Initial Consultations, Lower Facelift, Upper Eyelid in Dec. 2015

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This is a review of 3 initial consultations in...

This is a review of 3 initial consultations in Lexington, KY, for a lower facelift and eyelid lift. Hopefully this will help someone else before they decide on a plastic surgeon. First, I looked at reviews online to get an idea of who I wanted to go for my consultation. Almost all PS charge a consultation fee of $100.00-$200.00 and this can get expensive in deciding on who go to, so you have to narrow it down somehow. Occasionally, one might have a special or a coupon, etc., where they don't charge a fee. I called many before deciding on 3 for a consultation.

First I called Dr. Dowden's office and found out he was retiring and that Dr. Nimtz was taking over his practice. I decided to go in anyway. The office was nice enough, if not a little dated, but it was easy to get to and very quiet and relaxed. They asked me a few questions about my health, took pictures and then Dr. Nimtz came in. He is a younger doctor and is not yet board certified, but board eligible. He was very nice and polite and did a before and after on the computer to see what I might look like. The surgery is done in a Surgery Center off Richmond Rd. Then they gave me the price of the procedures, which you see about. All of the doctors had approximately the same rate. They have been very nice since then and have sent my emails and called to see if I was still interested.

Next I went to Dr. Gerstle. He is associated with Central Baptist Hospital and his office is located in that complex. I must say, driving around and into the Central Baptist hospital is worse than driving around UK at rush hour. So confusing and so many parking garages, etc. I finally parked and then had to find Dr. Gerstles office through a maze of hallways and stairwells. Finally I found it and checked in. They took me back and seemed to ask many SO many questions that didn't seem to matter for the first visit. It seemed to take forever. That nurse then had to leave and and I got dressed in a gown and while I was there, someone called from their office on my cell phone and asked if I were there yet! Afterwards another nurse came in and apologized with Dr. Gerstle, and the began to take some photos, but the camera's battery was dead, so they had to get more. Afterwards they took me to show what I would look like before and after, and his after picture was quite severe and it scared me a bit. That along with the comedy of errors and the parking and stress scared me away from this place. Also, after my consultation, I never heard from this office again. No emails, no calls.

Lastly, I went to Waldman and Schantz off of Richmond Road. The have a huge office which you can see from Richmond Rd. The office was very nicely decorated with nice furniture, chandeliers, etc. I was taken back, they took pics and talked to Dr. Waldman about the procedures I wanted done. He was very nice and easy to talk to. He has also had many years experience in the field. He didn't really do before and afters so much, but spoke about how he would do the procedure. It was a relaxing atmosphere, and I felt pretty comfortable here. In the end, I think I will chose Dr. Waldman because of his years of experience, his demeanor, and his office was super nice!

Hope this helps some else going to consultations. A person could go to many more, at a cost of course, but for some it may be worth it.

Advice for Upcoming Lower Facelift and Blepharoplasty

I'm going to get a lower facelift and blepharoplasty on May 5th and I am looking for any advice anyone could give me on what to do to prepare for the surgery. I waiver on being ok with it, to being so worried that I almost hyperventilate. Since this is going to be done without my family or friends knowing about it, I am so scared that I will no longer look like myself. What is the best advice to prepare for the surgery and what to do afterwards to speed the bruising, swelling and healing time? Thank you!

Last year I decided 2016 would be my year of...

Last year I decided 2016 would be my year of transition in mind, body and spirit. I turned 55 and as much as I didn't want to admit it, I felt like I needed an eyelid lift and facelift. My eyelids were getting crepey and droopy and I had loose skin on my neck and jowls! I wanted to grow old gracefully, without having these procedures done. I thought about just letting it all go, just letting my hair go gray and just accepting my age as it was progressing. But my mindset wouldn't let me do that. Maybe I wasn't brought up that way. I have always felt better and more confident if I thought I looked better. But with this came the thoughts of vanity and all that money! Was I being superficial?Well in the end, I decided that this was something very important to me. I want to look good as long as I can, just like so many of you. So with great anticipation and anxiety, I booked my procedure date, which was 5/5/16. Just coincidence that it was the same date as my age? I didn't think about that until the other day. Anyway, got my upper eyelid and lower facelift done on May 5th. It went fine, and I spent the night in the facility where I had the procedures done with a nurse nearby in case I needed anything. That was really nice to have and more comforting to me than going home the first night. After that, I basically went home and hunkered down, out of sight for a week. It was hard to sleep elevated on on your back only and I did feel bruised and sore and swollen, especially the first 3-4 days. I did find the pain pills really helped and helped me to sleep in the upright position. It was also hard and tiring to chew on any food, but my kind, sweet husband was able to get me anything I wanted, from popsicles to milkshakes. I also had some Atkins milkshakes for protein and has lot of pineapple juice as well. I also took the Vita Medical vitamins, Bromelain and Arnica Montana. Seven days later, I go to get the sutures from my upper eyelids removed. That went ok. on the 10th day got the sutures removed from round my ear and temples. The ones behind my ear and on the back of my neck where the dissolvable kind. Unfortunately for whatever reason, some of the skin behind one of my ears turned black (necrosis, I think that's what it's called.) Just loss of blood supply to the area. I did used to smoke on and off, but I quit completely in Oct. 2015. he doctor said that might have something to do with. I also read if the skin is pulled too tight, it can happen too. who knows? What's done is done, and now I have to figure out the best way to deal with it. I go back on Monday.My neck and sides of my face are still very tender to the touch, very sensitive, and they feel really hard, like cement, and my neck muscles feel ropey and bumpy. All that being said I love the way my eyes look now, and I no longer have a turkey neck and sagging jowls! I still don't feel anywhere near normal, just going out if I have to and I am still self conscious about any swelling and scars that may show. I know I'm just about 22 days out and it takes time. I will just be glad when it doesn't hurt to touch the areas anymore. Overall, I am happy I got it done and I will post some pictures in the near future, but they will just be close ups, because this was a covert operation. Now, if I could just lose 10-15 pounds.. That's next!

45 days after facelift and upper eyelid surgery

So it is 45 days after my procedures and although overall I am happy with the results, my incision I had behind my left ear and my tragus (on the ear) is very slow to heal. It is still red and tender and feels hard and lumpy. My right ear is much better but it still feels a little lumpy behind it. My cheeks near my ear and temples still feel very hard and numb and my neck area is numb and feels tender, hard and ropey. I know this will even out in time (I hope!) I was happy with my upper eyelid surgery. I also had some sort of peel under my eyes and my upper lip during my surgery and it is just now getting back to a normal color and not being red. It took away some fine wrinkles, I think, but overall, I don't think it was worth it because it took forever for it to get back to normal. The pictures I have posted are of behind my ear and on my tragus. Also one of the side of the cheek where you can see the pulled muscle underneath, that I hope will even out with time. Overall, I think my PS did a really good job, but just be aware that any of these things can happen to anyone, anywhere on your body. From what I have read, no one can really predict who will heal well and who will not. I did all the right things before the surgery, eating well and taking all of the supplements. Hopefully , time will heal the wounds. (I have no idea why some of the pictures are sideways.)

Exactly 2 months after Lower Face Lift and Upper Eyelid Surgery

I thought I would let everyone know how I feel 2 moths to the day after my procedure. My face is still numb, from near the front of my ears radiating out to my cheeks and lower jaw. The skin on my cheekbones and jaw bone are numb and tingling at the same time and sometimes I get a sharp pinpoint pain in my cheek bone area, but it doesn't last very long. My skin behind my ears is finally healing, although it is still red and itchy sometimes. The peel I had on my upper lip and under my eyes FINALLY went back to the normal color, but it still gets purplish red if I get too hot or my face gets overheated. For that reason, I think I have decided against getting any sort of peel on my face. (I guess I'll just keep my freckles) I don't or can't wait 2 month for it return to normal!

All that being said, overall, I am happy with my procedure results. I know longer have that soft loose skin on my neck, and the wrinkles that were forming on the side of my face are gone. Also I love my eyelid lift. I look more awake and no more mascara/eyeliner on my upper lid because of sagging eyelids!
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