I sneeze.
A little burning sensation at the incision.... Still happy with my tt and can't wait for my final results .

13 weeks pic

6 months PO

He's great down to earth knows what he's doing, doesn't try to sell you procedures you don't need... And his staff are amazing

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